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Seventeen and Done Rinki has everything she needs to go crazy with bickering boys, a bitchy grandma, boring books, and the Biggest B of them all Board Exams Rinki and her wolf pack are back in action And they have company in the form of Google Mr Know it all and Adit Mr Goody Two shoes At last, Rinki has her wish fulfilled She has two boys fighting over her, er, mostly with her Meanwhile, Rinki s brand new grandmother, Mausiji, is raising hell at home Her dad lucky fellow is away in Coimbatore And it s all up to Rinki to cool tempers down At school, things are no better Board Exams are looming large and Princy is making her feel smaller than ever Her grades are shrinking and her waistline is growing School life is about to get over, but not before things get a lot crazy Read the next instalment in the Rinki series and discovery why turning seventeen is no walk in the park 3.5 stars actually Seventeen and Done deals with the usual set of concerns a normal Indian teenager mostly suffers form family, carrier, boys, board exams etc etc but in a funny, fluffy and light way I m presently out of proper adjectives to describe how funny this book was If you dig into this book expecting seriousness, you will be gravely disappointed Most of the things about the MC doesn t make sense, but they will make you laugh like hell. It is a fun read While i was reading it, I was taken back to my school days I remembered the fun i had in school with my friends..

  • ebook
  • 184 pages
  • Seventeen and Done
  • Vibha Batra
  • 09 March 2019
  • 8184759479

About the Author: Vibha Batra

Vibha Batra is an author, advertising consultant, graphic novelist, poet, lyricist, translator, travel writer, playwright, translator and columnist Her published books include Bathinda to Bangkok, The Reluctant Debutante, The Dream Merchants, Keeping it Real, Euro Trip,Ludhiana to London, Glitter and Gloss, The Activist and The Capitalist, Sweet Sixteen Yeah, Right , Seventeen and Done You Bet , Eighteen and Wiser Not Quite , Ishaavaasya Upanishad Knowledge and Action, Tongue in cheek, A Twist of Lime and Family Crossword She has also contributed short stories and poems to several anthologies.

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