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Battles Half Won In this lively collection of essays Ashutosh Varshney analyses the deepening of Indian democracy since 1947 and the challenges this has created The overview traces the forging and consolidation of India’s improbable democracyOther essays examine themes ranging from Hindu nationalism caste politics and ethnic conflict to the north–south economic divergence and politics of economic reformsThe book offers original insights on several key uestions how federalism has handled linguistic diversity thus far and why governance and regional underdevelopment will drive the formation of new states now; how coalition making induces ideological moderation in the politics of the BJP; how the political empowerment of the Dalits has not ensured their economic transformation; how the social revolution in the south led to its overtaking the north; and how the 1991 economic reforms succeeded because they affected elite not mass politicsLucid and erudite Battles Half Won brilliantly portrays the successes and failures of India’s experience in a new comparative perspective enriching our understanding of the idea of democracy

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    Brilliantly argued and most incisive analysis presented on the polity of India There are a plenty of places where the author's arguments leave you affected with patriotism and goosebumps Next to Ramachandra Guha's 'India after Gandhi' Sunil Khilnani's 'Idea of India' this is the best book to understand and appreciate the evolution of India as a democracy A full blown review soon

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    Very insightful perspectives on the idea of Indian nationalism the success and failure of India's federal project and the expanding social cleavages of an evolving continent like polity That India has survived as a robust political experiment and continues to grow and thrive despite its poverty and deeply hierarchical social structures is a product of its unwavering commitment to democracy even if it does not always result in perfect outcomes Politics matters everybody knows that but true to his scholarly credentials Varshney backs up his argument with numerous incisive findings based on data and anecdotes that have come to define India's post independence history

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    Lots of refreshing insights on the working of Indian democracy and federalism Ashutosh Varshney is mandatory reading to understand the Indian political system better

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    A mixture of mind numbingly boring econ chapters and rather fascinating chapters on castes and differences around IndiaA lot of the conclusions seem dated now that Modi and the BJP are doing a lot of things that seemed unthinkable or unlikely when these essays were published I'd be curious to hear Varshney's thoughts on the state of India today as we embark on Modi's second term

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    I've learnt deep insights on our Nation's journey since Independence

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    A lot of this is a rehash of things Varshney has written elsewhere I found the chapters on the trade offs between economic performance and democracy rather boring However there are some good chapters on the differences in caste political dynamics between north and south India the lack of Dalit entrepreneurship and the political economy of the reforms pursued under Rao and Vajpayee

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    Excellent read especially on the eve of India's most monumental electionsSharp crisp arguments Intellectually sound and backed by adeuate data Balanced perspective gives fresh ideas

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