After Chancellorsville Letters From The Heart ePUB

After Chancellorsville Letters From The Heart A special publication with letters for a Union soldier and his fiancee transcribed and printed in the order they were written It's like reading a private conversation and courtship; the respect and insight is remarkable Highly recommended I normally don't write reviews but this one I must say was very sweet A sweet tender and ultimately very moving book that is simply the letters of two friends who become sweethearts during the Civil War Walter is injured at Chancellorsville the battle detailed in THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE and spends the rest of his enlistment in Balti doing office workI was surprised at some of the phrases they used thinking them much modern something was A one; had the blues Walter was in a pickle There are references to Lincoln's assassination as well as every day happenings like a strawberry social at home in New Jersey or a game of cards with companions in BaltiAmused when he would declare his undying love then sign his unworthy epistle as Walter G Dunn Almost every letter had comments about itself or the letter to which it was replying with apologies for brevity or silliness or a delay Most also concluded with write again as soon as you can write immediately and such They would mention exactly when three in the afternoon on the Sabbath a letter was receivedA book to read over a period of time with time out for other books since there is no plot to follow I had an audio version with both a male and female narrator which was enjoyable Her letters are much filled with frivolous gossip about relatives and mutual friends while his portrayed the difficult circumstances of the military away from home especially when he undergoes subseuent surgery to remove and minie ball from his shoulderAll in all a very touching read I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook I love that they had a female and male voice for each of the people It really was an enjoyable experience Picked up on sale in Harper's Ferry during our Civic War Tour this summer You'll never guess how it ends Emma Randolph a young woman not yet twenty wrote poignant letters to her distant cousin Private Walter G Dunn of the 11th New Jersey Infantry as he lay in a crowded filthy hospital ward during the Civil War after suffering the carnage of the battle of Chancellorsville There barely recovered he aided overworked surgeons when the Gettysburg wounded poured into the city and regularly took up his pen Their correspondence related everyday events that became history

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