Blip Ping and Buzz Making Sense of Radar and Sonar eBook

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    surprisingly uneven book with some bungled explanations and shying too much away from mathematics on occasions I am surprised Paul Nahin endorsed it

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Blip Ping and Buzz Making Sense of Radar and Sonar Have you ever wondered how stealth planes achieve invisibility how sunken ships are found or how fishermen track schools of fish in vast expanses of ocean Radar and sonar echolocation—a simple matter of sending receiving and processing signalsWeaving history with simple science Mark Denny deftly reveals the world of radar and sonar to the curious reader technology buff and expert alike He begins with an early history of the Chain Home radar system used during World War II and then provides accessible and engaging explanations of the physics that make signal processing possible Basic diagrams and formulas show how electromagnetic and sound waves are transmitted received and converted into images allowing you to literally see in the darkA section on bioacoustic echolocation with a focus on the superior sonar systems of bats and whales and a discussion of the advanced technology of next generation airborne signal processors opens the imagination to fascinating possibilities for the future