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Opportunities in Museum Careers Exhibit Your Talents with a Great Career in the World of MuseumsGet started in a career that has a future and is financially rewarding Opportunities in Museum Careers provides you with a complete overview of the job possibilities, salary figures, and experience required to find a job at a museumThis career boosting book will help you Determine the specialty that s right for you, from collections to fundraising to administrationAcquire in depth knowledge of the museum worldFind out what kind of salary you can expectUnderstand the daily routine of your chosen fieldFocus your job search using industry resourcesEnjoy a great career as a curator marketing director exhibit designer researcher archivist public relations coordinator Provided a VERY general outline of career opportunities in the museum industry. nice broad introduction to the variety of museum careers out there includes profiles of folks in various fields, a brief outline of what skills they need to have and what kinds of salaries they make, plus lists of professional associations and degree programs for further info. She does a great job at explaining all the varieties of careers you can find by working at a museum If definitely helped me out and I even took a few notes