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Faster Fenay at Fort Pratapgad 'An earthuake a kidnapping a secret cave ancient treasure uite the Bollywood film this is turning out to be isn't it' Fafe Faster Fenay the boy detective has an uncanny knack for attracting adventure With his talent as a mimic his skill with the catapult and his fearless mind Fafe at thirteen has already put several crooks behind bars Fafe and his classmates are at Fort Pratapgad on a trip A massive earthuake occurs at midnight Fafe's best friend Subhash goes missing and in an attempt to find him Fafe comes across a gang of kidnappers on the loose Join Fafe in this action packed adventure as he pieces together the clues bit by bit till the nail biting finish This brilliant adaptation of BR Bhagwat's original Marathi series based on the popular character Faster Fenay will mesmerize readers of all ages

  • ebook
  • 108 pages
  • Faster Fenay at Fort Pratapgad
  • B.R. Bhagawat
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9788184758764

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    i am a fan of faster fenay i still am

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