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    Very Cute I would love to read a story about Jess

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    So why did I give this a two? Inserting spoiler tags just in caseAs far as the overall story the efforts into world building were pretty much nil view spoiler The prologue 'the legend' is about as in depth as you go as far as the culture and world of the Tsatrya Very little time is spent on descriptions of the surroundings as well hide spoiler

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    I was going through a reading slump and absolutely nothing was grabbing my attention Then I saw a reuest for an mpreg that was coming out next month and decided that maybe I should look through my mile long “to read” list and see if I had an mpreg waiting on me Well lo and behold I found this Mate of the Tsatrya and it was exactly what I needed to cleanse my palette and get my reading back on trackMykael and Joseph are of different species but instantly attracted to the other Turns out that our human Joseph has a little something special in his blood because Mykael isn’t the only one feeling the true mates attraction These two meet and have sex almost instantly but it worked for me Not sure how since I really struggle with insta love but I think it may have been the biology and the mixed species thing that helped pull it offThis is a novella so things happen uickly and the time frame jumps from weeks to months to a year later from chapter to chapter but that was kind of necessary to move the story along I don’t feel as if I missed anything but filler so no big loss The thing about short stories is that you just get the meat and potatoes of the story and you normally only lose the long drawn out miscommunication blah blah blah that I love in novels Most of the time I want the full characterization and history and whatever else is needed for a full length story and sometimes like now I just want to sit back and read for the heck of it I got that with this story I loved it and it was just what the literary doctor orderedThis was written in 2011 and I am sad I left it sitting on my shelf for four years but I got to it at the right time for me and I recommend this book for those who want to read a uickie with mpreg and very likable characters I just wish it had a seuelThe Blogger Girls

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    Joseph could stop himselfhe had fallen deep for Mykael Think adult fairytaleThink SoulmatesExpect a love story No big love trianglesNo big twist and turnsNo severe angst added No cheatingNo mysteryNo adrenaline added rushJust a heart melting love story✨🍃And It may not be for everyone but I am glad it was for me this story was fun and it honestly melted my heart And gave me a beautiful unexpected surprise between the pages view spoilermPreg hide spoiler

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    A lovely sprinkle of fairy dust and fine foot prints I enjoyed this read

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    It has mpreg in it of course I loved it

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    The premise behind Mate of the Tsatrya is all about angels and demons an angel was seduced by a demon and produced the Tsatrya That sounds like an awesome story Why did we not get that story? But instead all these millennia later we get this story about a guy who falls in love with a Tsatrya leader The story surrounds the love story between Joseph and Mykael and there is very little world building to go along with itThe characters of Joseph and Mykael are ok characters Joseph is human and has never considered himself to be homosexual but finds himself in love with Mykael But he doesn't dwell on this as a personal issue he gets passed it pretty easily too easily to be believed Mykael is a very strong character used to doing what he wants when he wants and is very dominant Likewise the sex scenes with Mykael and Joseph were also pretty one sided and mostly the same view spoilerThe male pregnancy aspect made this story a bit weird even for me I could have done without that hide spoiler

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    35 4 stars uick sweet 'love at first sight' readwhich was exactly what I was in the mood for Slight spoiler; view spoilerReaders that aren't fans of MPREG should stay away hide spoiler

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    Plot is nothing original I have to addmit but even so I did enjoy reading the book Both main characters are interesting individuals

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    Let me start off saying that I am hypercritical when reviewing storiesWhat most people don't find bother with I do Again here is a story that had potential in being a 4 stars novel but it fell short I think this author is afraid to fill out a story or maybe doesn't know how? This could have been an outstanding periodotherworldly story because the prologue hinted at that I think there should have been seduction between the two main characters After all they come from different worlds and customs I often wonder how one of the partners just knows that the other is destined to be the mate yet the other party never knows I don't get that If that is the case then definitely seduction I LOVE mpreg stories because they are just preposterous but I have read some really good ones that have come off as plausible This one fell short there too And as another reviewer commented on how can you not already have a name picked out? The sex of the baby had already been determined so why not have a discussion about it? And instead of being excited over this miracle child a lot of the talk was about view spoiler ending it to save the carrier That turned me off so badly I don't even know what Concentration should have been on doing whatever possible to support both baby and carrier and someone brought in to help support Mykael through that time UGH hide spoiler

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Mate of the Tsatrya Joseph Archer never thought much of the Tsatrya race only acknowledging they were superior to mankind in strength speed and that they were blessed with extreme good looks This all changed when he met Mykael of Lithonur Not only was Mykael challenging what Joseph used to believe about his sexuality he was also desiring a Tsatrya who ruled one of the continents of the New World Before Joseph could stop himself he had fallen deep for Mykael who was now trying to convince Joseph to become his true mate

  • ebook
  • 144 pages
  • Mate of the Tsatrya
  • Ann T. Ryan
  • English
  • 27 May 2016
  • 9781920501402

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