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    Very inspirational book..

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On a Prayer A touching story of love,faith and redemptionTwenty two year old Yash Birla wakes up atthe break of dawn to a phone call that changeshis life a plane with his parents and sister hasjust crashed in Bangalore Leaving his college inNorth Carolina on a flight to Mumbai, Yash findsout that they have all passed away Everythinghe has known is destroyed and his world issuddenly torn apartReeling from the loss, Yash is handed over a vastempire of companies that he is now at the helm of,where he has to fight for his rights and manoeuvrethrough relatives who have their own agendasThis is the story of a man who overcomes oneof life s toughest hurdles and lives to tell the taleIt is Yash Birla s journey from a state of oblivionto survival, where his deep belief in spiritualityand his faith in true love act as a crutch for himto go on Money, greed, God and an inside viewof one of India s oldest industrial familiesat is the story of On a Prayer