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Picnic Comma Lightning A BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK 'A stylish playful exploration of what digital life is doing to the way we find meaning in the world' Guardian 'Book of the Week''A report from the front line of the digital generation by someone superbly well euipped to read and decode the signals' Sunday Times'A bravura investigation of our turbulent times' New Scientist 'Clever funny and deeply moving an engaging and thought provoking journey through the fakery of modern life' Mail on Sunday A spellbinding examination of the nature of reality by one of the brightest thinkers of todayCognitive science proposes that we have evolved to build mental maps of the world not according to its actual physical nature but according to what allows us to thrive In other words our individual and collective realities are fictions – carefully constructed to enable us to maintain our particular perspectivesIt used to be that our fictions were rooted to reasonably solid things to people places and memories Today in an age of online personas alternative truths constant surveillance and an increasingly hysterical news cycle our realities are becoming flimsy and vulnerable than ever before Ours is now a zoomed in perspective where the backstage is centre stage We are both camera person and subject with new powers and new weaknessesOur personal and political spheres are dangerously merging How will the form and grammar of our feelings have to change in this over exposed environment Should any of our stories remain secret How are these phenomena changing the way we live How do we maintain a sense of reality in an increasingly fantastic world Picnic Comma Lightning is an innovative examination of the nature of reality in the twenty first century one that explores the key ethical political and neurological forces contouring our inner selves but also the old influences of grief and desire memory and imagination In it award winning author Laurence Scott provides a lively and accessible new philosophy for this epoch in Western civilisation one that will change the way you see the world and your place within it A dazzling meditation on the disreality of being alive post 2016 Scott wields popular culture technology literature and philosophy to assess one of our shared existence's most basic uestions Is this real? From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekAn innovative examination of the nature of reality in the 21st century by award winning author Laurence Scott part personal memoir part philosophical exploration Read by Stephen ManganWhen he was in his early thirties Laurence Scott's parents died soon after one another and he found his whole world altered beyond recognition He says Death runs like radioactive iodine through your sense of reality allowing this reality to be looked at in high contrast its structures glowing It has a way of making things very true but also somehow less realAs he begins to navigate this new reality he realises that in politics and public life the nature of reality what is true and what is fake has become an urgent issue uestions of how we experience the real world how we access its truths have become mainstream concerns Today in an age of online personas alternative truths constant surveillance and an increasingly hysterical news cycle our realities are becoming flimsy and vulnerable than ever beforeIn the first episode Laurence Scott gives a vivid poetic description of the grief he experienced when his parents died and explores recent discoveries in neuroscience and the concept of augmented realityLaurence Scott is a writer broadcaster academic and a Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Arcadia in London He is author of The Four Dimensional Human Ways of Being in the Digital World which was shortlisted for the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize won the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Prize and was named the Sunday Times Thought Book of the Year In 2011 he was named one of ten New Generation Thinkers by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the BBCRead by Stephen ManganAdapted by Elizabeth BurkeProduced by Alexandra uinnA Loftus production for BBC Radio 4httpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb0b9 Probably has a fairly narrow ‘best before’ what with the politics and scientific discoveries mentioned although will be a valuable insight into a particular time A powerful way of exciting the relevant neurons seemingly scattershot then stringing back together connecting dots seeking and targeting parallels of the mind to modern tech etc Astute observations of the almost insignificant the mind elasticates meaning under stress the ineffable blooming into description for the bereaved thought process A thoughtful back and forth on current trends possible near futures and unforeseeable ripples of effect I felt as though I was continually learning a little something along the wayI hope this makes some sort of sense an immediate train of thought than a considered review This book is a linguistically brilliant exploration of what it means to experience reality in the 21 century The passing of Scott's parents catalyzes his exploration into defining the post modern relationship between the physical and metaphysical realms as they relate to social media and political development A very personal piece of work that maintains a jovial yet philosophical exploration of what it means to live today One of my favorite books The only reason I subtract a star is that often the language is wildly elevated so keep that in mind because this is not a passive read Love

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Picnic Comma Lightning
  • Laurence Scott
  • English
  • 08 November 2016
  • 9781785151118

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