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A Short History of Congress Chamchagiri Compelling incisive and wonderfully readable Whether writing about politics or culture whether profiling individuals or analyzing a social trend Ramachandra Guha displays a masterly touch confirming his standing as India’s most admired historian and public intellectual

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    To me this might be the smallest bookessay of Ramachandra Guha I would ever read In this essay he wrote on how the Chamchagiri or a culture of sycophancy has started and is prevailing in the Grand Old Party of India Definitely a bold take on congress and Ramachandra Guha calls a spade a spade in the book In his 4 part essay Guhaji shows us how Nehru tried to be as democratic as possible and how he kept the family and dynasty politics at bayHe then goes on to show as to how due to the misguided zeal of some one else Indira came to power and how she changed the things ones for all He gives good insights into what both her sons were doing and the way they entered politics and how their kids too are now in the political map of India Slowly but certainly we witness how the children and grand children of Nehru ended up being the first family of India As you read you would appreciate the flow Then he also speaks about the influence this family had on the other political parties of India on how almost every party except the BJP and Communists fell prey to this cult of person and family worship He gives nice examples to substantiating this and shows us how Nehru’s fight against the deep seated feudal hierarchical tendencies of the Indian society is being diluted by almost all the political parties of India Ramachandra Guha then speaks about one possible incident that could have thwarted all this He makes us remember one point in history which could have changed all this and how India was unlucky at that point of time What was it ? read the book The book also has references to some very old news stories and one nice satirical piece on one of the well known readers of India All in on a very nice and uick read I finished it with in 30 mins Do read it and you would thank me for recommending it

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    A good insight on how the congress party and Indira Gandhi in particular gave rise to the culture of dynastic politics in IndiaGuha has tried to clear Nehru of any blame and his suspected role in the rise of Dynastic Politics in India

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