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My Sunset Marriage Everyone tumbles through these pages parent and prostitute lover and charlatan Jew and Turk madman and saint fornicator and abstainer the geisha and the devdasi as well as the Mumbai starlet Here’s God’s plenty Devoured by a voracious appetite spewed out as poems by a compulsive energy This is modernism with its pants down uncle Ezra lending arse at Wayside Inn Kala Ghoda Bombay; this is Bombay pretending to be Paris paan stained and all This is convent English giving Mumbai Marathi a well deserved kick in the pants; this is the Parsi ueen desperately mimicking Sultan Padamsee if not Jean Genet My Sunset Marriage represents the life of Hoshang Merchant told through the best poetry he has written over forty years selected and introduced by the poet Kazim Ali Hoshang Merchant b 1947 has authored twenty nine books of poetry literary commentary translations memoirs and anthologies including Yaraana Gay Writing from India 1999 and most recently Secret Writings of Hoshang Merchant 2016 In the mid 1980s Hoshang made Hyderabad home and taught generations of students at the English Department of University of Hyderabad till he retired in 2012 Kazim Ali’s many books include poetry essay fiction and translation His most recent book of poetry is All One’s Blue New and Selected Poems HarperCollins India He is a professor of creative writing and comparative literature at Oberlin College Ohio

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    And still it rainsOn the lake as placid as your face in tearsAnd on the hills as stubborn as your breastBut the rocks melt in pity with the watersThey cascade down to fellow waters to restSo were we together in rain and sunDreaming a long long togethernessIn dreams we were to be together hereEach dreaming differently a shared pastPressed for eternity on paperIt was not to be —The phoenix burns its body into sunset all night longBy daybreak it is no longer bird nor fire only songRATING 55Hoshang Merchant is perhaps one of the first Indian poets to write in English turning the forms on their head and breathing new life into them in a brand new postcolonial nation His poetry is a living creature a fascinating chimaera formed of bits and bobs from here and there Different cultures and languages customs and traditions meet in his innovative verses which are steeped in postmodernism Rarely does he restrict himself in his poetry where ideas meet and clash It is a vibrant version of cosmopolitanism all the colours shining through instead of stilted visions in black and white He can talk of Agha Shahid Ali and Ezra Pound with eual ease jump from Anaïs Nin to Rumi with dexterity While his roots maybe Indian his poetry is truly of the world capable of making a snug comfortable home for itself in any corner of the earthWhile this collection only provides a small glimpse into his really magnificent oeuvre it is enough to display his stunning control over language overturns of phrase and wild metaphors Each poem is a careful balancing act of the highest order between ideas and their successful execution not a single word wasted Merchant is eually adept at calmly subduing his readership and shocking them into attention The human body and its attendant desires and sources of pleasure occupy a central position in his poetry A ueer person himself Merchant knows too well about love and longing about loss and leaving The gay Indian experience as Ali calls it is documented freuently He love's fool is outspoken and unapologetic Too long he has been read too less And that needs to change soonIn Kazim Ali's words from the Introduction to this edition In the end Hoshang belongs to everyone He belongs to no one He is himself Which for a poet is an achievement of the most profound and unspeakable kind These poems—the work of a lifetime—must themselves pronounce that sentence of praise And once you start reading this breathtaking and wondrous collection you will see that pronouncement coming true

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