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Gifted While the rest of the world has taken great strides in mainstreaming the differently abled into the larger contours of their society life continues to be an uphill struggle for the differently abled in India They continue to be burdened with their handicapped status and live a life on the fringes largely forgotten by a society which is galloping ahead at a fast pace Born different from the rest of us they have been put in a position of disadvantage in a world where being normal is at such a premiumWritten by the bestselling author of Legacy and Leading Ladies Sudha Menon and the MD of SAP Labs India V R Ferose Gifted celebrates the journeys of these very Indians who are neither CEOs nor part of any influential power clubs but special in their own way These are stories that can inspire even the most abled among usAbout the AuthorSudha Menon is the author of two bestselling nonfiction books Leading Ladies Women Who Inspire India and Legacy a compilation of letters from inspirational Indian men and women to their daughters She is a former newspaper journalist and is currently a columnist Sudha is the founder of Get Writing a writing workshop that she set up to help people kick start their writing journey and is founder of Writing In the Park an initiative to get people to explore their creativity while writing in public parks and gardens Sudha is a TEDx speaker and often speaks at educational institutions and corporate campuses about womens leadership and diversity issues Meeting the people she interviewed and wrote about in Gifted made her realize the immense potential and promise that each of us carry within us Some of us manage to tap that well deep within us to bring out our best while some go through life without the faintest idea of who we can really be Having met the people in Gifted she is determined to live her life to the fullest just as they doV R Ferose is Senior Vice President and Head of Globalization Service for SAP AG and former Managing Director of SAP Labs India Deeply sensitive to the uneual world in which we live Ferose founded the India Inclusion Summit a uniue platform that focuses on the need for inclusion in our lives He is a Director on the Board of Specialist People Foundation a not for profit foundation with the goal to create one million jobs globally for people with autism and is on the panel of The Vision Group on Information Technology Government of Karnataka He is also co founder of the Karnataka chapter of Global Shapers which works to create leadership among the youth For his professional accomplishments commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world Ferose was honored as a Young Global Leader in March 2012 by the World Economic Forum In a study published by the Economic Times and Spencer Stuart Ferose was selected as one of the leaders in Indians Top 40 under 40 2014 This study is considered to be Indias most authentic leadership study and it lists 40 extraordinary business leaders under the age of 40

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    Because it's not the nazar but nazariyaa A book dat will definitely change the way u look at disabled and d way u look at life Deeply inspiring Hats off to their courage n will power Really 'sky is the limit' After reading it u will never complaint about anything in ur lye instead u will b grateful for all d blessings u have in lifey 3 3

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    Worth inspiring

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    An amazing and inspiring book Makes you see yourself in a different light altogether Must read

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    This book was published in India and wasn't available for a while in the US but it's now available through KindleGifted is a book everyone should read to fully comprehend the human condition and to be aware of others who are 'differently abled' This book is so moving I read some of the stories to my children so they too could feel the power and inspiration from these amazing individuals Expect tears and goosebumps as you read about these Gifted peopleFor stories like this you can check out the India Inclusion Summit website This is a yearly summit that fosters diversity and inclusion in the society

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    Truly inspiring Our against all odd these super heros made it to the top The book is a compilation of real life struggles of persons with disabilities who made it to the top in their field with only their determination Many did not have family support and many did not have financial support but their determination was inspiring My personal favourites are the stories of Mr Suresh Advani and Ms Aisha Chaudhary

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    When I released my book 'Because Life is a Gift' someone told me a week ago he had read a similar book 'Gifted' A big coincidence for me aroused my curiosity The subject is very very close to my heart and so are the stories Wonderful book which I would recommend to all And if you are touched by these inspiring stories and cannot get enough of it do also read 'Because Life is a Gift'

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    Gifted’ is a lesson to the society of living together in humility and care and making the most of what we have instead of cribbing about what we don’tTo read the full review click here

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    My Book Review

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