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The Intentional Brain Neuropsychiatry has a distinguished history yet its ideals and principles fell out of fashion in the early twentieth century as neurology and psychiatry diverged into separate disciplines Later neuropsychiatry reemerged as the two disciplines moved closer again accelerated by advances in neuroanatomy neurochemistry and drugs that alter the functioning of the central nervous system But as neuropsychiatrist Michael R Trimble explains in The Intentional Brain the new neuropsychiatry has its own identity and is than simply a borderland between two disparate clinical disciplinesLooking at neuropsychiatry in the context of major cultural and artistic achievements Trimble explores changing views of the human brain and its relation to behavior and cognition over 2500 years of Western civilization Beginning with the early Greek physicians and moving through the Middle Ages the Enlightenment the romantic era the World Wars and up to the present day he explores understandings about the brain's integral role in determining movement motivation and mood Persuasively arguing that storytelling forms the backbone of human culture and individuality Trimble describes the dawn and development of artistic creativity and traces the conflicts between differing philosophical views of our world and our position in itA sweeping history of the branch of medicine concerned with both psychic and organic aspects of mental disorder the book reveals what scientists have learned about movement and emotion by studying people with such diseases as epilepsy syphilis hysteria psychosis movement disorders and melancholia The Intentional Brain is a marvelous and interdisciplinary look at the clinical interface between the mind and the brain