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Mistakes Like Love and Sex Cheated by her young and handsome Spanish boyfriend Kaveri is back in India to follow a career as an artist and to find her dream man However getting involved with an older manmaking out with the hottest star in Bollywood teaching a hot upcoming actress Hindi her goals seem nowhere in sightStarting afresh seems to have thrown her off completely and she begins to see the superficial life that she’s been leading It’s time to take some hard decisions With fresh hope and a new philosophy Kaveri begins to focus on her goalsThings begin to look up when there is a kindling of romance across Twitter and she’s starts to understand her true calling She might finally be moving in the right direction I wish I could rate in negatives This story surely keeps you hooked on till the end It talks about the new age definition of love relationships and sex which most of the generation today can easily relate to What is interesting is her diversity in relationships and her perspectives on the same once they ended Being involved with a married man then getting involved with a Spanish guy younger than her then a rich guy 12 years older than her making out with a movie star Incredible range of relationship diversity Personally the only disappointing factor was finally ending up in an 'expected' cliched arranged marriage However the Twitter love angle was again an interesting take on the same Does prove the fairy tale line 'One has to kiss a lot of frogs to find one's prince' A good afternoon coffee time read Too predictable and cliched but that's expected out of a chicklit I am slowly running out of patience for this genre I hope Madhuri Bannerjee comes up with something refreshing in her third book Looking forward to read her See Thats the magic of her writing I dont think I said much good about her characters But I want to see where Kaveri goes finally But Please Madhuri let Kaveri not jump into beds so easily Read on I have been following Madhuri's books and have read it all I must say after #ForbiddenDesires this one is the best one to read She is just awesome with her writing You can actually feel the expressions and she has uoted some very good statements which could make you re think how you are trying work out some or other things in your life #Awesome read and Best of Luck to her for upcoming novels

  • Paperback
  • 244 pages
  • Mistakes Like Love and Sex
  • Madhuri Banerjee
  • English
  • 11 December 2014
  • 9780143418375

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