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Yaraana Gay Writing from India An exploration of gay identity in South AsiaFrom Ashok Row Kavi's autobiographical piece on growing up gay in Bombay to Vikram Seth's brilliantly etched account of a homosexual relationship in The Golden Gate the stories poems plays and prose extracts in this collection cover a range of literary styles themes and sensibilities Mahesh Dattani's play Night ueen is significant as one of the first serious attempts at dramatizing homosexuality on the Indian stage; the poems by R Raj Rao included here are part of a series that formed the basis for the Bollywood film Bomgay; and the poetry of Dinyar Godrej Adil Jussawalla and Sultan Padamsee is searing in its intensityApart from the pieces written originally in English there are works translated from Hindi Marathi Gujarati and other Indian languages which speak of the agony and the joy of being a man in love with other men Extracts from the work of well known writers including Bhupen Khakkar Kamleshwar and Vishnu Khandekar provide a rare insight into the lives of homosexual men in India s small towns and villages An extract from Shyam Selvadurai's Funny Boy details an account of growing up gay in war torn Sri Lanka while KC Ajay an illiterate taxi driver gives us an alternate glimpse of love and friendship in Nepal Pieces such as these along with the poetry of Agha Shahid Ali and Iftikhar Naseem expand the scope of this collection to include writers from South AsiaWith wit passion and courage these writings bring to the fore the true meaning of yaraana or male friendship and bonding an often ignored facet of South Asian life and sexuality

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    An anthology with diverse range of stories from every walk of life Most of the writers are from the Indian subcontinent as are the settings of the stories I wouldn't say I liked all the pieces in this anthology but some of the stories and poems are deep and evocative Some are merely rambling discursive and some others incoherent My interest in this book stemmed from the fact that this is a collection of gay writing and this alone caused me to enjoy each of the pieces in this book

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    Contemporary stories about homosexual relationships it felt good reading it after Chocolate And Other Writings on Male male Desire was refreshing

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