Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango A Discovered Journal of Life

Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango A Discovered Journal of Life on an Island of Miracles This book is such a fantastic read I think everyone should check it out This is a book I re read periodically Because it's Magic And when on occasion Magic fades from Life one needs a reminder that it hasn't become extinct uite yet A short one sitting or one hammock lounging session read After traveling to an island to research the possibility of setting up a mango canning factory this journal mailed to a former girlfriend writer gradually discovers a new way to look at life in terms of ways to eat a mangoGood but nothing couldn't find in other places The mango angle is new and this was a uicker read that most books of this nature Anti consumerism ideal life on island without time much money etc Overall happy thoughtful and makes on crave mangoes Entirely cheesy Zen story about how to embrace the given The Matisse flavored illustrations are exuberant and delightful I found myself nodding in agreement several times despite the cheeseball bathos that this book exudes I can neither recommend nor pan it as it left me feeling as if I'd just bathed in sugar yet I was grinning foolishly after I closed the book It was a good uick read A bit touchy feely but definitely worth spending the afternoon with I read this book on a rainy day in the Vancouver Library It wasn't everything I expected after reading some of the reviews but was a lovely read nevertheless Just the kind of pick me up you need some days A little corny at moments but simplistic and inspirational It tries too hard Riding the wave of artsy feel good books that came out about that time it falls short I loved this book My 11th grade English teacher told me about this bookMr Fish hmm miss those days learned a lot then thanks Fish This extraordinary novel in the form of a discovered journal tells the story of J a young botanist who is sent to the remote tropical island of Sakahara to explore the possibility of installing a mango cannery for a multinational corporation J has every intention of collecting the necessary samples writing a report and returning home to collect his paycheck But a series of chance encounters with an island sage names Katchumo send these plans totally awry The old man's Buddha like habit of distilling perfect pearls of wisdom forces J to uestion everything from his association with the canning company to his perception of the world around him With humor and compassion Katchumo teaches J the mysterious beauty of simple pleasures as he reveals the seventeen waysAn enchanting story about one man's discovery of life's elusive secrets SEVENTEEN WAYS TO EAT A MANGO inspires us to embrace the magic in our own lives the book asks the reader to look at life from many angles

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