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Breach Fiction The Andersons are a hardtack sort, built from gravel and loam and the echoes of Brigham Young s voice shot out from the canyons But the sermons do not land clearly Instead we watch as Karin vacillates between intellectual and pioneer woman, Latter day Saint and woman veering toward outer darkness She marries and starts a family With her husband growing and distant, even perversely hostile, they tumble together, wits against arms, for a better foothold at the base of the Wasatch Range This was an amazing read for me The language is beautiful and the vignettes were painfully timely in their reflection of my own experiences It was also a voyeuristic guilty pleasure to step inside the mind and life of my college mentor I have met most of the characters in the book and was embarrassed at how torn I felt about peering into their world I felt like a teenaged boy in a co ed dressing room, simultaneously desperate fordetail but convinced that I should look away. I loved this bookbut I m biased, I know the author She was my college mentor and an incredible person.

  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • Breach
  • Karin Anderson
  • 02 June 2017
  • 0988687224

About the Author: Karin Anderson

After a magical Utah childhood horses, mountains, apple trees , Karin Anderson still managed to overcomplicate her adult relationship to home roots Utahn to the worrisome core, she came of age in the season of Cold War, Watergate, Ted Bundy, Gary Gil, the Sagebrush Rebellion, and organized community resistance to the Equal Rights Amendment.Currently, Karin Anderson resides in Salt Lake City, the place her grown children call home even while they scatter toward their own futures She takes the commuter train to the time warp of her original home valley to teach English at Utah Valley University Writing Before Us Like a Land of Dreams was a deliberate, possibly reverential, mapping of the stratified landscapes of cultural memory.

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