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Ghanta College From copying to bunking lectures making friends to making girlfriends college life is filled with uestions that dont have textbook answers Until now for the first time in India comes a non pakao book that gives students straight answers to nervous uestions From the author of Kissing Ass The Art of Office Politics comes Ghanta College The Art of Topping College the ultimate college guide as you go from nervous fresher to confident graduate with true college stories from celebrities and gyan in the form of Professors Tips Toppers Secrets and Nerds Warnings if theres any book you even pretend to read during college make it Ghanta College Hehehok so I read this book 2 years after I was through with graduationI was missing my college days this one helluva chilled out book unlike most other books gave me the reuired tonicI complete d it in just 2 days trust It made me really go through the golden years of my life till now has very aptly covered almost all aspects of the carefree days in a very feelgood Frank styleI loved ita hilaruous readNeed books like these from authorsStill can't get over laughing recalling memoriesGgod job Clyde This book feels like a long funny YouTube video about types of situations you may find yourself in or types of people you find there I finished this book within 2 days which is a huge deal for me Don't think that you are actually going to learn something valuable from it it's just an illustration of how a mental image we create of college before going to college or what our relatives and friends tell us about college By Clyde D’Souza Grade AClyde D’Souza went to St Andrew’s College Mumbai He has worked in TV print and digital Clyde has produced TV shows written scripts created annoying caller tunes and bastardized content for clients He has kissed ass at media companies like JAM MTV and 9X Media He believes that in the near future he will be able to directly transfer his books into your mind rendering this whole reading thing redundant He is also the author of Kissing Ass The Art of Office Politics He lives in Mumbai and is currently stuck in trafficAlong with the amusing instructions and adventures that would form a part of your ‘to be life’ the book also features some anecdotes from guest writers who share their own mishaps and hazards‘The ‘Intro’ is like Harry Potter’s sorting hat where the freshers are sorted into categoriesSenior Fuchcha IntroFresher Sir I’m name I’m from Modern school BarakhambaSenior Good Stand to my rightSenior Fuchcha IntroFresher DPSSenior Good Stand to my rightSenior Fuchcha IntroFresher Sir I’m Rajiv Lakshman from DTEA Government School’Senior Go behind the basketball court People are waiting for you thereBehind the basketball court lurks an ungodly band of anti social elements Social outcasts the ‘goondas’ We’re delivered to them for a different kind of ragging which involves beating stripping and other ‘ice breaking’ events”This can be said to be a step by step guide on how to ‘survive’ college life This book has it all From your first day at college where you would be ragged various kinds included to perfecting that dating techniue to hostel life – this mirth provoking ‘ensemble’ is a must read Clearly depicted are the various stages of college life with the use of tables and illustrations how to dress how you would look while cheating or while you are drunk and finally when you become a smelly druggie The author goes one step extra and illustartes the different kinds of ‘namoonas’ that you would come across and even your timetable It’s the suspend your grey cells for these two hours kind of book Pure fluff which you know you shouldn’t indulge in but oh what the hell Sinning is a healthy sign The comic portrayal of the numerous episodes that you would come across in college are truly laughable and would make sure that you don’t get scared but pass on easy peasy as to what would happen next in this horror called ‘college life’It isn’t going to contribute anything to your life except for a few hours of pure unadulterated fun but then that’s all that matters doesn’t it?Originally reviewed at Vaultofbookscom a close knit community of fanatical readers We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews Shoot us a mail at contactvaultofbookscom

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Ghanta College
  • Clyde Dsouza
  • English
  • 07 December 2015
  • 9788184003765

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