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How It Happened Dadi the imperious matriarch of the Bandian family in Karachi swears by the virtues of arranged marriage All her ancestors – including a dentally and optically challenged aunt – have been perfectly well served by such arrangements But her grandchildren are harder to pleaseHaroon the apple of her eye has to suffer half a dozen candidates until he finds the perfect Shia Syed girl of his dreams But it is Zeba his sister who has the tougher time as she is accosted by a bevy of suitors including a potbellied cousin and a banker who reeks of sesame oilTold by the witty hawk eyed Saleha the precocious youngest sibling this is a romantic amusing and utterly delightful story about how marriages are made and unmade not in heaven but in the drawing room and over the phone I really liked this book ALOT Despite the fact that everything was pretty much all known from the start the plot and stuff but I am awed by the narration and the style of this beautiful writer I have always wanted our regional novels to be respectful of our culture and not just make fun of everything about our cultural and religious values under the stupid guise of wearing liberal glasses and being all I'm sooo cool in a display of western kiss assery She did point out all the weird and horrible things yet she also showed it in a very balanced manner which emanated love and respect and altogether it was all very adorable I think this is the message of our society I would want to send out to the world to portray something sweet and light headed for once This book actually made me laught out loud and I think this author deserves all our duas and blessings for that Shafaz for Nobel Prize giggles Some books make you laugh this is a LAUGH OUT LOUD stuff I still don't believe it's a debut novelI started this book with low expectations because of my past experience with pakistani authors but this book started very differently and it left me smiling till I read the last word of the last page and I wanted the book to continue so yeah it's clear I loved itThe writing is very realistic because of the fact that the plot is based upon arrange marriages in pakistani culture but I give the writer credit because writing about something which is commonly seen most of the authors can do that but making it look genuine and marvellous reading experience is where this lady made me give a huge round of applause for her writing skills and that's what differentiates a good writer from a great writerThis book has a great humor and you will feel at home with the characters because the story is so general yet so entertaining The book is unputdownable once you start it and there are so many moments when you can't stop laughing for a minute or twoRoman English is used many times in pakistani books but one big plus point of this book is ROMAN ENGLISH MASHUP where the writer uses words like dating shating love shove and personally I loved it because it was reuired to give the writng a FEEL HOME look This thing can be irritating for all the non roman people and I really think the writer should have explained these words at the end of the book but this little flaw won't keep this DESI gem out of my favorites shelf EXTREMELY HIGHLY OBVIOUSLY RECOMMENDED This book was so disappointing First of all the plot The plot was so utterly boring and predictable By the first chapter I knew Zeba would be dating a Sunni boy I knew Dadi would make a fuss over that etc etc resulting in a happy ending for all And because the plot was so predictable the plot dragged on and on until by the time i was on the last few chapters I wanted to tear up my beautiful hardcover copy just out of sheer frustrationAnd then there were the characters Saleha Saleha Saleha is supposed to be fifteen? Really I am a fifteen year old and I think I know how developed a fifteen year old mind is Judging from her mental capacity I would guess Saleha to be around 8? Maximum 9 Because to tell you the truth kids stop playing with salt and pepper shakers when they hit 13 And Saleha was doing just that when she accompanied her family and Gullan or whatever that guy's name was for coffee Most fifteen year olds are not at all oblivious to the world around them and if they are school going then they are fully aware of what happens at the wedding night Another thing that got to me was that Saleha throughout her narrative hardly ever spoke of her own self most fifteeen year olds are highly self absorbed they are constantly thinking about school about people they know about themselves However these things are the least of Saleha's concerns Saleha never once mentions her own school life Readers remain throughout the book unaware of Saleha's own worries or problems This was distinctly oddThen there is Dadi Dadi is supposed to be the typical Dadi of every pakistani household Stubborn at times just plain mean and unable to accept new ideas However Haider aiming for a foreign audience ? exaggerates the typical dadi so much so that she transforms her into someone who is overly stubborn overly mean and overly narrow minded Sure most Pakistani grandparents can at times be annoyingly old fashioned but they also tend to be very wise They also tend to be experienced in matters concerning the world Sure sometimes they act almost childish but they can be very intelligent too Haider however presents Dadi as almost bordering on someone completely mad Dadi is one character who most readers will I believe find a tad unbelievableZeba is also an exaggerated form of 'The Liberal Free Thinking Pakistani Woman' as is Fatty Phupps Zeba is freuently seen reading novels such as 'Lolita' and 'Wuthering Heights' Haider obviously emloys this 'literary techniue' to make sure readers fully understand how liberal Zeba really is Of course we wouldn't have understood that otherwise Though it does strike me strange that a girl with a masters in English is only just reading them? OddAll in all the book was unbelievably bad I beg for the forgiveness of any of those people who thought this book was a 'delectable laugh out loud family tale' because seriously it wasn't I was inclined to read 'How it Happened' for a long time out of curiosity because it is written by a Pakistani writer Shazaf Fatima HaiderI'm always extremely delighted to read books by our very own Pakistani authors Therefore I did not want to miss out this one at any cost'How it Happened' is a purely gharelu story that we observe in every other's family based in Pakistan It is the story of a Shia Bandian family based in Karachi It revolves around Gulbahar Bibi; commonly known as Dadi in the novel who plays the most ardent and strict grandparent in the house It is the story of how she believes in arrange marriages and how she arranged marriages for her children and her grandchildren She is an imperious matriarch of her Bandian family who believes only in inter sect marriagesThe story in the novel is being told by Saleha who is a grand child of Dadi She narrates the story and tells her ardent Dadi fixes arrange marriages for her two elder siblings; Haroon and Zeba Dadi is highly against love shove business and wants her grand children to stay away from it as not a single family member in the Bandian family has ever tried to get into a love marriage before Despite of her old traditions Haroon and Zeba find matches for themselves Zeba crosses the family traditions as she falls in love with a Sunni boy To find out how Dadi is outraged with this horrifying news you have to read the book I believe this book will be relatable to the readers belonging to the Shia sect as they will understand the depth of their sect in a much better way Moreover the parts where drawing room meetings are set for a girl when prospective suitors come to see her with his familiesI can somewhat relate to that misery as I've experienced those drawing room meetings myself This book completely justifies to how actually arranged marriages are done in Pakistan Beginning from the first meetings and till the rukhsati each and every event is well expressedIt was a typical story that depicts the realm and depth of a Pakistani household Most of the segments of this book were witty and exciting There was no point when I felt bored reading this book The way Shazaf has managed to express the viewpoints of our elders is uite agreeable Dadi's role steals the show as she's the center of the story One would surely laugh like riot and will not regret while reading it Happy readingSara Naveed

  • Hardcover
  • 311 pages
  • How It Happened
  • Shazaf Fatima Haider
  • English
  • 04 September 2015
  • 9780670086467

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