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Bhava Four and 12 stars as literature Two strangers meet on a train returning to Southern India on different spiritual uests each trying to grow beyond the evil that they have lived To enter the book is to enter world that is exotic at least to this WASP native Californian with spiritual powers experienced as real demons relationships to be continued A mystery novella whose canvas limited to human actions None of the mystery is solved in the novel as each characters in it find the answers for the problems caused by their actions try to find meaning to their existence and their eventual acceptance It has been so long since I read books translated from Kannada Though I'm a Kannadiga my Kannada reading skills are poor and I realized this is somewhat of a shame and I must improve Ananthamurthy had trouble with the translations into English and Judith Kroll has done a commendable job of it The book begins with Shastri who meets a fellow traveler Dinakar in Ayappa attire and offers him kuttavalakki Shastri is a popular man who performs harikatha and Dinakar has made his living acting in TV Shastri seeing the amulet in Dinakar's neck goes into intense mental turmoil Dinakar having faced too many hardships and failure in relationships is in search of his mother We see how these stories intermingle and the uestions in life itself arise' From your kuttavalakki I remembered the name Mother used to call mePuttani Dinakar said What does Puttani mean? If the name suits me call me by that name'Thus begins Bhava the chances in life for retribution Dinakar meets Sitamma who has the most harmonious attitude and brimming with wisdom which she conveys through her food and rangoli How Sitamma performs these tasks is a walk down memory lane'On these fragrant bud shaped banana leaves kadabu steamed in cups of jackfruit leaves and on the kadabu yellow coloured ghee from cow's milk Three different types of chutneys In a banana cup creamy curd On the side hot steaming coffee'Bhava goes into the philosophical reasoning for past regrets however unforgivable and hurtful they may be How we must come to accept what is at hand and control the present only It goes beyond judgment and day to day miseries to achieve vairagya 'When ripe the cocoon bursts; when ripea person can be transformed can turn over'Bhava is part thriller part philosophy We see many uestions unanswered as highlighted in the Afterword There are many lessons in the book only if one appreciates the subtleties and gives themselves a fighting chanceFor Dinakar Sitamma's unuestioning acceptance of herself an her life was magical As her son Narayan Tantri says for her there will be no rebirth She lives in this bhava without being of it' the book is continuing with a story of threads spread all around less convincing and then the plot get just over to two persons whom without talking much are affecting each other perception' Answers are delayed until the uestion is no longer relevant'only reason would like to read the book Samskara tattvamasi thou art I wish I had read Samskara before this one Lost in Translation This novella is not in same class as the celebrated Samskara from the author but it does follow the same theme What is the purpose of life? How should we go about living our lives? The book could not answer these uestions but does show the contradictions of life by narrating the lives of the protagonists All characters in this novella are searching the meaning of their lives and are engrossed in unravelling the riddle of life None succeeds but then author does not even meant them to do it A very well written book by the author who just left us all on his heavenly abode last month Perhaps in after life these uestions would have been answered for him A story based on rural Karnataka It is about two men trying to find their footing in this world One has apparently killed his first wife and has been living with his mistress and his second wifeThe second one who could be his son from the first wife assuming she had survived the assault and was rescued by her possible loverBoth have a lurking suspicion that above is true but neither is sureA decent read A writer who shares the same surname as me and whose hometown is also the same? And I haven’t read his books Sigh UR Ananthamurthy is a giant in Indian literature but I am a bit late in reading his works Very late The word ‘bhava’ when derived from Sanskrit means both ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ In ‘Bhava’ Ananthamurthy traces a psychological and at times metaphysical journey into this process of becoming An old man meets a young man on a train Their paths cross Their stories intersect Different mysteries emerge None are ever solved yet you as the reader will find towards that the end that you are not looking for the answers anyway Each of the characters go through this process of being and becoming You are given an insight into their inner workings the demons and worries that plague them and the slow resolution and acceptance of life that they come to eventually In this process you are also drawn into their embrace You realize that you are becoming too A compelling tale of mystery passion and spiritual exploration Seventy year old Shastri; a reciter of Harikatha encounters an Ayyappa pilgrim on a train Around the pilgrim's neck is a Sri Chakra amulet which looks like one that belonged to Saroja Shastri's first wife But Shastri thought he had killed Saroja years before believing she was pregnant by another man If the amulet is Saroja's then she might have survived and the pilgrim Dinakar a television star could be Shastri's son A similar story is revealed when Dinakar visits his old friend Narayan either could be the father of Prasad a young man destined for spiritual attainment The interwoven lives of three generations play out variations on the same themes Whose son am I Whose father am I Where are my roots These mysteries of the past and present are explored but there are no clear answers And while significant in daily being' such uestions lose urgency in the flux of becoming' bhava' means both being and becoming So we are led to consider that samsarathe world of illusion and embodimentmay not be very different from sunya the emptiness from which everything arises At times a drama of cruelty and lust at times a lyrical meditation on love and transformation Bhava is an exceptional novel by one of India's most celebrated writers Translated from the Kannada by Judith Kroll with the author

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