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Nine Book Three NONE CAN CHANGE THE PAST BUT THE FUTURE IS ANYBODY’S GAME 271 BCOn the one side is the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka growing from strength to strength On the other end is the highly trained spy Vassa a KalinganAshoka and his army are moving towards Kalinga and it is predicted that nothing can stop it from annihilating the Kalingans THE BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL HAS JUST BEGUNVassa needs to move uickly if he wants to change the destiny of his people His mission is to hit at the very source of this powerful kingdom – the virtually indestructible NINE Can he go beyond all that is mortal and achieve the impossible Gripping and unrelenting NINE; The Rise of the Kaligan will hold you spell bound A thrilling account of a soul's uest for revenge during the time of King Ashoka The writer has very brilliantly connected the elements of the number nine with the legend of the navratnas of Ashoka the greatThe soul in discussion here is the same Kalingan warrior Vasa whose story has been told in the earlier two parts of the trilogy The book is speedy and managed to keep me hooked throughout I deducted a star just because it got a bit too dramatic towards the end Title Nine Rise of the Kalingan Book 3Author Shobha NihalaniLength 327 pagesPublisher Penguin IndiaGenre Historical fiction FantasyMy rating 25SummaryThis is the third and final installment in the Nine Trilogy This book is the preuel to the earlier books and based on the life of Kalingan warrior who was the antagonist in the previous two booksMy takeSince this was a trilogy marathon undertaken by me I had to pick this book Inspite of repeated warnings from fellow readers on how disastrous this series is I agree with the fellow readers on their reviews who have read this book and warned me too I took 10 whole days to finish this book which I could complete in 2 days had the book been intriguingThe antagonist of the previous 2 books becomes the protagonist in this book and the Mauryans are depicted as antagonists The book has lots of super natural elements which is simply unfathomable Lots of chapters could have easily been edited out as they have no connection to the story at allCharacterisation is poor and you cannot relate to any of the characters Some reactions of the characters just don’t make any sense based on their past actions The book has suddenly become a fantasical tale with hybrids and spiritual powers I hardly give a book less than 3 stars as I do find something good or worth cherishing in a book but unfortunately not in this oneI admit I didn’t enjoy this book a bit and mechanically read and somehow managed to finish this book n series It’s astonishing as to how promising the first book seemed and how underwhelming and disastrous the remaining 2 books wereI would not recommend this book to anybody who wishes to read a sensible trilogy That Shobha Nihalani can weave magic in this genre is a fact known to many readers but what she does with Nine 3 The Rise of the Kalingan is purely astonishingThe authoress takes us back to where it all started giving us the background story to THE story which concluded in the second part of the trilogy The preuel talks about the Kalingan spirit Vassa and how he came to be the rage fuelled warrior that he was There is always something or the other happening and never a moment of boredom in this book I was kept wondering before taking up this book on what possibly could the author write in the preuel but the delivery of the story in this book makes it my most liked book of this trilogyIn both the earlier parts Vassa was the antagonist in his spirit form In this part Vassa becomes the protagonist and justifiably so because the set story then justifies his rage Aided by his brother Tipu Vassa sets out to learn the mysterious forces that grant emperor Asoka his power before the latter can plunder the former's land It is pretty exciting to read about history in such a manner Nine 3 is a well researched and a well put together book This book is the seuel to the earlier two parts in the Nine trilogy When I got this a couple of months back almost I wasn't aware of it It took me a while to take this up because of the huge reading backlog that I had created for myself and when I did take up reading this I regretted why didn't I do it earlier?Nine 3 is a lot better than the earlier two novels in the trilogy The writing is simpler and concise and the narrative kept me hooked throughout The book tends to pick up too much pace in the last fifty pages or so almost as if the author is dying to finish it That was the only thing that put me off otherwise the characters are relatable and the plot amazing I would actually suggest reading this book before the earlier two as this is the preuel and can set the pace rolling for the other two books in the series Recommend this book to fans of thrillers and fantasy

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  • 10 May 2016

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