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Just the Way You Are Love happens when you least expect itSameer is a Steve Jobs fan a consultant at an investment bank and a confused soul looking for love As he moves cities to study and work he falls in and out of lovebut fails to find the one person who belongs with him In comes Shagun whom he marries But he leaves the very next day for Switzerlandto start a dream Job In the meantime Shagun starts reading his diary What does she find in thereWill this spell the end of their marriage With Sameer not around to defend himselfwhat is the future of their relationshipJust the Way You Are is a humorous heart warming story about one man’s uest for true love If there is anything I really liked in the book then it has to be the narrative the author has managed to bring out the confusions of a youth very well The varied thoughts on marriage career love relationships parents friends everything is so well narrated that there comes a point where you are nodding your head in approval with the authorRead the whole review here “ Think that the arrow has already hit its target You only need to see it happening” NOTE A review copy of the book was provided in exchange for an honest review I thank the author and the publisher for the copy 🌟🌟🌟 1235 Stars Just the Way You Areby Sanjeev Ranjan is a humourous heart wrenching love story about Shagun and SameerAlthough 95% of the novel focuses on Sameer it still manages to keep the attention of the reader As an Indian Young Adult contemporary novel it manages to touch upon a lot of very valid events that are happening and need to be addressed today It is a short uick read of about 200 pages and it was a delight On the night of their wedding Sameer gets a job offer to go to Switzerland This job has been his dream but due to shortage of staffmaybe urgency of work he is supposed to join as soon as possible It hasn’t even been 24 hours into their wedding and he already has to leave everything and go abroad for work Shagun on the other hand is shown as an understanding docile simple woman who understands his dreams and encourages him to go While packing for his trip Shagun comes across his diary It is from here that the novel picks up its tempo The diary takes us through heartbreaks and the utter loneliness with some absolutely hilarious moments that Sameer had felt before meeting Shagun Even though I wanted from Shagun and not through Sameer but her own point of view she was still a very like able character Sameer had a major transformation through the novel and doing that in less than 250 pages is great art and reuires talent Sameer starts as a stuck up obsessed with following the dating norm sort of guy That guy did not appeal to me like at all However through the course of the journey that we take with Sameer we see him mature into a man who is proud of his family his friends and his relationships“You know how the Bihar Government works”More than the characters I liked how Sanjeev Rajan uses tropes to talk about important things – he touches on politics in Bihar unemployment and the need for jobs the work ethic in most good companies which is just deteriorating he talks about marriage and the amount of money that one wastes Mother –son relationship is analysed in a beautiful way and so are places like the orphanage the rituals relating to arranged marriages in India and so on The only slight issue that I had with the novel was one lack of a female voice And second the young Sameer was too harsh on women and saw every girl with the same lens The bits about make up made me uncomfortable because make up is a choice that women make for their own self It has absolutely nothing to do with impressing guys or wooing them Although Apart from this it was a funnyperfect light summer read Overall I would definitely recommend this Samidha I admit I was drawn to Just the Way You Are because of it's cover I mean look at it Its adorable screaming contemporary and young and fun And that is the reason I picked it up when I got the opportunity to read and review Just the Way You Are While the book may not be brilliant it does carry a simple and sweet message to just be yourselfJust the Way You Are is the story of Sameer It starts off with Sameer on his wedding day After years of searching Sameer has finally found the love of his life Shagun and is marrying her But unfortunately he has to leave right the next day away from her for a job opportunity he cannot miss Then begins the real story where Shagun stumbles upon his diary and starts reading itI really liked how we got to know first hand how Sameer's mind worked because of the diary He was a hard working guy who did get influenced but always had the right intentions at heart Like any and everyone of us Sameer is also searching for love and the disappointment he faces in his love life was shown really wellWe also do get to see how Sameer finally meets Shagun unexpectedly and falls in love with her But I would have liked it if that part was expanded I also wanted a bit of what was happening in the present with Sameer and Shagun But we definitely get to see immense growth in Sameer's character since the beginning to the end of the bookSanjeev Ranjan's writing is really simple which makes for the book to be a fast read I liked how the family dynamics were shown Sameer was a guy whose thoughts and concerns were easy to relate to in this world where the first thing we notice is physical appearance Overall I liked Just the Way You AreNote A copy of this book was provided by the Random House India in exchange for an honest review We thank themFind of my reviews at The Readdicts The scenes between Sameer and Shagun are written beautifully Narration is smooth and creates nice imagery But sadly lack of interesting incidents and 'what comes next factor' make the story plainOverall for me it was an average read and I am a little disappointed If you like light fiction you may grab it in your free time or it can be your nice companion when travellingRead the full review here

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Just the Way You Are
  • Sanjeev Ranjan
  • English
  • 11 August 2016

About the Author: Sanjeev Ranjan

Sanjeev Ranjan is the bestselling author of In Course of True Love2012 and It's No Longer A Dream 2014 An ardent lover of western classic and instrumental music he enjoys reading He has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and relationshipsJust The Way You Are is his third novel published by Random House India Currently he resides in New Delhi

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