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Operation Lipstick Anna Sanderson is not your average thirty something She’s a war journalist based in one of the most troubled countries in the world—Afghanistan Sexy tough as nails and ballsy as hell she won’t stop at anything to get her scoop or the man she wants But the game changes when she meets Mr Delectable—handsome aloof and secretive he frustratingly keeps Anna guessing if he’s into her or notThings take a nasty turn when Anna’s best friend Kelly discovers that her boyfriend Rich has been cheating on her and Anna unearths a series of secrets which tie in her man The mission— Operation Lipstick—takes Anna on a journey into the heart of the Helmand Province and the lair of the most feared movements of the world—the Taliban Will Kelly get her revenge Will Anna survive to tell her story Will she get her man

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Operation Lipstick
  • Pia Heikkila
  • English
  • 06 July 2014
  • 9788184001747

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    Operation Lipstick is a Good Book one would get to know about Journalist's Life in a country filled with TerrorThings I liked about this books are Detailing of various situations and locations one would like forced to imagine himselfherself in the situation so I really liked the writer's skill of Detailing Characters are well defined she has elaborated about the charactersWorst part No Story 1st part of the book is very dull and then book picks up in the middle part and the moment you expect something great the fizz is overBut having said that one who aspires to know about terrorized countries then this book is a must read because of it's detailing and crucial revelation about war suppliesThe end of the book could have been Realistic

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    With the readers constantly on the lookout for something new authors are exploring uncharted territories bringing out uite new intriguing concepts One such read is Pia Heikkila’s Operation Lipstick Mission For Mr Right which dwells in a uniue setting – the war pillaged Afghanistan When I initially read the blurb I found the setting of the plot intriguing after reading the book I have to say that Pia Heikkila takes the dating scenario to an “entirely new level” with her debut workSo what if you are in one of the most troubled countries in the world?? This ain’t stopping our war zone chick Anna Sanderson from pulling up her combat zone stockings hunting for her Mr Right Keeping up with the context of this plot is its cover which is uite slick with our protagonist all decked up with an even glossier lipstick Operation Lipstick it is And a man with a gun reflected in the glares of our lady just sets up the war moodRead complete review at

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    this is a story of Anna Sanderson a journalist working for London based GNN based in Kabul with her two other friends Tim her cameraman and Kelly an Australian print journalist The plot is about a girl finding her Mr Right in a place which is so unlikely to bring forward many prospectsIt works just fine as to how the author who herself have worked in Afghanistan and is a journalist from over fifteen years gave us an adventurous ride into the lives of the journalists working in the war zone and their attempts to resume their normal lives after witnessing bomb blasts and wars every now and then I would say it was infact uite liberating to get this insight because since i have read this book every time i see something about terrorism on TV my first thought move towards the person who is getting us all those visuals from such close proximity RespectTo read full review please visit

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    Picked this book at an airport on my way for a hectic work trip It's a fun read Kept up to its name and was uite entertaining

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    Life of a journalist in the war zone Not too many adventures as the book cover and review dealt

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