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How to Be a Bawse A Guide to Conuering Life Rating 45My admiration for Lilly is represented accurately by the water that gushes out of the doorsI have loved and looked up to Lilly Singh since I was fifteen years old To see someone that looked like me conuering YouTube—an industry which prominently featured white men—made me believe that anything was possible She is called Superwoman for a reason duh Lilly inspired and continues to inspire me and millions of people around the globe with her sense of humor kindness and #GirlLove So it just proved how well my friends know me when they gifted this book to me on my birthday this year Unlike a boss who is defined as such only within the workplace a Bawse is someone who excels in both personal and professional settingsHow to Be a Bawse is a motivational book detailing the fifty rules that Lilly believes will help people conuer life and live it to the fullest Success comes in different forms and hardwork is the key to every one of them—there are no shortcuts; no escalators Only stairs Lilly talks about her own experience climbing up the rungs of a ladder in Hollywood and the challenging decisions she had to make in order to lead a Bawse life She offers advice and tips to help you become productive and avoid distractions She has chapters dedicated to different real life aspects that I realised I am plagued with almost every other day Let go of FOMO Exercise self control Don't overthink Not everyone hates you to name a few Lilly suffered from depression in her late teenage early twenties She started to make YouTube videos as a way to combat said depression She thought if she could make people laugh maybe she could be happy At the end of every section in the book two pages are dedicated to Out of the Blue—the first page highlights a part of her life when she was depressed and the second page highlights her life post depression in direct contrast providing motivation to everyone who has battled or is battling mental illness that things can and do get better Apart from the content what I absolutely loved about this book were the pictures of Lilly associated with every chapter and the feel of this book as a whole It made me happy just holding the book in my hand It is heavy for a book that's just over 300 pages and is extremely colorful making it really appealing to the eyes Having said that few chapters didn't entirely speak to me Being an incredibly emotional person her chapter Have Few Emotions which talks about keeping your emotions in check when important work has to be done—basically bottling it up until the task has been finished—did make sense to me at first until it didn't I understand what she has tried to convey but it did not seem ideal to me Still I really loved this book Also this book was published in 2017 Lilly came out as bisexual in 2019 and got her own late night talk show the same year called A Little Late With Lilly Singh making her the only openly LGBT person and first person of Indian descent to host an American late night talk show That just goes to show how much Lilly has accomplished since then and after reading her book and realizing how hard she works I truly hope she gets enough time to write another one Punky enough to get to my reading list Not coherent enough to get a higher rating from me All the Youtube references soon got irritating if I want Youtube I won't be reading a book I'll switch to Youtube thank you All the graphics were a bit much too much Generally I prefer my books to be well rounded and substantial This book had a hell of a lot of promise and underdelivered in a drastic way The girl spends entirely too much time on internet and videos I do realise it's her work but it shows and not in a good way Initially I kicked myself for not checking the author's age thinking the author is not mature enough Z generation etc But then I checked the gal's profile and saw she's about 29 which in my opinion should have provided her with enough lifetime to learn how to be coherentI loved the book cover liked the unicorn references the photo with Malala and Rock uhhh also liked some 's pls see those below Disclaimer I am not a fan of any Youtube stars I don't even like Youtube and consider it a major waste of time I just liked the punky stype of the book and decided to give it a try We didn't click Too bad A Bawse is like a boss but so epic that I had to change the spelling Unlike a boss who is defined as such only within the workplace a Bawse is someone who excels in both personal and professional settings A Bawse exudes confidence turns heads gets hurt efficiently communicates effectively and hustles relentlessly c I’m not writing about mythical fairy tale stuff I’m telling you what has actually worked in my life the things that pulled me out of a place of deep depression into a life filled with the kind of success I couldn’t have ever imagined c Being a Bawse is hard work It reuires an unfathomable amount of dedication and hustle The following pages do not contain tricks uick tips or get rich uick schemes I’m not going to tell you about any shortcuts or good luck charms Instead I am going to make your work ethic sweat your mind expand your fear dissolve and your obstacles crumble c The giant spark I have in me doubles in size Welcome to the land of dreams c CHOOSE A FACEBOOK Twitter andor email password that is an affirmation or important reminder Think about it—you write this password several times a day so you might as well make it meaningful Even when you’re in a rush you’re giving your brain a subliminal message Some examples Workhardtoday or Staydetermined or Youdontneedaboyfriendbecauseyourecompletelyfinebyyourselfandifyoueverdoubtthatthenlistentosingleladies okay that last one might surpass the character limit c Please Read Notes Brand New International Softcover Edition Printed in black and white pages minor self wear on the cover or pages Sale restriction may be printed on the book but Book name contents and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition Fast delivery through DHLFedEx express THIS BOOK IS GOLD IT HELPS ME SO MUCH Just when I needed it the most reading this book is like having Lilly near you as a friend and a supporter to reassure you and guide you through your life I believe we all learn best from our own experience and this memoir a personal coach speaking from her own experience and the result is amazingThe writing? TOTALLY HONEST TO HER STYLE It’s funny witty and familiar She doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else speaking like Shakespeare or whatever She goes straight to the point and backs up her advice with her own examples and experienceIt’s like a voyage into yourself that you’ve been delaying for years because you didn’t know where to start Well you start with this book right here Lily reminds us that even though she reached stardom she was still an ordinary person like all of us She started from the bottom and people tend to forget that So her problems and tips are easy to relate to Dealing with your impulse with hatred and arrogant people how to not procrastinate and my favourite thing ever SHE MADE A LOT OF GAME OF THRONES REFERENCES D She usually uses the characters to describe how they also apply the behaviours and how they overcome it through a fun psychological analysisYou can read my full review here Book Blogger I read this on audiobook over the span of a few days just because it was good clean fun but it's gonna be something that I won't even remember the message of in 2 months Lilly's advice is genuine but nothing new Her messages also seem to be driven by the fact that she's succeeded so her if everyone just follows in her footsteps and does the things she does they'll be famous too But reading this sometimes felt like she was giving advice to 12 year olds trying to avoid drama rather than adults trying to achieve their goals I liked a lot of her stories so I think I would've enjoyed a memoir or book of essays better than a self help book because I think that part of the book shined better than her mediocre advice But still her audiobook was fun and I really love the work she does for women's rights and making wholesome content I thought this was cheesy annoying and overdone even BEFORE she made some ridiculous crack about millenials being entitled which is such a trite thing to say that ignores all social political and financial nuance that I am not even going to get into it I enjoyed her story about Selena Gomez and the importance of authenticity but of course she wasn't going to bring attention to all the ways Selena Gomez is highly problematic including her bullshit IndianTribal cultural association bullshit that pissed the Desi community off a while back Oh and the picture of her with Scooter Braun elicited a similar reaction he's the idiot that basically excuses everything Justin Bieber does no matter how heinous but of course he's a nice guy and they had such an authentic interaction and blah blah blahUnnuanced Annoying Cloying and desperate I eye rolled my way through this whole mess I gave it a star because the pictures are pretty Honestly read the name of each chapter maybe the occasional pull uote and you'll get the whole message of the book This is not rocket science; the vast majority of the text reads like filler I'm disgusted with myself for wasting my time on thisRead my full review here if you want I bought the book againFreaking loved this bookThis is so going to help me throughout my life specially through my weakest moments in the coming yearsThere are many self help books and celebrity memoirsautobiographical ones to deal with being out there in front of everyone exposing yourself to the public when your profession involves displaying your work or content through all kinds of social media but this one truly speaks to meYou really don't need to read the whole book to actually appreciate this one Just read the chapter titles and her pics This in all will give you the 'I CAN DO IT' vibes and make you actually at least think about itThere's nothing complicated about this read Anybody can just pick it up and read it if he or she wants to do something with his or her lifeOr just to change the way of thinking about ourselvesWellas is in our human nature to overthink and complicate things many books too complicate things and make us overthinkThis one trash it all and actually does make things easier and clearer and show life as it isKudos to Lilly SinghShe ain't perfect but she is humanly perfect Sometimes the too many glossy pictures did tend to hinder the read But I would still argue that it made the reading pretty entertaining and fun and I was always thinking like she should be like this on the cover too Most of the content follow a trend of telling her story in each chapter like as any other memoir but hers appears genuine and has been written with depth Then follows the things we can actually do and the things she actually diddoes It's like a journal in its truest sense It gives you that kind of vibes I would say it's really glossy like a glamour magazine or a coffee table book at times But everything clicked Everything seems to be balanced and not overdone As a content creator she's just full of positive energy and gives you the will to move on when nothing else works That's her charm Knowing her story has been a landmark in my life She's genuine and damn too awesome Unapologetic at its best This book will not teach you how to conuer life I could finish this book in one day because 1 I was apparently so desperate for any form of motivation that I resorted to an illustrated book filled with platitudes whose targeted audience seems to be teenagers who have way too much money to spare2 This book was like a series of 10 minute YouTube videos than a profound piece of literature I didn't learn anything I didn't already know from this book except for the fact that it wasn't written by a ghostwriter because I could hear her annoyingly perky voice in each sentence of the book I didn't expect it to be great but I had hoped and this is what probably made me impulsively pre order the book that she would talk about how she overcame her severe depression and turned into this major internet personality However she downplayed this a lot focusing on making badly placed and framed pop culture references to be #relatable and in doing so severely undermines her readers' intelligence or maybe not I guess I deserve the flak I'm getting for bothering to read this book Think of discomfort as currency it's the price you pay to learn some pretty crucial things Lilly Singh YouTuber Late night Talk show host and internet personality has just exploded onto the literary scene with her how to book Ever wonder how Lilly manages it all? How she got to the top? How she keeps herself going despite the incredibly high expectations and stress levels?Wonder no IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL PEOPLE THEN CONTROL YOUR REACTION TO THEM IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL A SITUATION THEN PREPARE FOR IT In this book Lilly dissects her life and talks about what it takes to make it and stay at the top Don't give up before you even try Overall I enjoyed this book far than I expected It was smart sassy and above all funI really enjoyed Lilly's tidbits of advice scattered throughout the book Words lie; actions can lie too Consistency speaks the truth And it was cool to get the behind the scenes look into her wild lifeI was really enjoyed her take on the transition between her normal life and her YouTube life and her pep talks throughout Nah you can do better than that Stop being wacksauce She focuses mainly on the successes she's achieved in the book She does speak briefly about her life before including her depression but after a couple of sentences about the lows However there was one thing that threw me out of the book The telling There were several moments where it was so bad that I'd disconnect from the book For example she did this thing in the book where she'd yo yo from a lonely moment deep into her depression to the highest of highs everyone applauding her coming out triumphant fanfareEmotional whiplash I think it was in part the lack of content and context I wanted to connect with her ie what was happening in your life? Why are you feeling so bad? What happened afterI suppose she doesn't owe the audience those deeply private moments but if you are comfortable enough to put it in your book I think you should be ok with actually explaining and providing context Without it ended up being a distraction ie rapid fire oh she's sad oh she's bragging about her success rather than enhancing the novel But other than that this was a really well done how to book and the tone and inflection from the audiobook was really truly perfectYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading In looking for reviews about this book I noticed most of the comments are by many of Lilly's passionate fans who admit to not having read the book yet If you want to hear an honest review about the content of the book continue reading belowOverall this was a uick and simple read Each of the 50 chapters are short and to the point maybe 5 pages each at most However I also thought this may have been one of the reasons I couldn't give the book a higher rating Singh offers a lot of great advice and mini pearls of wisdom but as soon as you start processing the lesson the chapter ends Before you know it the book is over and your head is swirling with just fragments of adviceIn the chapter Send the GPS Deep she states When it comes to understanding our behavior and why we do the things we do I believe each of us has a minimum of three layersthe bottom layer consists of the deeply rooted reasons we actually behave the way we do When Singh first announced her book I was excited to read it and support her because I have been a long time fan However I assumed the book was going to give us a deeper glimpse of who she is off camera aside from the unicorns skittles and T shirt references I hoped she was going to provide the reader insight into her third layer At times she did do this especially in the Out of The Blue concluding sections but other than that the book remained largely surface level I can assume this is because she deeply values her privacy and even alludes to that in the chapter Be Secretive But I can't help but feel that if she expanded on her advice over a few pages per chapter instead of sticking to the strict formula of opening metaphor real world example conclusion and was willing to be a bit vulnerable that the overall tone of the book would have felt substantive and personal However I do recognize that this is her first book and applaud her for keeping true to herself and her styleand just an FYI if you are considering buying the book I would definitely purchase the hardcover version instead of the ebook Every chapter begins with a wonderfully colorful picture and title page The ebook version hampers the reading experience in that sense because it just simply doesn't do the layout justice