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Countdown Countdown filmAlloCin Countdown est un film d horreur ralis par Justin Dec sortie lenovembreLes acteurs principaux sont Elisabeth Lail Quinn Harris et de Jordan Calloway Matt Monroe ainsi que deCountdown App dans l App Store Your countdown is waiting Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left Tag us in your countdowns using CountdownApp and CountdownMovie to be featured in the app The wait is over Experience COUNTDOWN on Digital HD NOW, Blu Ray DVD Countdown film,Wikipdia Countdown ou Application mortelle au Qubec est un film d horreur amricain ralis par Justin Dec, sorti enTraduction countdown franais Dictionnaire anglais Reverso the countdown to sth launch of spacecraft le compte rebours avant qch a countdown to a rocket launch event le compte rebours avant qch countdown English French Dictionary WordReference countdown n noun Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc backwards count compte rebours nm nom masculin s utilise avec les articles le, l devant une voyelle ou un h muet , un Ex garon nm On dira le garon ou un garon Le compte rebours du dcollage de la fuse est affich sur la base de lancement countdown n noun Refers to person, place, thingTrailer du film Countdown Countdown Bande annonce VFRegardez la bande annonce du film Countdown Countdown Bande annonce VF Countdown, un film de Justin Dec We'd been thrust together, neither of us had any choice in the matter, and we'd dealt with it the best we could Now it was over, and the moment we reached our destination I might never see him again This was the way it was supposed to be Even though I knew that, it still hurt like hell When reading the summary for this novel, I had high expectations From the moment I did, I knew that this book was going to be something that has never been written before, or even hinted at There have been many reviews noting that this is very similar to The Hunger Games Yes, they do have their similarities, but they both have their differences as well What's not to like about this racing beautiful book? A secret game where rich fatsacks (Gareth and Jonathan, haha) put two criminals together in a game of six levels? Yeah, that's just my type of book, and it will be yours, too So that's the basic plot of this book Kira and Rogan wake up in a cell, both attached to the wall They have no idea why they're there (except Rogan, who has a small hint) and they see two keys on the floor They decide to switch keys in front of them, and that's where the Countdown began They are in a game of survival, where there are six levels, and if they pass those six levels, then their criminal record is swept clean and they get to go to the Colony The Colony is a paradiselike city where everything is better After the Great Plague that killed sixty percent of the population, people went on with their lives and went on to rebuild their lives Then the Colony was formed and your only ticket in is if you're smart, having the right kind of money, or know the right kind of people And winning the Countdown can give Rogan and Kira this kind of paradise that the rest of the world dreams of They begin risking their lives and getting hurt throughout, but the main question is: Can they trust the people around them, including themselves? I'm lost for words From the first page in, I was addicted Michelle Rowen is such a brilliant author This is my first time reading one of her books and I know that I will readof them She creates such a beautiful world and the concept flows perfectly with everything else Everything about this book was just brilliant (Except the harsh things that Rogan and Kira went through, haha.) At first, I didn't know how to classify this book I had a strong feeling that it would become a fullcrazed thriller, and I'm glad it did I personally adore thrillers The feeling of my heart clenching when I'm afraid for the characters and afraid of what's going to happen is probably one of the best feelings in the world The adrenaline that Michelle Rowen created for me was just powerful But yes, this was a dystopia scifi thriller romance, with some fantasy introduced in between I absolutely adored this book I know I have come to love many books, but my love for this one is something different than most After reading, I got this feeling that made me want to reread it over and over again The action and whole story is so unforgettable, and I'm still in a bookhangover after it I feel like I'm caught in the world of Kira and Rogan, two amazing characters who weren't perfect They had their flaws, and that makes them even better in comparison Kira was the most sarcastic character I've ever read about I love sarcasm, and she was a character who totally had it from head to toe Although she was struggling with a little of depression and fear, she was a witty and hilarious character who knew how to act She wasn't afraid to be rude to the bad guys She wasn't afraid to love Rogan when the time came She was just calm and outstanding I loved reading from her POV Her voice is one to remember I had an instalove moment with Rogan I just loved him too much There was no instalove between him and Kira, which was absolutely perfect They took their time to make their relationship go to the next level (even if it was in a matter of days) and he was one of the cutest men I've read about in a while He's badass and sympathetic at the same time The plot was spectacular the whole time through It kept me going the whole time through and not once (NOT ONCE, WHOA) was I bored I just want to squeal every second when I think about this book My love for it is unreal *laughs* I was very pleased with the ending Although I was sad that this was completely over (it's a standalone!) it was beautiful Ahh! READ THIS BOOK You will end up: fangirling, squealing, and crying and yelling :) Seereviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you HarlequinTeen for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review Time's ticking.Isn't it always?Countdown promised a lot However it did not deliver as much I feel like I'm slowly falling into a reviewing slump (therefore sorry for my lame review) so I think this review will beeffective in point form And here we go1 The world building was narrow I truly value the amount of world building in dystopian novels; it's probably one of the most important elements in a dystopian novel Hence immediately, my view on Countdown began to worsen as I found it awfully hard to visualise Michelle Rowen's world I do believe this is a standalone which just strengthens my point in saying that Countdown neededof a back story, of how the society grew to what it is The lack of knowledge of the world I was reading about just made me feel detached from the characters and even agitated Like what other psi abilities were there? How did they come to exist? Why is there the divide of the rich and the poor? And so on and so forth.2 The characters were typical Kira, the main character was actually a decent one, not whiny and was quite fierce; she soon learns that she has psi abilities However the main problem was that I could not connect with her at all I'm not sure if it's just me as I don't seem to be connecting with anything of the late or the actual book Kira also doesn't have much consistency in her personality One minute she's all sceptical the next minute she doesn't have a care in the world Rogan was no better, he was actually worse Far worse Rogan: mysterious, humorous, 'good looking', badass, 'romantic Yeah no It's happened multiple of times and I am utterly fed up with character clichés.3 The romance was like a switch On and off On and off I believe you, I don't Make up your mind Kira! I do like the fact that there is the never ending theme of trust and faith in Countdown however taking it to the extremes in romance was a bad idea The romance wasn't necessarily instant but it was just as cheesy and inconsistent as ever.4 As original as paper I'd be shocked to ever come across someone who has never read The Hunger Games Countdown felt like a copy of The Hunger Games, just changing the names and setting and adding some psi ability there I am not a fan of comparing books but the similarities between these two was literally glaring at me.All in all, I wouldn't say that I'd recommend this to anyone While I loved the concept of The Game, the characters, originality, romance (which was a bit dominating) and world building was poorly executed. Low 3 stars, and only because this book was kind ofwell, fun It was completely brainless, eye candy for the mind If the blurb leads you to believe this is the Hunger Games remixed, jut go with it and you won't be disappointed There's a little bit of everything thrown in here: action, dystopia, romance, the plague, scary technology, and the ruins of civilization Because Rowen tried to do so much, the whole book feels rushed and thrown together, a jumble of ideas piled one on top of another Kira (this name sure has become trendy) and Rogan wake up in a cell, shackled together The last thing Kira remembers is stealing a new pair of shoes at the mall And now this? And then things get worse The Countdown begins: Kira and Rogan have to complete a series of challenges in order to advance to the next level of the Countdown And, as Kira learns, the whole thing is being broadcast on a super secret channel to super rich subscribers who have super cool implants in their brains allowing them to watch the chase and gore in the privacy of their own homes!Kira soon finds out that Rogan is a murderer (at least that's what she's told) She doesn't know whom to trust, doesn't know who's good and who's bad; she only knows she's drawn to Rogan and desperate to be done with the Countdown so she can win the ultimate prize: a trip to the Colony (a luxurious bubble city somewhere far, far away) If the world building here sounds vague, it's because it is We find out the world crumbled about 25 years before when the Great Plague hit What happened exactly, what kind of Plague and why, is never discussed There doesn't seem to be a government of any kind Kira mentions a great mall that is now in ruins, but the location of this mall isn't specified, and neither is the location of the Colony What's happening in the rest of the world is also not mentioned The Plague seems to have triggered genetic mutations in a select minority, causing these people to have psychic abilities Kira is one such person; she can feel others' feelings, see into their minds, read their thoughts While civilization is going to hell, technology has become all powerful There are floating digicams recording the Countdown race; robots who look and act just like humans; brain implants capable of streaming video and audio, etc Neither Kira nor Rogan are welldeveloped characters Kira is all hot and bad ass and a little schizophrenic; she jumps from trust to suspicion, from sensitive to bitchy, in a minute flat Rogan is the typical brooding bad boy hiding a tortured soul Of course, there's going to be romance between these two.Again, this is a stew with everything and the kitchensinking thrown in for flavor There are a lot of twist and turns, most of which are resolved too easily If Rowen doesn't know what to do with a character, she just kills them off yup, it's that easy!

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 293 pages
  • Countdown
  • Michelle Maddox
  • English
  • 26 August 2017
  • 9780505527554

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