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The Messy Baker Since when did every cookie on the plate have to be just like the next Or each layer of cake exactly the same height Each piecrust an impeccable work of art and encircled by stunningly perfect pastry leaves To the uninitiated all that fastidious spotless baking is intimidating not to mention exhausting The Messy Baker celebrates baking as it happens in the real world—sweet messy fun not always gorgeous but a way to show love Which doesn't make it any less delicious; to the contrary Charmian Christie's flavor combinations rise far above the ordinary Why have a raspberry galette when you can enjoy a raspberry rhubarb galette with drippy unctuous walnut frangipane Or how about a Brie and walnut whiskey tart It's all yours without the rigid perfectionism or complicated instructions of other gourmet cookbooksChristie's warm irreverent voice brings the fun back into baking at a time when home cooks—pulled from pillar to post by jobs and errands—need to have fun The Messy Baker is a full service book that not only guides the reader through simple delicious recipes but is also there to help out when things go wrong For anyone who gave in frustration when that cake collapsed or the frosting smeared Christie's practical advice is here to rescue even the worst disaster and inspire the baker to try the next recipe

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The Messy Baker she shares recipes reviews tips and tales of culinary woe Eager to include everyone and waste nothing she creates delicious approachable recipes reuiring standard kitchen euipment Her first cookbook The Messy Baker More than 75 Delicious Recipes from a Real Kitchen was named on of the top cookbooks for 2014 by Canadian Living Her new cookbook The 3 Ingredient Baking Book 101 Simple Sweet Stress Free Recipes was named one of the Best Dessert books for 2019 by Forbes She lives in Ontario Canada in a drafty stone cottage with an unruly garden her husband and two exceptionally sheddy cats

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    4 messy stars This cookbook is designed in a supercute way But I wouldn’t use this as a how to bake book There are a few pages that teach you how to make phyllo and crust And a few pages that say essential euipment I love that each recipe is one page The last thing you want to do when messy baking is swipe a bookbook or turn a page the chapters are amazing as far as titles go like drippy and smudgy My wish is that each recipe had a title because many of these I have never made and have no clue what its supposed to look atnor do I get that “I must bake this look how yummy it looks” vibe However what puts this above a normal baking book is that nothing is overly complicated And I cant wait to make the chipotle brownies I’m making those tonight but instead of using water ill be using red wine

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    AMAZING BOOK my kitchen is messy and this book works well within it really well Martha Stewart I am notThis is my go to recipe book it is full of great recipes and those MUSHROOM CREPES are to die for I have made them on my own and ate them as is And the raspberry butter tarts are so yummy

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    Full Review on The Candid CoverThe Messy Baker is a cookbook that is sure to delight both the novice cook and the experienced chef This book includes useful tips within its uirky and colourful pages The recipes contained within are simple and classic which makes this an instant go to family cookbookOne of the biggest draws for me when opening a recipe book is its layout and design The photographs in The Messy Baker are absolutely gorgeous leaving one to drool over the many deliciously depicted treats Also the sections are divided into different styles of food as opposed to main dishes desserts and sides For example foods that are crumbly smudgy and drippy are sectioned into different groups giving this book a real sense of fun and whimsyI absolutely adore the multitude of tips and cooking techniues that Charmian Christie has included in The Messy Baker There is a detailed introduction and basic tips at the beginning of the book and a very comprehensive appendix that includes all kinds of tricks and conversions I am certain that I will be referring back to these tips for years to comeMany of the recipes in The Messy Baker are simple and use ingredients that are typically on hand in many kitchens I loved assembling the Boozy Chocolate Torte Chewy Crystallized Ginger Cookies and the Either Way Marinara Sauce Each recipe was detailed effortless and tastyI would highly recommend The Messy Baker to anyone looking for a beautiful whimsical cookbook that includes recipes that are simple to make This is going to be one book that is going to fill many stockings in my house this year

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    After a sweet introduction properly a dedication to her mother Charmain Christie opens The Messy Baker with 'The Messy Manifesto' and proclaims Never trust a person with a clean kitchen The Messy Baker is cookbook for the enthusiastic home baker with a mix of over 75 sweet and savoury recipes Full page photograph's complement the appealing design though not every recipe is featuredThe first chapter 'Basics' suggests 'Can't do without items' Nice to have items and 'I'm a baker and I've earned it items' before listing Essential ingredients that every baker should have on hand their uses tips for prep where applicable and proper storage of said ingredients And if you are still feeling a little lost the Appendix includes a glossary a measurement conversion chart and a list of emergency ingredient substitutionsChristie then begins with recipes for puff shortcrust and Pate Sucree pastry as well as tips for working with phyllo pasty The recipes are sorted into seven chapters categorised by textureFlaky recipes include Morrocan Lamb Parcels Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Scented Palmiers and Cherry and Lemon Macaroon Meringues Crumbly treats include Stuffed Tomato Arugula and Cilantro Focaccia Savoury Pecan and Cheddar Bites and Deep Dark Cherry and Chipotle Brownies The Dippable recipes are for dunking in coffee tea milk soups or sauces and include Rosemary and Black Olive Grissini and Espresso and Hazelnut Biscotti If you prefer foods that drip or ooze their filling then the Smoky Mushroom Crepes or Boozy Chocolate Torte shown on the book's cover found under Sloppy might appeal The Peppery Pear and Smoked Gouda Dutch Baby and Burnt Caramel and Sea Salt Sticky Buns are two recipes found under Smudgy Gritty sweet and savoury recipes include Many Seed Lavash Bread and Citrus topped Poppy Seed Bars Drippy recipes include temptations such as Lime Cilantro Dipping Sauce Boozy Brown Sugar Whipped Cream and Chocolate Anything SauceI liked the tone of this cookbook Christie's notes are encouraging her tips are useful and of course there is no expectation of perfection though there is an art to pulling off the 'messy' look What it does lack is an index and Christie's timing 'Commitment' approach is a little eccentricYou can get a feel for Charmain Christie's approach to baking on her blog themessybakercom

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    The Messy Baker is a cook book that's right up my alley Don't get me wrong There are some days and events where I want my baked goods to be flawless so that I can impress people or prove myself such as when the in laws are involved But most of the time I just want delicious sugary treats in my face hole It doesn't matter if the cookies are exactly two inches wide or if the top ombre cake layer is the exact perfect shade of lavender This book celebrates those who focus on one thing deliciousness There are over 75 recipes included in this cookbook and each section is divided by adjective That's right adjective Whether you're in the mood for something dippy flaky or crumbly there's a chapter for you I think this is a really cute and surprisingly effective way of divvying up the bookThe instructions are really easy to follow and understand so new bakers don't be afraid to pick this book up I also adored the photography that was included in this book It all looked so damn appetizing that I wanted to bake all of the things immediately There's a decent amount of pictures included which are really important to me when it comes to cookbooks I like knowing what the end result is at least kind of supposed to look like This book also includes both savory and sweet baked goods so even those without a sweet tooth will find something to loveI pretty much want to bake everything in The Messy Baker but a few of the ones that I'm most eager to test out for myself include Deep Dark Cherry Chipotle Brownies Raspberry Stuffed French Toast Cherry Lemon Macaroon Meringues and far too many others to list In short this is a book that I will definitely be purchasing for my kitchen Everything looks delicious and doable and worth a messy kitchen Thanks so much to Rodale Books and Netgalley for my copy of The Messy Baker This review can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose

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    This is a lovely cookbook with rich and interesting takes on everything from breads crusts brownies cookies to scones and biscuits There's so much in this book to try your hand at that the biggest problem for me with this book was deciding where to start The first part of the book lists and describes the basic utensils and ingredients that a well stocked kitchen should have and their uses After the basics are covered the fun begins with a variety of recipes and well done photographs of dishes One of the things that I found useful in this cookbook are the tips and storage instructions for properly holding the left overs That handy tidbit is not often found in cookbooks and I really appreciated that feature Another uniue feature of this cookbook is the way that it is categorized The recipes are divided by texture and features The sections are Pastry Flaky Crumbly Dippable Sloppy Smudgy Gritty and Drippy It's different but it works well With interesting and adaptable recipes this will be a cookbook that I refer to again and again when looking for inspiration and reprieve from the same old recipes that I tend to fall back on I received a copy in exchange for an honest review via Rodale IncNetgalleyYou can find at The Blissful Platehttptheblissfulplateblogspotcom

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    This book is great just for the title Though my wife has gotten me to clean up after I am done it is not to say that when I am in the process that my kitchen is not clean Its starts and finishes that way but not while I am cooking Like the author says be aware of a kitchen that is clean when they are cooking Who do you create? How do you come up with new ideas or ingredients she gives the push to try new combinations and new creations She also goes over what items you should have in your kitchen before you get started But she wants you to try new ideas and new recipes and change old recipes to new ingredients I thought the pictures were great and just the overall idea of the book was a great idea Years back my wife and I spent almost two years mixing ingredients that we had from her grandmother’s bread pudding This is no regular bread pudding capirotada Mexican bread pudding Made traditionally But through testing and work and after two years the family said she got it just like Nannie my was happy and we still make it But if we didn’t want to make a mess or make the time to experiment with a recipe that was not handed down this is what you need to do So have fun my daughter loves making homemade cookies and lasagna for example We also get messy but I now clean up so my wife does not have to worry A fantastic book I got this from net galley

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    So you can never trust someone with a clean kitchen then you can trust me well at least when I bake or cook the rest of the time it's uite clean but when I start baking or cooking all bets are off I felt the title The Messy Baker was redundant isn’t baking inherently messy as well as time consuming? However the book itself was neat clean and efficient Delectable and healthy recipes succulent suggestions full of great advice as to how best well just about anything Baking can be daunting for some I’ve sometimes felt intimidated because I tend to cook without measuring and well you just can’t do that with baking generally Charmian Christie is straightforward in trying to introduce or coax some back to the art of baking it’s better when you’re prepared This isn’t aspiration baking you know where you think I’d like to do that butinstead you look at images and recipes of roasted butternut suash and sage tart basil and aged cheddar scones blueberry lime cornmeal muffins sticky buns pizza chocolate anything sauce my new Fall fashion statement salted caramel sauce and you’re ready to whip out your whisk and say let the baking odds be ever in your favour because no one is going hungry after these baking games Now about this alleged ‘No Fail’ pastry how soon can it be ready?

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    First off I loved the name of this book My mom would always get mad when i would make a mess in the kitchen but the bigger the mess the tastier the treats I really enjoyed how the chapters were labeled it went along with the messy baker concept and the recipes in each section fit the chapter perfectly Also the wording was very simple and made it so anyone could follow along whether you are a chef or someone who just loves bakingI did have a few problems with the book though I was not a fan of how the recipes were organized in the chapters For example there would be multiple sweet recipes then a random savory i would recommend bunching the savory recipes together and then the sweet Also and i am sure my location has something to do with this i wasn't all that excited about some of the flavor combinations Like i said I'm sure it is a regional thing but if i showed up to a church pig pickin' down here in the South with some of this tuff I would get some nasty looks from people I am of a simple flavor and simple combinations fan not a bunch of crazy stuff put together I am sure they taste great they just aren't for me

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    I am a messy baker So I really wanted to see what this was all about and I was thrilled when I received a copy from the publisher I didn't find any recipes that really spoke to me but I still really enjoyed it I thought it was a really cute idea to divide the recipes into chapters based on how they make their mess For example flaky crumbly drippy I haven't seen that before in a cookbook and it was a great ideaThe pictures all looked rustic and like maybe the mess really was made while the author was baking some of the recipes in the book There were a lot of helpful hints in The Basics chapter and even on some of the recipes I loved the chart at the end for substitutions that's really helpful The author is so passionate about baking and it comes through in her writing and that made me like this so much

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