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    I remember going through one of the book exhibitions in Bangalore and purchasing a whole lot of books by Indian Authors sometime in 2001 Among those was Mango Coloured Fish by Kaveri Nambisan I picked this up from one of the bookshelves I was cleaning up the other day and started reading The story is about a young woman Shari and her journey into discovering her self through introspection and observation just weeks before her planned wedding with Gautam Living in the shadow of her sister Chithra controlled by her domineering mother and a timid father Shari has developed a strong individualistic spirit bordering on rebellion internally Externally however she appears to comply with the family's reuired social behavior to a good extent She gets a sense of belonging and affection from her Uncle and Aunt Paru As a child Shari is close to her brother Krishna who is a voracious reader and a rebel at heart At school she develops a close friendship with Yash After finishing college Shari takes up teaching at the Kindergarten level in a school She meets Naren a sightless school teacher but a fiercely independent personality and a strong friendship developsShari undertakes a trip to Vrindavan to spend some time with her brother Krishna and his wife who work as doctors in a small hospital Shari meant to talk to Krishna about her upcoming marriage but ends of witnessing the marital dynamics between Krishna and Teji Shari then leaves for New Delhi to stay with Yash and her husband She does want to talk to Yash about herself her confusions her aspirations and many Instead she discovers that Yash is cheating on her husband while posturing externally to having a great marital life Shari leaves Yash's home to stay at a hostel enabling her to introspect a lot and observe life around her Kaveri Nambisan develops her characters with extreme care and passion Not just the protagonist Shari but all the characters come alive with her masterly prose and extremely sensitive writing I haven't read her other books but definitely will shortly I am surprised that this good book has not received many reviews on Goodreads Try reading this one and you will not be disappointed

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    Book Mango voloured FishAuthor Kavery NambisanPublisher penguinindiaGenre Women's FictionMy Rating 49⭐12 th book in MarchI am a huge fan of Kavery Nambisan's books and writing #MangoColArmedWithouredFish is only the second book of hers that I have read and yet I feel ualified to the claim of being a huge fanI have recently gone back to underlining favourite passages and phrases and my copy of this book is untidily underlined a lot sometimes with a kajal pencil I thinkI am not joking The stub is so blunt but it served the purposeShari analyses marriage of people in her close circle before stepping into her own I was relatively slow in reading this book sometimes leaving it out for a while day I think I saw a little too much of myself in Shari and that was not easy Not in what she does but in herKavery writes with attention to detail Her vivid images and the words she uses to paint that picture will stay with you for long There are some gems of pithy lessons peppered all through the book More work for my stubby kajal pencilI don't even remember buying it or using itM for Mango coloured Fish#Bookstagram#BooksOfInstagram #IndianWritingInEnglish #WomenAuthors #BookRecommendation#MarchReads#ArmedWithABingo#AToZReadingChallenge#LoveYourShelfChallenge

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    'Mango Coloured Fish' is a wonderful read It captures a slice of the life of a young woman who is about to be married to the one she believes is her 'The One' I loved the use of stream of consciousness here the way each thought flowed and melted into another Her thoughts flowsomething that reminds young Shari of her ex lover takes her back to the day that they said it and how she felt after that The novel is layered perceptive and capturesamong other things the stillness and mundanity of everyday life beautifully I cannot recommend it enough

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Mango Coloured Fish An exciting new novel from the best selling author of The Scent of Pepper Shari’s life has always been controlled by others—a domineering mother a too perfect sister and a kind but passive father have seen to it that her choices are shaped by the demands of social propriety than by her own will Inevitably she finds herself agreeing to marry the man of their choice But tormented by the ghosts of the past and increasingly uncertain about her decision to marry she flees to her brother’s house in Vrindaban a few weeks before the wedding—much to the shock and dismay of her mother Even as she gets drawn into the busy and entirely unpredictable lives of her brother and sister in law both doctors Shari grapples with her memories her relationship with Naren her blind friend and the traumatic discovery of the truth about Uncle and Aunt Paru whom she had always considered her surrogate parents And as she makes peace with her past she finds in herself the strength to confront her own future Richly textured and boldly perceptive Mango Coloured Fish is the heartwarming story of a young woman’s attempt to strike out on her own

  • Unknown Binding
  • 241 pages
  • Mango Coloured Fish
  • Kavery Nambisan
  • English
  • 14 March 2016
  • 9780140278149

About the Author: Kavery Nambisan

Kavery Nambisan is a novelist from India She is also a surgeon who practices in rural India Her career in medicine has been a strong influence in her fiction She spent her early years in Madikeri She studied medicine in St John's Medical College Bangalore from 1965 and then studied surgery at the University of Liverpool England where she obtained the FRCS ualification She worked as a sur