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A Necklace Of Skulls Eunice de Souza one of India ’s leading English language poets has been writing poetry for than three decades Her poems in collections such as Fix 1979 Women in Dutch Painting 1988 and Ways of Belonging 1990 have been critically acclaimed and reflect a strong sense of individuality and feminism Compelling and succinct they dwell on the themes of love relationships and family Through her poetry Eunice explores the dependency of lovers and the fraught relationships between parents and their children She also examines the Roman Catholic community she grew up in exposing it for its hypocrisy and conservatism Relying on sound and rhythm her well chosen hard hitting words bring out her sharp clear imagery A Necklace of Skulls contains all the verse Eunice de Souza has published during her illustrious career as also unpublished new and early poems This is a profoundly intimate and intensely personal collection Wry poetry on the conservatism in Goan Catholic communities the politics of intimacy and on being a poet The poems in this collection are selected from several of De Souza's previously published collections Among which 'Fix' 'Women in Dutch Painting' and 'Ways of Belonging' are the best known Addedly two entire sections are dedicated to her early unpublished poems and recently written onesIntensely autobiographical 'A Necklace of Skulls' is a window to Eunice De Souza's life Intimate hard hitting and honest her poetry reveals the hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic community she grew up in; examines the fraughted relationship between a parent and a child as well as the disconnect between lovers Lastly it reflects on the idea of death and absence Luminous new leafmay the sun rise gentlyon your unfurlingin the courtyard always lingerthe smell of earth after rainthe stone of these stepsstay cool and oldgods in the nichesold brass on the wallsnever the shrill cry of kitesRATING 45Like Sylvia Plath and Kamala Das Eunice De Souza is a confessional poet Unlike them she consistently manages to inject humour and levity in her poems without sacrificing their power and impact The poems in here brim with authenticity charting a journey of than three decades De Souza has this magical ability to serve up brilliant insights in very offhand ways Her poetry is without fuss carefree The words jump off the page and the phrases linger in the memory She does not hesitate to serve it all up with heavy sarcasm which in spite of its bite doesn't seek to humiliate the addresseeIt is very obvious from the first poem to the last that De Souza is an Indian poet Her verses are packed with Indianisms and local English idiosyncrasies The language she employs is instantly recognizable leading to a much deeper understanding of her poetry She constantly grapples with themes such as love home belonging identity religion and family A lot of her poems explore the daily lives of the Goan Catholic community in which she was born and brought up She also talks at length about the relationships between a parent and a child along with miscommunications among lovers De Souza also doesn't shy away from things like death and mortality She is a subtle visionary poet who has to be read A career spanning collection that shows De Souza refining a direct sensitive unapologetic voice and a clear eyed view of the frailties and follies of people Social satire sensuality grief wit and a fine eye for the telling detail for the histories of places are all on display here One of our most important English language poets I think

  • Paperback
  • 132 pages
  • A Necklace Of Skulls
  • Eunice de Souza
  • 22 July 2016
  • 9780143068150

About the Author: Eunice de Souza

Eunice de Souza 1940–2017 was an Indian English language poet literary critic and novelistAmong her notable books of poetry are Women in Dutch painting 1988 Ways of Belonging 1990 Nine Indian Women Poets 1997 These My Words 2012 and Learn From The Almond Leaf 2016 She published two novels Dangerlok 2001 and Dev & SImran 2003 and was also the editor of a number of antholog

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