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Tatalog TATAlog Log English Record keeping device Log Hindi PeopleFrom steel to beverages and from supercomputers to automobiles, TATA companies have broken new ground and set new standards of excellence over the past two decades TATAlog presents eight riveting and hitherto untold stories about the strategic and operational challenges that TATA companies have faced, and the forward thinking and determination that have raised the brand to new heights.Among the engaging and inspiring stories told here are those of Tata Indica, the first completely Indian car that succeeded in the face of widespread cynicism the jewellery brand Tanishq that has transformed one of India s largest industries and Tata Finance, which underwent several tribulations yet demonstrated the principles which Tata stands for.Written by a TATA insider, TATAlog reveals the DNA of every TATA enterprise a combination of the virtues of being pioneering, purposive, principled and not perfect , along with tremendous human effort. Fascinating insight into the TATA Way Harish is a master storyteller and he has important lessons to give Engrossing read. It s not a brilliant book but for a Tata group lover, it s a memorable book to have in one s collection Harish has had a long career with the Tata group and writes a pretty decent book for a non writer, chronicling notable achievements of the Tata Group But it s not necessarily a business book as it touches on topics such as SCIP Empowering Women , the Deming Award for Tata Steel, the Tata Group s first large global acquisition Tetley , Tanishq s growth and other such tales. Fantastic book You certainly have to consider that the achievements of the TATA group are being narrated by an insider and hence might be seen through pink glasses However, even then the progress and contributions TATA has made are certainly true facts and examples in this book certainly present the principles that made this company not just survive but thrive since its founding Great inside Suitably written for a swift reading A book for the fan of the Tata Companies The book is about the key successes of the Tata Companies in the recent past.The topics are 1 Success of Indica A car conceptualized and designed in India2 CSR by Tata Chemicals in Okhamandal A complete community has benefited from this initiative.3 Openness of handling crisis at Tata Finance The handling of the situation where the Tata group went out of the way to ensure that no investor lost out because of fraud done by the key management personnel at Tata Finance.4 The success of Tanishq The first corporate to succeed in Jewellery business5 Setup of Second Careers An opportunity for women who have opted out of the corporate world to manage children, to come back and restart their career.6 The creation of EKA the super computer for India.7 The take over of Tetley an international giant by a much smaller Indian company.8 Tata Steel winning the Deming award for quality control.The stress is on the ethics that are core to these success.While it is true that the Tata Group of Companies are ethical than many of the other corporate houses, the sheen is wearing off The present avatar of the companies are aggressive an it is probably only a matter of time before companies are exposed as Tata Finance was These companies are no longer as compassionate as they used to be in the past, thanks partly to the share holder pressure for profits and growth and thanks partly to the influence cut throat competition from the other corporate houses.When the trend is to use any tactic to earn and show profits and growth it is difficult for any one corporate to maintain ethics and honest and continue to show a similar growth and profit as a aggressive corporate When growth and profit is in focus many other aspects like employee satisfaction, environmental concerns, and ethical practices get thrown to the wind.One only hopes that the rot is stemmed and the Tata group of companies once again become as ethical and compassionate as they used to be in the past even if they do not show as much growth and profitability as the rest of the companies in the same field.A decent read.

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