Mirror City Epub Ú Mirror City Epub /

  • Hardcover
  • 408 pages
  • Mirror City
  • Chitrita Banerji
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9780670086962

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Mirror City Set against the tumultuous background of Bangladesh Liberation War, Chitrita Banerji clearly depicts the society which was on a trembling edge The novel is also very much about the journey of self exploration of a woman who is torn apart between being free and chained both at the same time.The novel also probes into the layers and intricacies of human relations.Mirror city is the perfect expression of people and societies that are superficially close and yet irreconcilably distant as well as the expression of desires that produces an illusion of connection while being thousand miles apart. It is 1973 A newly independent Bangladesh is collapsing under the weight of impending famine, unemployment and political corruption In the midst of this upheaval, Uma, a Bengali from Calcutta, moves to Dhaka with her husband Iqbal As the young woman learns to make the new city her home, she faces upheavals of her own Iqbal is a changed man their mixed marriage raises too many eyebrows and the charged atmosphere in Dhaka makes it impossible to trust anyone Uma has never felt so utterly alone in her life, until she finds herself unexpectedly falling in love.Mirror City brilliantly captures the turbulent early days of Bangladesh, the slow breakdown of a marriage, and a woman s search to find herself Nuanced, atmospheric and full of drama, this is an utterly compelling novel. The tentative steps of Bangladesh to carve out its own identity, the alliances, occasional prosperity and eventual dissolution are mirrored in the protagonist s journey from the crumbling of her inter religious marriage and banishment from her homeland to the love she finds outside Yet it becomes hard to sympathize with the protagonist While one s own troubles always seem humongous compared to other s there is an element of selfishness in this story especially when compared to the depth of the tragedy that has wrapped the nation, at the point of this story s telling. Very poignant love story which deals with situations and people without being judgemental a woman s perspective where she undergoes lots of emotional turmoils and upheavals and a man who lets fear for his and her safety ruin the love they have for each other she has been very kind to all the characters , even the wily Nasreen..who betrays her has not been maligned at all wonderful story and very lovely narration, it seeps in side the souls like a fragrance..never to leave it again Banerji s first novel proved for me that she is a great writer in fiction or nonfiction and someone to be followed She knows the Bengalis culture East and West, India and Bangladesh, and introduces the reader to the lives and personalities of a group of friends who are impacted by their times in post revolutionary Bangladesh Political intrigue, friendship, inter faith marriage, infidelity and are explored in this want to keep reading tale Easy and quick read Pours out the heart of a woman torn between various issues that life brings about. Easy Read Wouldn t spend time in this