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Chick Flicks Contemporary Women at the Movies From An Affair to Remember to Legally Blonde chick flicks have long been both championed and vilified by women and men scholars and popular audiences Like other forms of chick culture which the editors define as a group of mostly American and British popular culture media forms focused primarily on twenty to thirtysomething middle class and freuently college educated women chick flicks have been accused of reinscribing traditional attitudes and reactionary roles for women On the other hand they have been embraced as pleasurable and potentially liberating entertainments assisting women in negotiating the challenges of contemporary lifeA companion to the successful anthology Chick Lit The New Woman's Fiction this edited volume consists of 11 original essays prefaced by an introduction situating chick flicks within the larger context of chick culture as well as women's cinema The essays consider chick flicks from a variety of angles touching on issues of film history female sexuality heterosexual and homosexual femininity female friendship age race ethnicity class consumerism spectatorship pleasure and gender definition An afterword by feminist film theorist Karen Hollinger considers the chick flick's transformation from the woman's films of the '40s to the friendship films of the '80s and those of the return to the classics trend of the '90s while highlighting the value of the volume's contributions to contemporary debates and sketching possibilities for further study This book was uite interesting I especially liked the essays on the older bird chick flick the babe scientist and the warrior woman Overall it seemed as though the main uestions were whether women were accurately portrayed and whether the portrayal is helpful or harmful I am mostly a consumer of unrealistic media like superhero films so whether women are accurately portrayed doesn't really matter to me However it was uite interesting to read about how these female characters do or don't fit into the traditional patriarchal views of women In particular the woman warrior has an especially unclear role and in most cases ironically enough does not threaten masculine authority as her ultimate femininity is usually portrayed as her weakness and often her downfall I was also intrigued by the older bird flick in which an older woman will have a sexual or progressive awakening but finds her happily ever after within the confines of a traditional family role I hadn't noticed the trope of middle aged sexuality being the direct cause of all conflict in many of these movies but once it was pointed out it was incredibly obvious This seems both trite and unfair and also is probably a way to reduce the threat of knowledgeable and capable women Some of the essays were less interesting to me but overall this was a thought provoking read I would be interested to learn about any progression in these ideas in particular related to newer slapstick like or gross out comedies like bridesmaids This book has been sitting on my bookshelf since 2008 I initially acuired it as a secondary research source for my senior thesis in college on rom coms I had read some of the essays at the time but always intended to return and finish the book at a later dateLike all collections of essays by different writers the readability and interest level varies dramatically from author to author so I the three star rating in this case is intended to convey that variability Overall I enjoyed the book It was surprisingly nice to dive back into serious feminist film analysis It makes me want to dig up a feminist analysis of the Avengers movies I enjoyed this book's categories I feel like it really covered a lot of different ground My favorite pieces were on Chica flicks Go Fish older women and Southern movies I think it did a good job reading too much into symbolism It would've gotten a four with the action and sci fi movie and maybe the second chapter edited out

  • Paperback
  • 259 pages
  • Chick Flicks Contemporary Women at the Movies
  • Suzanne Ferriss
  • English
  • 17 April 2016
  • 9780415962568

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