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The Sisters Brothers A gorgeous, wise, riveting work of, among other things, cowboy noir Honestly, I can t recall ever being this fond of a pair of psychopaths David Wroblewski, New York Times bestselling author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle A masterful, hilarious picaresque that keeps company with the best of Charles Portis and Mark Twain a relentlessly absorbing feat of novelistic art Wells Tower, author of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned The Sisters Brothers is dark, dark, and funny, both ha ha and strange and you ll love the characters you meet along the way Tom Franklin, New York Times bestselling author of Crooked Letter, Crooked LetterPatrick deWitt, a young writer whose stop you in your tracks writing has snuck up on the world Los Angeles Times , brings us The Sisters Brothers, a darkly comic, outrageously inventive novel that offers readers a decidedly off center view of the Wild, Wild West Set against the back drop of the great California Gold Rush, this odd and wonderful tour de force at once honors and reshapes the traditional western while chronicling the picaresque misadventures of two hired guns, the fabled Sisters brothers The most original western since the Coen Brothers re interpreted True Grit you ve never met anyone quite like The Sisters Brothers

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  • The Sisters Brothers
  • Patrick deWitt
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  • 12 January 2017
  • 9780062041272

About the Author: Patrick deWitt

Patrick deWitt was born on Vancouver Island in 1975 He is the author of Help Yourself Help Yourself 2007, Teenage Teardrops , Ablutions Feb 09, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Granta , which was named a New York Times Editors Choice book, and The Sisters Brothers May 2011, Ecco House of Anansi He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and son.

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    What a rollicking adventure A great Western with amazing dialogue and narration The ending falters but who cares I was absolutely absorbed in this novel Read it in a few hours Loved it.

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    Saddle up and ride along with Charlie and Eli Sisters down a trail of dark comedy.The horses are accustomed to gun fire but all your laughing out loud may spook um a bit From what I ve heard the production of this movie has finished and it should hit the theaters some time this year, 2018 Staring John C Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Rutger Hauer and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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    This book has the coolest cover ever What s great, though, is that the coolness doesn t end there.Charlie and Eli sisters are Gold Rush era contract killers They re hired for what Eli hopes to be their last job, as he d much prefer to hang his holster and settle down with a nice girl or failing that, the first trollop that crosses his path It makes no difference to him, really dude is such a sweetheart Charlie, on the other hand, is the less sensitive one It d be tougher to convince him to make sound retirement plans, what with the allure of all that cash and booze that accompanies the job Sounds like the makings of some brilliant Coen brothers film, doesn t it In fact, this book is brilliant It is light and humorous without being superficial, it is touching and poignant without being sappy, and with dialogue redolent of Deadwood, I have to wonder if David Milch didn t have a consulting role here Although maybe that s really the way people spoke in the latter half of the 19th century, in which case, never you mind.But truly, this book deserves any praise it receives It s a pleasurable read with vividly entertaining characters, and the only thing disappointing about it is that it ends far too quickly P.S Don t pretend this book doesn t remind you of Seth Bullock.

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    I wanted to love this book It jumped off of my pile of shortlisted Booker Prize nominees and demanded to be read first Everything about it shouted Yes, it s literature, but IT s FUN The premise is that of a classic picaresque novel Charlie and Eli Sisters, two professional assassins in 1850 are sent by their employer to hunt down and kill Herman Kermit Warm who may, or may not, have stolen something In the course of their journey from Oregon to California, at the height of the gold rush, they meet a panoply of misfits and losers who provide a steady stream of often humorous incidents that help to explicate the brother s relationship Add to this set up, a narrative voice, provided by Eli, the younger of the two gunslinging brothers, that has a deadpan simplicity that is oddly appealing And, it is worth noting, it has the best cover I ve seen in a long time.With so much going for it, why doesn t Patrick deWitt s novel deliver Ultimately it is a failure to integrate the disparate events into a cohesive plot or arc for character development Things happen and some of them are funny, but they don t lay the groundwork for growth in Eli s character that the form demands It doesn t help that once the brothers find their target that the plot twist that leads to the climax of the book is singularly flat and generates no tension It also didn t help that there are historical incongruities particularly around the state of dentistry that are jarring and out of place, even in a story that in no way purports to be realist, realistic details would help to sustain the truth that can be found in absurdity deWitt is a talented writer, and while I don t think he shouldn t win the Booker for this outing, I do look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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    The Sisters Brothers Patrick deWittThe Sisters Brothers 2011 is a historical novel by Canadian born author Patrick deWitt In 1851, Eli and Charlie Sisters, a pair of assassins of minor repute, are hired by a wealthy businessman known only as the Commodore to travel from Oregon City to California in order to murder a gold rush prospector named Hermann Kermit Warm, who is described to them as a thief Hard nosed, plainspoken Charlie, impulsive and aggressive than his younger brother Eli, has a fondness for binge drinking and appears remorseless about the crimes he commits Eli, contemplative and often sentimental, admires and looks up to Charlie but finds himself at odds with Charlie s apparent nonchalance about the directions their lives are taking The brothers bicker constantly about money, the job, their horses, and each other s personalities As they ride south, Eli and Charlie encounter many strange characters and endure a series of mishaps and adventures Eli is first bitten by a spider and then must have a tooth removed, for which he is given morphine to numb the pain his horse is attacked by a grizzly bear but survives despite a serious eye injury Charlie frequently gets drunk and is too sick to ride the following morning, slowing their progress to California, which frustrates Eli The pair hears rumors on the trail about a female bear with a uniquely red colored pelt, for which a hefty reward has been offered by a man named Mayfield Entering California, the brothers unexpectedly spot the bear and Charlie kills it, and they decide to bring it to Mayfield, who runs an inn in a town named after him After being paid, Charlie insists they stay a night in Mayfield s hotel Eli sleeps with the hotel s bookkeeper Waking the next morning, they discover the red bear pelt is missing and suspect Mayfield will accuse them of stealing it The brothers sneak to the stable to retrieve their horses and flee town, but a group of surly fur trappers who work for Mayfield stop them and demand they return the cash they were paid for the pelt Charlie and Eli simultaneously dispatch these enemies with well placed gunshots, and Charlie feels compelled to kill an innocent stable boy to eliminate eyewitnesses Returning to the hotel, they find that Mayfield has fled The brothers steal his enormous cache of gold bullion and hide it behind the hotel s stove for safekeeping while they leave to finish their business with Hermann Warm Eli and Charlie reach San Francisco and seek out an acquaintance named Morris, whom the Commodore had instructed to keep track of Warm until the Sisters brothers arrived Morris has disappeared, though, and the brothers must coerce the proprietor of his hotel to hand over Morris journal The journal reveals that Morris was approached by Warm, who has concocted an ingenious chemical formula that causes gold to glow brilliantly, making it highly useful for indicating the location of placer deposits in riverbeds Warm demonstrated his formula to Morris and offered him a partnership in it, and the two have since teamed up to travel to the River of Light , where they hope to test large quantities of it Eli and Charlie realize then that the Commodore has duped them Warm is not a thief but had simply refused to share his formula with the Commodore Though Charlie wants to see the job done as intended, Eli hesitates to murder an innocent man, but they eventually agree to ride out to Warm s claim and finish the job, which Eli vows will be his last for the Commodore 2013 1391 279 5 14 5 21 9789646332850 1392 9786007283196 1393 9786002294937 21 1851 .

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    Update on the movie Don t watch the movie, read the book Unfortunately, it did not have any of the atmosphere of deWitt s novel The appeal of the novel is in the voice of the narrator which could not be captured on the screen Review Not your classic western novel Great name, wonderful cover, lovely content, amazing storytelling Shortlisted for the Booker prize 2011.I was watching a western comedy with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson when I thought that I should read a proper western novel at some point When I was little, I used to enjoy Karl May but that was the last time I immersed myself into this genre That evening, I started to browse the only western I owned if I don t count the Gunslinger and I found myself in love with the author s voice right from the start The Sisters brothers are Eli and Charlie, 2 famous paid killers working for the Commodore They are hired to find and kill a prospector in San Fransisco The novel presents their journey to California and their adventures while they are there.Eli and Charlie could not be different from each other Charlie is bossy, impulsive, a bit of psychopath, loves to drink and does not hold too much respect for his brother Eli, on the other hand, is sensitive, loves his brother, cares for his horses, does not enjoy killing people uselessly and his dream is to settle down with a woman The story is told by Eli, and oh, it is such a beautiful voice I cannot exactly pinpoint what I loved so much about this book but I guess it is the story telling and the introspect into Eli s feelings about his job, his brother and the relationship with his horse It was moved by his candid feelings and could not help but sympathise with Eli, despite him being a killer.

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    Satirical The Sisters Brothers is an exceptional novel that is absorbing and delightfully original While it s a traditional Western with cowboys and gold mining, it feels like a retelling with a modern atmosphere The writing style is lyrical and the dialogue flows so effortlessly with its satirical interweaving of humour, brotherhood, loneliness, intrigue and murder The two Sisters brothers, Charlie and Eli are hitmen for the Commodore, who has contracted them to assassinate Hermann Kermit Warm They are both remorseless killers but Eli wants to try new things and dreams of a different life, perhaps opening a store, settle down with a female any female such a sweet guy His volatile and less sensitive elder brother, Charlie, doesn t have the same outlook While they are both psychopaths, with a lack of emotional attachment, their witty and entertaining exchanges create significant empathy.There is nothing predictable about the storyline and we watch the two brothers wondering what encounter will happen next While we know the main plot from the outset, it s an interesting undulating route they navigate through the story, either planned or unplanned It was a joy to just lift this book, let the words flow and be captivated with a really engrossing story The chapters are short and punchy, underpinning a good solid pace to the story I would highly recommend reading this book.

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    This was a strange, quirky and oddly captivating book that I simply could not put down.Eli and Charlie Sisters are not only brothers, but they are assassins put to the task of killing Hermann Kermit Warm It seems that Mr Warm, who by all accounts is a likable fellow, has stolen something from the Commodore, the fearsome and loathsome employer of the Sisters brothers.The year is 1851 ant the two brothers make their way through Oregon and California on the hunt for Mr Warm Along the way they will wet Charlie s taste for Whiskey, Eli will discover the joys of toothpaste, decide to go on a diet, and question what he wants out of life Both men will endure their own medical issues along the way Not to mention the unmentionable cast of characters they will meet and Kill along the way.This is an interesting book that at times is funny, gritty, repulsive, endearing yes, I said endearing , and violent In short, this book is a hoot I probably would not have picked this book up if it weren t for my Goodreads friends reading and reviewing it This was unique but also rewarding So..step outside of your comfort zone on this one I imagine the Author laughing like a fool while writing this I know I would have been It s imaginative, unique and a western without really being a western huh It s peculiar and enjoyable Don t take my word for it, read the book See of my reviews at

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    When the Commodore orders the Sisters brothers to kill Herman Kermit Warm and take his mysterious formula, they have no idea the series of misadventures they will endure in the undertaking I ve been interested in this book forever and nabbed it on the cheap when it popped up on one of my ebook newsletter things It may have been that my expectations were too high but this didn t live up to the hype for me I liked the characters of Eli and Charlie Sister, natural born killers in the old west They were funny at times and brutal at others I also liked the overly formal Western dialog with few contractions, much like the Coehn brothers version of True Grit I suspect the novel has the same style of dialog but I ve yet to read it It also reminded me of Richard Brautigan s The Hawkline Monster at times The book is described as being a picaresque adventure, which it is It s also not a very interesting one for long stretches at a time I loved the writing but I kept getting drowsy while reading it I ve never before been torn between my admiration for writing and my desire to toss a book back on the unread pile for something interesting I did like it than I thought it was bland, though There were enough twists and reversals of fortune to keep me from drooling on my Kindle There were a few close calls, though Three out of five stars.

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    My original review may still be missingbut this but this book is a 1.99 Kindle special today It s TERRIFIC If this historical FUN fiction about two brothers has been on readers TBR list this is a great price.I remember saying in my lost review It was the best dude book I had read And yep still holds Great dude book that any female will adore I was liking a new friends review on this book and notice my review was missing in action Iris.a Standing joke for all the times she has found my lost reviews I loved this book I thought it was a blast

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