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    5 Amazing StarsGeez I was way out of my element reading this I can't stress enough how much I loved this The story takes place in London Two damaged boys results of both of their hateful fathers are sent to a school called Farrington Hall It's there that they share a dormitory with about 30 other boys The things that go on there it killed me I was just beside myself through this story and if it were possible to get hold of the Mr Drysdales or the Alastair Farrows of the world I would definitely do time The name of these troubled boys are Will English and Luke Crawford This story goes from Present to Flashbacks and I think it was done perfectly but then hell what do I know? I'm not a pro What these boys have become in present day are men who have tried to move on with their lives keeping the awful memories hidden deep but Will is silently tormented by the memories everyday and has never been open about it with anyone including his wife of 20 years The emotional damage inflicted upon him growing up influenced his want of children he simply didn't want and his wife Harmony was clear on that yet she does end up pregnant but then loses it Then when a secret is revealed by Will to his wifeMaybe a wee bit? So not cool babeThis is when the story takes off and begins going off the rails one car at a time and by the end of the book a train wreck Kind of cliché? Of course but there is no better way to describe itimage error

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    Publication Date 1st May 2014 from Cutting Edge PressThank you to the author and publisher for the review copyScars We all carry them Some are mere scratches Others run deeperAt a school rife with bullying Will and his best friend Luke are involved in a horrific incident that results in Luke leavingTwenty five years later their paths cross again and memories of Will’s painful childhood come flooding back to haunt him His wife Harmony who is struggling after a miscarriage that has hit her hard wishes Will would open up about his experiences But while Will withdraws further she finds herself drawn to the charismatic stranger from her husbands past and soon all three are caught in a tangled web of guilt desire betrayalOh what a tangled web we weaveand this was a beautifully evocative character driven tale of those things which haunt us and shape who we are With some intensely drawn and authentic characters to lead the way this was dark addictive reading of the best kindThis is one of those stories where you get SO involved in the lives of the people within its pages that they become very real to you You want to comfort them shout at them turn them back from the brinkand you live through every single moment with them I loved Harmony loyal yet torn between want need and love I felt deeply for Luke and was endlessly annoyed at Willthe next reader will see it all differently no doubt and therein lies the beauty of the writingThe story ebbs and flows in a compelling way – as a look at the psychological effects of bullying it is realistic and emotional The things that happen to us in childhood resonate on and when that experience is as harsh and often violent as bullying can be there can be long term damage that isnt always easy to see This comes across extremely well here – again because of the characters who truly tell the taleDark themes here handled with intelligence and compassion I thought this was terrific Highly RecommendedHappy Reading Folks

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    Things are never uite as they seem on the outside That's certainly true of Will and Harmony's marriage They appear to be rock solid Married for twenty years and so in love both have careers that they enjoy they love their uirky flat they have many friends But this is a story about scars and their marriage bears a huge scar Harmony lost their unborn child a few months ago and she is hurting Will has always been clear that he doesn't want to be a father and when Harmony decides that she'd like to try for another baby the old wounds beneath Will's scars open up and he discloses a secret that could potentially rip their world apartAs Harmony deals with Will's disclosure she finds herself drawn towards Luke; an old friend from Will's schooldays Will and Luke have matching visible scars across the palm of their hands and created when they decided that they were blood brothers and would never let each other down It is clear though as the story progresses that Luke has invisible scars too He and Will are not comfortable in each other's company there are secrets in their past that have never been discussed and Luke intends to make someone pay for the way that his life turned outAmanda Jennings's writing is broody and dark there is an underlying tension throughout this novel that is just waiting to explode Will and Harmony are well formed characters they both have issues; Will can't bear to talk about his schooldays or his late Father Harmony struggles to cope with the loss of those that she has loved; her Father her Mother and her unborn childLuke is obsessive He sets his sights on Harmony and is not prepared to give up until he has got what he wants Obsessions tormentors bullying and scars; both hidden and visible these are the themes that run through The Judas Scar and as the story twists and turns to the shocking conclusion the reader is swept along by the wonderfully descriptive writing The Judas Scar is one of those novels that you need to keep reading just one page because the instant that you put it down you'll be thinking of it and when you finish it you'll be wondering about it for uite a whileTense tightly plotted with characters that are by no means perfect and in some cases just twisted I was totally transfixed by the story an excellent read from a talented author

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    Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review'The Judas Scar' is the second novel by Ms Jennings but it's the first book by her I had the opportunity to check out I really try hard to have a blank slate state of mind when I start reading a book as well as not have any expectations especially if I haven't read anything by that author However I've been hearing so so many great comments about 'The Judas Scar' I simply couldn't wait to find out what's the reason for the buzz And yes I had high expectations but as high as they were I didn't expect to love this book so so much So as you see the buzz is sometimes right and in the case of 'The Judas Scar' I totally approve of itThe story follows Will and Harmony who're married but experience slight troubles in their marriage ever since they lost their baby They have always been a couple people look up to solid marriage lots of love for each other even not having a baby was something they agreed on years back However after realizing she's pregnant Harmony couldn't be happier while Will is having second thoughts but doesn't feel strong enough to confront his wife about how this unborn child is making him feel But after losing the baby Harmony is feeling down though she's still trying to be the rock Will relies on But she isn't the strong Harmony any while Will experiences some other emotions besides grief But their lives become even complicated when Luke Will's friend from boarding school shows up bringing up some memories and secrets Will has been trying hard to bury Secrets lies love lust this book has it all There are so many aspects Ms Jennings covered in this book Loyalty and trust between partners and friends the hurt and anger of feeling betrayed the sadness of living a life without feeling the love of parents The story is too complex and would take me a lot of time to analyze every aspect of it It's also a thought provoking novel one that will make you think about your own life marriage friendships The novel took off to a slow start and I must say I wasn't impressed with Harmony at the beginning She seemed too perfect as a character and very unrealistic However once Luke was introduced to the scene the real action began and things started developing in a direction I didn't expect them to go I saw the characters Will Luke and Harmony transform in front of my eyes showing they are not what I thought they were at the beginning Sometimes life situations especially what we've been through in our childhood define us and for some those very childhood memories are a burden they carry for all their lives We all have scars every person we've met has had an impact on us Each of us has had a Judas in their lives those that haven't you should consider yourself lucky But it's not the scars that make us who we are but the ways we try to heal them and move on Either we forgive or we turn into bitter full of anger people Same happens to the characters in this book The book explores so many serious topics one of them being bullying and the way sometimes people close their eyes in front of it It's getting epidemic proportions in some countries and it's taking its toll every day with hundreds and hundreds children every day damaging them physically or mentally Maybe bullying was always a problem each society through history had to face but seems lately it's taking bigger proportions and loads of different forms It's a problem we all need to work on and try our hardest to stop it Nothing is fragile than a child and as grown ups we need to work on persevering the innocence and well being of the youngestAs you see there are a LOT of topics these book covers and a lot of things it will make you think about Even days after finishing it I can't take this book off my mind Fantastic psychological thriller revealing the darkest sides of a human psyche I can only imagine how hard it was for Ms Jennings to write such a book especially since she's passionate about the subjects as she reveals at the end of the book Must have been cathartic even and I applaud to her for delivering this book in such a realistic way for creating such diverse and memorable characters and for keeping me guessing till the very last page I honestly feared the slow pace and the number of characters involved in the story too little for my liking would stop me from thoroughly enjoying this book However this is truly a gripping atmospheric read that will get so many emotions out of you I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone especially fans of family dramamysterypsychological thrillers Prepare yourself for one hell of a journey

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    I was offered a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review or not She did warn me it was a bit dark but who doesn't like a bit dark?The story centres around Will and Harmony a couple on the surface at least very much in love but each in different ways struggling to come to terms with a miscarriage This appears to be the catalyst for a string of events that cause their life to implode Then enter Luke an enigmatic stranger that Harmony meets at a party at this point it's very obvious there's trouble to come but nothing prepared me for how deep that trouble had and would run Amanda displays the hurt and childhood scars that have shaped Will and Luke in particular Thus highlighting how our childhood provides the foundations for us to grow into adults Not everyone has a solid safe loving and caring upbringing Some have a shakier start and it is past events that eventually cause the foundations of this triangle to crumblePublic schooling and bullying all to often sadly go hand in hand and this story tackles this issue head on Amanda spares no punches and during the course of this book we bear witness to some strong emotions bitterness hate revenge and hurt go hand in hand with self loathing guilt and remorse Above all this story highlights how events in our childhood if not dealt with follow us into adulthood and can have a huge impact upon the adults we becomeI read this book in one sitting it really was compulsive reading based on the subject matter I'm not sure what that says about me or Amanda really I formed opinions about what and why things were happening but nothing prepared me for the strong emotions that were so at odds Two totally different sets of emotions were evoked in me I didn't always like them as adults and felt anger and hate towards them yet as children I just wanted to cry for them sit holding and protecting them feeling love and pity I highly recommend this book it is compulsive reading so be prepared once you've read the first page you won't put it down until you've read the last It left me thinking of many cliches 'what goes around comes around' being one of them Trust and loyalty when lost can have catastrophic conseuences in any relationship When I finished the book I did feel numb I had to 'hide under the duvet' whilst I analysed my feelings and emotions a book that stays with you long after the final page is a joy to find

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    Originally posted on had heart great things about this book so when I won a signed copy on Sophie's blog Reviewed the Book check it out it's a great blog I was over the moon And now that I have read it even It is definitely one of the best books I have read this year The prologue took my breath away and from that moment I was totally hooked to its pages discovering bit by bit Will and Harmony's storyWill and Harmony are in a difficult moment after agreeing on not having children Harmony fell pregnant and felt somehow complete with a joy inside her like nothing before so when she suffers a miscarriage her world falls apart and Will with still troubled by demons of the past is not there to give her the support she needs Now add Luke to this cocktail charming determined even obsessive He comes from Will's buried past and is not afraid of unveil it and take Will's present from him Through these characters Amanda Jennings handles serious topics like bullying and abuse in a very sensitive way but without avoiding the darkness that always surrounds them There are some twists and revealed secrets that make you wonder where some humans have lost their humanity One thing for sure this book awakens strong emotions in oneself You won't be left indifferentAnd what an ending Once I finished I felt numb Like I had so many thoughts and feelings and my brain wasn't able to process them uestions kept popping into my mind and little bits of the book kept coming back to me I am sure this book is going to stay with me for a long while Plus I reccommend that you read the author's notes because Amanda explains where she came up with this idea and it just reminds you that this might be a work of fiction but it's not far from the truth of this world The Judas Scar is a must read and I can't wait to read from Amanda

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    Judas Scar by Amanda JenningsEntering into their marriage Will and Harmony agreed they would not have children Life is not according to plans and so when she finds herself pregnant she is surprised by the realization that she really wants this child When she miscarried she was devastated but Will was not and it leaves her hurt and confused At her best friend Emma’s 40th birthday party she encounters an enigmatic stranger who she only later discovers is Will’s childhood friend from boarding school Will had so much hidden deep down and through Luke Harmony discovers just what happened to Will during his childhood that made him so closed off The Judas Scar is a story examines what secrets can do when allowed to fester The pace builds uite slowly at the start but about halfway through it really picks up and the emotion of the first half takes on a darker and far intense twist in the second It becomes a race to the end to discover what is really going on with Luke and what really took place when he and Will were at school together IMO a must read for every parent and child Excellent

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    I was lucky enough to read a proof copy of this book and I devoured it in no time at all I was a big fan of Sworn Secret so this had big shoes to fill but it absolutely rose to the challenge and excelled What a fantastic readAmanda brilliantly interweaves different strands of story which gets you wondering which way things are going from early on and just HAVINGNEEDINGWANTING to read one chapter and one and one The characters are really recognisable and the story really packs a punch with tension excitement and highs and lows of emotion Don't even think about reading this if you don't have any time as it will take over your life until you've finished it but DO read it it's so good I can recommend it enough

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    2 starsTwo men Luke and Will meet up after decades of not seeing each other They were close childhood friends 'blood brothers' in fact and met at boarding school where they each had a difficult time for different reasons and carry the scars to prove it Will has suppressed his past and kept it from his wife and the arrival of Luke is effectively the ghost of boarding school past catching up Without revealing spoilers it is in essence a story of love loss betrayal and revenge A fairly dark tale with only moments of light Not my usual read if I have one Cursed with a writer's eye I have my personal reasons for the rating but I'm sure that many will enjoy this book It is a decent story but it wasn't for me

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    Great read You got to know the characters twice how they appeared on the surface to everyone else and then as the story unfolded you got to find out what they were like underneath What had driven them to become the person they now was Very thought provoking

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The Judas Scar Will and Harmony's seemingly idyllic marriage is left shattered after she loses a baby she didn't realise she wanted While at a friend's party she raises the subject of trying again and Will s reaction leaves her hurt and confused Removing herself from the crowd she encounters an enigmatic stranger whose advances she rejects only to later discover that the handsome man is Will's childhood friend from boarding school Luke When Will struggling to confront the culture of bullying that marred his childhood reveals a secret too painful for her to bear Harmony is left caught between the husband she loves and the promises made by an obsessive stranger