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The Indians Portrait of a People I have always enjoyed reading Sudhir Kakar's insight into the Indian psyche and personality from a Freudian perspective It has often given me a better understanding of myself my fellow countrymen and Indian history This book is one step in that process In this book Sudhir and Katharina Kakar investigate the nature of the Indian identity what is 'Indian ness if there is one? At the outset the uestion arises as to whether one can even broach the subject of 'Indian ness' Aren't we a nation of a billion plus people who are Hindus Muslims Jains Sikhs Buddhists Christians and Zorastrians and so on speaking fifteen different languages? Daunting as the task may be the authors say that from ancient times European Chinese and Arab travellers have identified common features among Indians showing an underlying unity in the great diversity It is the components of this unity that the authors seek to explore in this bookAccording to the authors the components of this unity exist in many dimensions of our everyday life They are exhibited in our attitudes to our families in our notions of hierarchy as experienced through the caste system in our attitudes to gender related issues marriage etc in our views on sex in our concept of health healing and Death in our prejudices towards the Other eg Hindus and Muslims and in our approach to material and spiritual life In each one of these aspects the authors throw valuable observations and insights based on our mythology history and contemporary practice I found the following observations of great interest and gave me cause to ponder further1The focus on the family as the exclusive source of satisfaction of all one's needs reflects a lack of faith in almost every other institution of society The result of this is often extreme divisiveness a lack of commitment to anyone or anything outside one's immediate family2 Early experiences in an extended joint family gives the child an early knowledge of when to retreat when to cajole and when to be stubborn in order to get what he wants This makes an Indian a formidable negotiator in later business dealings3Authority relations in the Indian family provide a template for the functioning of most modern Indian business educational political and scientific organizationsOn the Indian attitude to sexuality the authors say that today's India is a sexual wasteland far from the liberal images created by our ancient texts like Kamasutra and Ananda Ranga It is fashionable for middle class Indians to argue that the turn towards the Puritanism of today is the result of extended rule by Central Asian Muslims and the British with Victorian values The authors do not buy this theory They say that India has had a long tradition of asceticism and celibacy alongside sexual experimentation and that we must seek the causes of India as a 'sexual wasteland' that it is today in our own ascetic traditions and their ascendancyOn the seemingly perennial Hindu Muslim conflict in India the authors say that the conflict is actually not about religion that is it is not about matters of religious belief dogmas worship or adherence to different faiths and gods Ordinary Indians experience the conflict differently at different times In times of heightened conflict for the Hindu it is about the long domination of the Muslim rulers in India and the purported humiliation under them In times of relative peace it is back to a secular vision which emphasizes common heritage and shared experiences of the past The final chapter 'Indian Mind' has interesting observations based on the Hindu world view of Moksha Dharma and Karma The analysis includes answers to perplexing uestions like'How can a reputed astronomer working at a well known institute of fundamental sciences also be a practicing astrologer?' OrHow can the Western educated executive of a multi national corporation consult horoscopes and holy men for family decisions?I found the book very readable and providing considerable thought to the notion of the 'Indian identity' I would recommend it for fellow Indians to get a better knowledge of ourselves Non Indians too will benefit considerably if they are perplexed by the 'odd behavior' of their Indian friends lovers colleagues and bosses Truly a wonderful book Superbly insightful and surprisingly illuminating it is written with verve and passion and with all the authority and confidence The chapters on Hierarchies Sexuality Caste and on Health and Healing are excellentA must read for everyone and especially for Indians The author goes to talk about How Indian'ness is formed I was curious to learn about my own culture The book talks about Hindoo majority's psyche but doesn't include other religions This book would help someone from the outside to dive into common experiences of Hindu culture The chapter on women thoughts and concerns from their perspective was valid On the group thinking every groupclancaste might have prejudices demarcation on the other group My experience is limited but it seems to be the case with rest of India Therefore people do not mix and stay within their limited clancaste A Family is the trusted social institution and therefore people get their identities from it A Well educated Hindoo might still believe in Astrology Yoga and the author's answer is because of the cultural world view I would recommend this book for anyone to get a glimpse of Hindoo's Deus VultGottfried Reading this book is like looking into a mirror which betrays both the beautiful as well as the ugly facets of Indian psyche A very average book when compared to his other books The book can be used as a reference by novices and uninitiated of Indian culturestudies; however for the experts or people already familiar with Indianness and Indian culture etc this will be a big disappointment The book doesn't tell or analyse anything in a new way it only acts as a re statement of the known and existing theories This book is a historical sociological and at times psychological explanation of how and why society in India is the way it is The issues it explains are so practical and ubiuitous you might find yourself reading real uick through the 200 pages in order to know the authors’ insights might finish within just a day or two or even maybe in one single stretch It does answer a lot of uestions that you might haveThe two authors deal objectively and in an unbiased manner with the very everyday traits of our society and elaborate upon what makes it so like the much emphasized and deeply valued family system and several points of authorities in the joint families and how these also translate into Indians’ obsession with ranks and hierarchies in their public and professional lives how Muslim invasions ancient Hindu scriptures and the Victorian morality during the British colonial rule have resulted in the people shying away from having relaxed views on sex and sexuality in the land of Kamasutra how the Hindu Muslim communal friction can be viewed as a result of the way Islam expanded and developed among Hindus or simply as a Marxist phenomenon of economic struggle among different communities; Then there are also discussions upon how nationalistic elements shape popular views towards the world what influences people’s ideas on death and morality food and health marriages and family how different women from different backgrounds feel about the life in this country etc etcIn brief if one of the reasons you read is to make sense of world around you then this one should be given a try Amazing readDefinitely a must read for someone who wants to understand why Indians behave the way they are be it about the hierarchy in social domain patriarchy sexuality religion Loved every aspect of the book I would recommend this book to everyone specially those who deride Indian society without having any understanding of how this society thinks and operates those who suffice a universality to philosophies borrowed from West those who feel it is very intellectual to make fun of the Hindu way of life But having said that this book is meant for everyone Every society is different in it's conception and operates on a spectrum of values thoughts and ideas This book will help you understand how the Indian society works and will also allow you to uestion your place in it If nothing else you would emerge wiser about how your presence in this society has shaped your 'uniue' view of the world The Indian Portrait National Portrait Gallery Best American Indian Portraits images | Sep Explore Sonja Hannon's board American Indian Portraits followed by people on Pinterest See ideas about American indians Native american history Native american peoples The Indian Portrait A Historical Journey of The Indian Portrait A Historical Journey of Graphic Prints up to Independence Ebook written by Anil Relia Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC android iOS devices Download for offline reading highlight bookmark or take notes while you read The Indian Portrait A Historical Journey of Graphic Prints up to Independence Indian Portraits – Small Things Ritratti indiani Portraits indiens Indian portraits Dans la srie des portraits indiens Riaz Ahmed le jeune homme du train Nous allons Mayanoor rendre visite Riaz Ahmed le jeune homme du train Il porte doublement bien son surnom car nous l’avons rencontr dans un train l’anne dernire et son Portraits de Trichy Johny Basha et les autres Ritratti indiani Portraits The Indian Portrait – The Diplomat The Indian Portrait It seems surprising that this exhibition is the first ever dedicated to Indian portraiture given the richness and vibrancy of both colour and detail I found in the Indian Portrait | Lense Flashs Modules annexes Micros Trpieds Monopodes Fixations Annonces The Indian Portrait Crill Rosemary The Indian Portrait Item Condition used item in a very good condition Author Crill Rosemary Kapil Jariwala Ed ISBN Publisher National Portrait Gallery Publications SKU Published On Binding Hardcover % money back guarantee If you are not satisfied for any reason simply drop us an email and we will give you a % refund upon Flickr The Native American Portraits Pool This group is a showcase for historical photographic portraits of Native Americans Submissions may depict people indigenous to both North and South America from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego including but not limited to those peoples popularly known as American Indians Photos from before are preferred and as much information about the person or persons in the photographs free bonus South Indian Portraits DLC if the email South Indian women wear Bindi on their forehead in the portrait But Paradox failed to comprehend that it is actually worn all across India not just in the south in fact it is a strict mark of marriage compulsorily worn by all Hindu Buddhist and Jain women Until s not wearing a Bindi was considered scandalousand it marked a widow or an unmarried woman So they forgot to add them Native Americans in the United States Wikipedia studio portrait of the then last surviving Six Nations warriors who fought with the British in the War of Between and many Native American tribes were involved in the French and Indian WarSeven Years' War Those involved in the fur trade tended to ally with French forces against British colonial militias The British had made fewer allies but it was joined by some You cannot separate psychoanalysis from anthropology and this is what The Indians by preeminent psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar and his anthropologist wife Katharina Kakar shows us It's a brilliant bold and incisive study into the Indian character An Indian myself there was no new information in this book However the consolidation of what makes an Indian an Indian into a single book along with examples cultural and social views was an eye opener If you are a therapist of non Indian origin and work with Indian clients this book is a must read Rating 455

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