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Naughty Men I have it all IIT IIM degrees, plum consulting partner position with Mcarthur s, a company provided BMW but things haven t been going so well lately Work bores me, my wife Meera and I haven t had sex in years, my in laws treat me like their personal slave Also, for some time, I ve been having reassuring conversations with Nunu, my dick Actually, he thinks I m losing it Sid, my friend from Institute days, has the same problem he doesn t talk to Nunu, though and his solution is simple anything goes as long as the wife doesn t find out We have a plan to spice up our lives It involves Jenny, the mystic masseuse from the Feather Touch massage parlour, the infuriatingly efficient Baby Detective Agency to get the in laws to back off, and a leisurely, raunchy road trip along the coast from Kerala to Goa Oh yes, did I mention that consulting project for Rajnikanth Sir s new movie

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    In two words, my feedback is Ho Hum The humor is flat, the content is mundane, there is no climax Perhaps I was analyzing it from a woman s mind, but really, there was nothing exciting in the book Events flowed without even a bump or a twist The author conveniently stitched up the story towards the end There were a few funnies, but nothing spectacular.Heck why did I even pick up this book

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    The author simply rocks Fertile imagination n wonderfully woven plot The story stays on simple tracks yet full of excitment and good humour Simply loved it Most men will be able to relate to the incidences and the feelings.

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    one of the best comic books i hav read till now Good job

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    An okay one time read Could connect with some situations about mid life crisis, having a friend like Sid, and the protagonist s relation with his in laws but the book felt a little too stretched from reality I liked the protagonist s interactions with the therapist, especially when they see his hypnosis video together there was some humor there Did not find any humor in nunu or Baby or saw any purpose in the hyped trip to find some action which the two friends go on The whole Rajnikanth thing and the movie plot was a let down did not know if the author was wanting to tell how contrived Rajnikanth s movies are or if he was patting himself for coming up with an awesome plot for such a movie.

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    five point someone 3 idiots in the same tune a script that can be easily transformed Into a hit Bollywood movie with interesting sub plots. and a whole lot of spice although permitting the display of a conversation of a grown man with his nunu I have to say some parts of the story cracked me up and some others kept me hooked cuz they reminded me of my college post college years. a nice refreshing read keep it up Sid.

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    Very hilarious book Quite a number of times, almost fell from the chair laughing while reading it The story is based on mid life crisis, however i guess every man would be able to relate it A simple story, but very well documented A short book, shouldn t take you than couple of days to finish reading it.

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    Hilarious book i have not finished the book yet but whatever i hv read is so hilarious Typical Indian men struggling with mid life crisis will give youngster a fresh view towards life very rare to find this typo frm indian authors. Nice book

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    really naughty story partly goes with the cover

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    Hilarious, indeed naughty Simple yet fun.

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