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    Dear DiaryToday I completed a wonderful bookAs you know Diary ‘Who let the Dork out?’ is the third Book in the Dork Series by the Mint editor and Twitter chirping Peacock Sidin Vadukut But of course this is his first work that I have ever read You must know that this happens with me all the time be it the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov or Harry Potter I had a one hell lot of haphazard reading Time Diary Time I no longer get the uality time to read books and introspect about life in general Between thinking about girls and trying not to think about them and concentrating on studies I have completely lost out on that much cherished for but hardly worked upon habit of serious reading Otherwise you know me diary I am a hell of a readerRight from the Author’s Note it was what made me buy the book till the wedding invitation card from His Hon Jignesh Kalbag of the holy alliance between Gauri Kalbag and Mr Robin ‘Einstein’ Verghese I was glued to this Diary Yes diary this book that I read was indeed a diary Wink Nudge WinkYou must know that I have read a lot of Indian authors but each and everyone had to say something extremely vile about our beautiful country India yes diary even I fume in anger Granted that for uite some time the ruling party has been tainted smudged and tarried in black due to its shady coal auctioning and 2G It is also true that firangis are apprehensive about our Market as they fear that the policy paralysis would bring this country down I even agree that our country is not safe for women But there is no point in jeering at it no? That’s why I liked Sidin Vadukut’s book His character ‘Einstein’ is someone whom we can relate to He hates India for the bad things but he loves it for the good things also And he is continuously striving to improve it inspite of the Snorenath Tagores and Sergei Bubfucks of the world impeding his progress A truly inspiring character diary He even believes that toilets are indeed the supreme haven for the entire mankind No seriously We cannot drop the black pellets of gobar on road like cows no? Diary you may mock but Human Beings are Social Animals We cannot shit anywhere We have our image our self respect our ego to care for That’s why if you had garam pakoras yesterday and today while writing your exams you suddenly feel that poo poo wants to come out you have to have an iron fist control A hardly likeable solution but only a soul hardened Zen like me could possibly do that with a poker face Sorry for deviating Diary what I am trying to say is that hence a toilet becomes one of the most important things in a happy man’s life How much a man eats and how decorated his toilet is tells much about his personality That’s why I was delighted to find a similarity between yours truly Vismay and ‘Einstein’ Great minds think alike Diary Mr Vadukut is extremely wily He simply renamed Commonwealth Games to Allied Victory Games though of course he mentions CWG in passing and went on lambasting and lampooning about the under preparedness before the games Without naming personalities he had a supreme amount of fun at the expense of these you know whos Diary seriously I am not telling you the names You have to read the book strain your eyes catch the subtle hints and glowbask at the discovery It’s high time that you start reading lazy bonesDiary I say that Sidin Vadukut is a cross between a short tempered PG Wodehouse sic and funny Arvind Adiga sic You caught the meaning na?I seriously recommend you diary to read this book and enjoy You would indeed have a wonderful experiencePS What Emma Watson is to Vismay ‘Alienman’ Harani Anushka Sharma is to Robin ‘Einstein’ Verghese

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    I am actually bothering to write a review This is because I laughed till tears were streaming from my eyes and everyone on my flight stared at me as if I was insane Filled with Indian idiosyncrasies and minute observations about life this kept me entertained cover to cover Being a consultant myself I identified with the BS Einstein had to go through Daivame

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    The best of the trilogy for me had grown into being comfortable with Einstein by this point Loved the witty one liners that were sprinkled around especially the ones he makes in exasperation Wondering how people with no Malayali pop culture backing reacted to references such as TG Ravi's laugh in Chaakara and Suresh Gopi's masculinity

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    After reading Sidin’s first two books and following his blog for a long time reading this book was an obvious for meI had pre ordered this one online and was waiting eagerly to grab my hands on itThe book 1 in this trilogy are there Sidin? sets the pace and the characters beautifully It marked dork’s arrival in the literary worldBook 2 was slightly annoying with predictable plot and gibberish charactersBook 3 continues the same tone of book 1 and 2 in a different setting – the Common Wealth gamesEr The Allied gamesWho let the dork out?Book 3 is a hilarious satirical take on the mess that was the Games in Delhi in 2010 The story is fast paced structured and revolves around one thing right from page 1 the allied games in Delhi where the lead character Robin’s company is helping out the governmentThe subtle and powerful satire to the events in the book makes the book stand out Most of the incidents would make you think about an actual happening that you must have read in the newspapers and especially the political characters immediately take your mind to an actual public personalityThe description of the politician who is desperate to get into Tihar jail for advancement of his career as that is where he would be able to network with the who’s who of politics and Business stands out The description of the Tihar jail party the innovatively named food items Anticipatory Bhel uattarocheese pizza in the jail canteen and the vivid description of the entrance to the Jail is one other instance where you actually feel – Maybe this is really trueOverall the book is an easy read and it never loses focus on the central issue at Hand – The Allied gamesA special mention to the innovative narrative used by Sidin right from book 1 – Diary entries This makes the flow chronological and at places where suspense and curiosity needs to be built there is a mention of a particular happening and the details are spelt out laterAn easy readThis review was first published at

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    I've now completed the Dork Series by Sidin Vadukut one which has provided me with a lot of entertainment and uplifted my mood several times Personally the second part was the best absolutely hilarious The first part was also good but somehow the freuency of the LOL moments seemed much less in comparison Now coming to the third part I think the comedy uotient is someway in between the first and third part However the ending is below standard It ruined the experience 60% of the book is a laugh riot and I daresay even better than the second part However I was just shuffling through the pages towards the end which was disappointingThe language is also good enough but who cares about language in a Sidin Vadukut novel The comedy than makes up for itThe first scene in the Minister's office the luggage fiasco on meeting Colonel Kalbag are mind blowing I couldn't stop laughing for around 5 minutes Tears had welled up in my eyes and my stomach hurt Sidin rocks Wish this series would go on forever but like Harry Potter all good things must come to an end 35 stars for this

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    This has to be the best of the three Dork books“DORK The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein' Varghese” “God Save The Dork” “Who Let The Dork Out?” It has been wonderful reading experience for past one week I am sure people around me at home in train in office bus might have felt why this fellow is smiling so much while reading this book The BBC journo episode first meeting with Colonel Sivaji statue fiasco Tihar jail’s special room Gym sessions – all were super comedy entries in Robin “Einstein” Varghese's Diary It will be worth reading it again some time soon

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    ROFL ROFL LOL LOLbut wait it was not good as the other twoseems authour has rushed to write the book

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    Again a very funny book from Sidin In my view this one is not as good as the second book of the trilogy Provides a satisfactory ending to the series though

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    Murkh chutiyan who are convinced they are brilliant and lack all self awareness are always funny It's like a law of nature A fun silly read

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    My rating order of the books in the Dork series would be 2 3 and 1 While this third book in the series wasn't as good as the second one it was definitely much better than the first I found myself laughing and snorting at multiple places in the narrative Though I really do wish there was a better ending than what is nowThe thing about Sidin Vadukut's writing is that he takes everyday annoyances that people don't want to admit and pours it in 240 odd pages Robin 'Einstein' Varghese is overconfident and knows how to cover up his mistakesblunders to make it look like it was his intention all along to look like that At first I was annoyed by him But then I marveled at his ability to turn anything and everything into an explanation of others' weakness inadeuacy and idiocy than of his own bumbling mistakesI liked this series though I'm sure that I won't go back to it any time soon

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Who Let The Dork Out? Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereWith just 12 months to go before the 2010 Allied Victory Games in New Delhi there is pandemonium at the Ministry for Urban Regeneration and Public Sculpture Specially appointed by the prime minister to oversee preparations for the Games the ministry now find themselves in the centre of a media shit storm Preparations are months behind schedule they had completely forgotten about Takewondo and the minister Badrikedar Laxmanrao Dahake not only has to deal with an irate PM but also with high intrigue in the Lok Sabha fiendish investigative journalists and a relentless BBC reporter who insists on interviewing him live in English Dahake is about to resign when he runs into an unlikely saviour master strategist media expert and international financial wizard Robin Einstein Varghese currently running the Delhi Lederman office

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