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Warren Dragons 100 Friends WARREN DRAGON'S 100 FRIENDS chapter book about a modern day CALVIN AND HOBBES esue tale involving a dreamy boy his smarty pants twin sister and his vain dragon companion

  • Warren Dragons 100 Friends
  • Ariel Bernstein
  • 05 September 2016

About the Author: Ariel Bernstein

Ariel Bernstein is a picture book chapter book and short story writer Sometimes she also writes out grocery lists as long as they include the word marshmallows She lives in New Jersey with her family

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    Delightful children's chapter book series featuring a second grade boy his twin sister and his toy dragon who comes to life but only in his imagination Warren is rather clueless while Dragon is overly sure of himself making them a very humorous combinationIn this first title of the series Warren and his family move to a new town He bets his always right sister that he can make 100 new friends uicker than she can Though Ellie is a friend making machine Warren has no idea how to make a real life friend And Dragon's advice turns out to be not so useful But in the end it's uality not uantity that counts when it comes to friends

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    Warren Dragon 100 Friends by Ariel Bernstein 79 pages CHAPTER BOOK Viking Penguin 2018 15 Language G 0 swears; Mature Content G; Violence GBUYING ADVISORY EL K 3 — ESSENTIAL AUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGEWarren and his family are moving to a new house and Warren and his twin sister Ellie will start second grade in a new school Ellie is confident she can make new friends but Warren is a bit unsure Warren already has a best friend Dragon Dragon appears stuffed to some but is very real to Warren Ellie does indeed make friends easily and although it is not as easy for Warren he does find some great friends I read this aloud to my 1st and 3rd grader and they both enjoyed the story Warren is likable and relatable a nice kid that is honest about his weaknesses There is some humor that is not lost on young readers and it is fun for them to imagine what Dragon is like for Warren opposed to other characters The neighbor friend that Warren makes is a character of color that has two moms adding a nice touch of diversity to the cast of characters Jen Wecker HS English Teacherhttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20

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    This was a great early reader book with accessible layout font and illustrations to get kids talking I read one or two chapters a night with two of my sons This is a great book for kids to read if there is a new student joining the class or if a student is moving It lends itself to social emotional learning experiences And Dragon is uite a character — kind of like Warren’s id that must be kept in check at all times Overall a fun read that invites conversation

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    My 8 year old son really enjoyed being introduced to Warren and Dragon while eating lots of marshmallows of course

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    Very cute 5 yo nephew loved it

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    Kidliterati #partner I received a copy from the author Ariel Bernstein and Puffin Books in exchange for my honest reviewAll opinions my own Released 82818 After accepting a challenge from his sister to make the most new friends at their new school Warren discovers that there is way to making friends than he first anticipated Warren's interactions with Dragon are uite entertaining especially since Dragon had a uite high opinion of himself They got each other’s back and make a great pair I wish I had an insight into how they first metI loved how the story flowed and how it put you right there inside Warren's mind with the timely one line monologues Dragon's shenanigans and his reasoning got my daughter to chuckle often while we read the bookMy husband pointed out that Warren and Dragon has a Calvin and Hobbes vibe and I totally agree with him This is an excellent read aloud for parents and their little ones

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    Bernstein's humor and Malbrough's illustrations make this a fun read for chapter book hungry kids The author captures the secret thoughts behind some of the perplexing behavior of single digit age kids while the pictures show how incredibly vivid their imaginations can be The first of four books in a series so look out for coming soon If you love marshmallows the book will have a special place in your heart

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    Mrs Sue and her after school Shining Stars rate this book with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Aaron “I gave this book five stars because Dragon is funny and Warren Dragon Ellie and Michael all want to be famous” Chase “I gave this 5 ⭐️s because it is funny and I want to buy Warren books” Peter “It’s interesting and written by a good author”

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    I was surprised when I found this book for a young reader I know I read it to her and it was fun But the marshmallow eating stuffed dragon that Warren carries around in his backpack is annoying He helps Warren make new friends in his new school Even Warren's twin Ellie worries until Warren makes new friends in their new home and new school

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    My early chapter book readers are going to love Warren Dragon's 100 Friends They will relate to Warren and the problems he encounters like being a new student or having a sibling rivalry Dragon makes me laugh He is wonderfully silly Looking forward to the seuel

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