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Everymans War Everyman’s War is a collection of insightful essays that describe our participatory role in securing ourselves and our progeny Defence internal security and terrorism are important yet closely guarded issues Even as outrage over safety of women and rising terror take centrestage there continues to be limited access to information on the subjects of national defence and security especially in a language that a layman can understand Raghu Raman an expert on security and terrorism presents issues of defence strategy and national security in an engaging narrative with historical and contemporary examples He recalibrates the great ‘India rising’ story with its real and present dangers and the role of a regular citizen in this everyman’s war

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    “Terrorism has matured as a psychological instrument of war whose main objective is terrorizing the mind of survivors rather than notching up a tally of absolute deaths”A very engrossing and engaging read this book is a compilation of insightful articles The simplistic tone of the book and the way it’s written is so positive even when the concepts explained are about terms such as terrorism counterterrorism national security and the likes The author not only jots down steps that are taken and must be taken at a national level but also emphasizes on the need to have a conscience at an individual level and what a common man canshould do to contributeThe author educates about various world events like the world's first suicide bomber who was a mere 13yr old boy LTTE holding the most number of suicide attacks implementation of the Enactment of Patriot Act by US President 6 weeks after 911 attack Operation thunderbolt of IsraelThere are also many eye openers about India such as – ‘The private guarding business in India is the second largest employer of manpower after the manufacturing industry’The article on ‘How countries decide upon any weapon system’ stands out for me How the choice of a weapon system has less to do with the specifics of its technical capability and to do with the imperatives of strategic doctrine is beautifully explained This book clearly deserves a read

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    A topic like national security is serious complex and risks becoming academic Raghu Raman definitely deserves credit for simplifying it for an audience that may not have the faintest idea of the subject His writing is engaging and appeals to both intellect and emotion Thanks to his diverse experience his arguments present dimensions of a situation through multiple lenses from the perspective of different stakeholders Though there is a repetition of ideas considering this is a compilation of his articles it only serves to reinforce his messages 

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    Beautiful collection of essays Full of trivia It's the kind of book that would have godsend during my CBSE schooling days for the writing section of the English exam The sentences are beautifully constructed the advices rendered are generic and yet actionable A great introduction to military strategy from a society's perspective

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    Folks who are from the Security Physical Logical and Defense domain do not need any introduction to the credentials of Captain Raghu Raman Ex Serviceman CEO of a Security Consulting Group Leadership speaker at Ivy League business schools and most recently CEO of National Intelligence Grid The vast experience he holds which made me pick up this book This book is in three parts 1Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare2Lessons learned from Armed Forces3Understanding National Security and our role in securing our own environmentsThe topics covered in this book range from topics which is closer to us such as physical security to broader geopolitical issues The language is simple to understand and it gives a common man a good understanding of the subjectFew interesting points that I noted 1The root cause of war is nothing but a competition to grab scarce resources The main objective of war is often obscured in a religious or political dogma2Though being a defense personal and now working in a related domain the author seems to be in most of his essays against the concept of war stating it to be an economic drain to the country3He also states that the real aim of terrorism is to create fear psychosis and that it is an attack to the morale of the people He stresses on increased costs of enhanced security which a nation has to go through as a result of these actsI also loved the great nuggets of information and historical wartime anecdotes cited in this book If you are interested in security strategy this book is for you Go for it

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    Words are not enuf to summarize the importance of this book A great insight and literally an eye opener at some places Yes this nation may be deteriorating piece by piece because of the intricacies it faces If diversity is our strength then ironically it could be a weakness too People can be brokenseparatedclassifieddivided on the basis of language religion socioeconomic parameters etc At last it is the people of this nation that will determine how to use it diversity as a potent tool in crisis After all it is the group effort that really matters

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    Too disappointing for my expectation It doesn’t cite proper examples of army situations and dilemmas not even anecdotes of the men in action The book is a collection of “insightful essays” so don’t expect anything in detail The author just puts out vague ideas which a morally sound person already knows and adheres to For a first hand experience read the section from archives of the newspaper and then buy if it intrigues you

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    The book offers deep interesting insights into the problems of the world at large and how they affect India It is an easy book to read and draws the reader into the subject by offering uniue perspectivesI loved the way the author finished each essay Breathtaking and chilling at the same time

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    A good collection of the author's essays which originally appeared in a weekly column in The Mint While all essays make for interesting reading some particularly stand out for their insight particularly on terrorism and organized crime

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    A compilation of thought proving essays on defense and internal security strategy Appealing and highly recommended for all indian and international readers

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