Death of Innocence The Story of the Hate Crime That

Death of Innocence The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America There are many heroes of the civil rights movement—men and women we can look to for inspiration Each has a uniue story a path that led to a role as leader or activist Death of Innocence is the heartbreaking and ultimately inspiring story of one such hero Mamie Till Mobley the mother of Emmett Till—an innocent fourteen year old African American boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and who paid for it with his life His outraged mother’s actions galvanized the civil rights movement leaving an indelible mark on American racial consciousness Mamie Carthan was an ordinary African American woman growing up in 1930s Chicago living under the strong steady influence of her mother’s care She fell in love with and married Louis Till and while the marriage didn’t last they did have a beautiful baby boy Emmett In August 1955 Emmett was visiting family in Mississippi when he was kidnapped from his bed in the middle of the night by two white men and brutally murdered His crime allegedly whistling at a white woman in a convenience store His mother began her career of activism when she insisted on an open casket viewing of her son’s gruesomely disfigured body More than a hundred thousand people attended the service The trial of J W Milam and Roy Bryant accused of kidnapping and murdering Emmett the two were eventually acuitted of the crime was considered the first full scale media event of the civil rights movement What followed altered the course of this country’s history and it was all set in motion by the sheer will determination and courage of Mamie Till Mobley—a woman who would pull herself back from the brink of suicide to become a teacher and inspire hundreds of black children throughout the countryMamie Till Mobley who died in 2003 just as she completed this memoir has honored us with her full testimony “I focused on my son while I considered this book The result is in your hands I am experienced but not cynical I am hopeful that we all can be better than we are I’ve been brokenhearted but I still maintain an oversized capacity for love” Death of Innocence is an essential document in the annals of American civil rights history and a painful yet beautiful account of a mother’s ability to transform tragedy into boundless courage and hope From the Hardcover edition Not the shock and awe memoir you might think it will be this is tactfully an homage to Emmett Till and Mamie's mother wrapped up in Mamie's autobiography She gives details of horrific events and just enough insight into the trial to make you want to read the reporters' published accounts At some points rambling but Mamie's philosphies and knack for storytelling are addictive and you find yourself pushing through the slow parts Very uplifting and her Christlike response to such abuse is edifying The reuisite stuff Would I recommend this book? Definitely yes I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in writings about the civil rights movement the forces that caused the 1960s period of mass movements demonstrations the fight for civil human rights in the south I would also recommend it to anyone interested in conditions in the South during this time periodit is an eye opener A very good book; it is the story told by the mother of Emmett Till the 15 year old boy from Chicago who goes to visit relatives in Mississippi and comes home in a coffin The death of Emmett Till pretty much captured the world's attention calling attention to the plight of African Americans in the white supremacist South This is the story of Emmett Till himself his mother and her pursuit of truth justiceIn August of 1955 Emmett Till went down to visit his uncle Moses other relatives He was just an average boy from Chicago; raised by his mom and grandmother he was a nice helpful boy who never had any problems except for a speech impediment Never involved with the law never said an unkind word and was genuinely liked by everyone with whom he came into contact He begged his mom to let him go to Mississippi that summer and she let him go The next time she saw him he had arrived home on the City of New Orleans the train in a coffin sealed with orders not to be opened But Mamie had to know what had happened to her boy so had the coffin opened and collapsed when she waw Emmett's remains It seems that Emmett had been out with his cousins they made the fatal mistake of going to a local store in Money Mississippi where he bought bubble gum and talked to the owner's wife This led directly to his unfortunate and uncalled for death; but while Emmett's death caused an outrage for many there were still those who saw it as justifiable homicideThe book is basically told in two parts The first part consists of Mamie's life and her life with Emmett so that the reader gets to know both mother and son Part one takes you to the death of Emmett Till Part two is about Mamie her involvement in trying to get justice not just for her son but for African Americans in the south in general who were victims of civilhuman rights abuses by white supremacists segregationists Told in a very no nonsense yet not strident tone Death of Innocence is a wonderful book and one that should not be missed I highly recommend it The way I looked at it discrimination was somebody else's problem That's all Bo would know In time he would also know whites children in school even adults he would do business with We made sure he would never be self conscious around them He would not see the signs or the attitudes behind the facades For him they would not exist There would come a time though when that strength would make him vulnerable Mamie Till Mobley's only child Emmett Louis Till was murdered by white racists in Mississippi on this day August 28 in 1955 This is her insightful story of being black of being a woman of having a sheltered childhood and a difficult birthing and impossible husbands The legendary Emmett Till becomes so much than a historical figure in the hands of his mother and a living breathing boy steps from the pages The horrors that he and his mother endured also spring to life so beware this can be a tough read at times It's worth it though to stick with it until the end Till Mobley's spirit and soul are beautiful We could all take a page from her book Borrowed from the library and I'm glad that I did This was a strong woman to show the world her pain and to tell the story of losing her only child Emmett Till to kidnapping and murder by the 'good ole boys' of the deep South in Money MS That event stirred the nation to act and as a conseuence pushed forward several civil rights laws for social legal and political changes Ms Mamie found contentment in going back to college receiving her BA and MA to teaching young people and guiding them to a better way of thinking living life and loving on one another Superb I would recommend others to expose themselves to a mother's love by reading this book Definitely a five rating

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Death of Innocence The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America
  • Mamie Till-Mobley
  • English
  • 22 November 2015
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