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Somebody Else’s Problem Consumerism promises a shortcut to a 'better' life through the accumulation of certain fashionable goods and experiences Over recent decades this has resulted in a rising tide of cheap short lived goods produced used and discarded in increasingly rapid cycles along the way depleting resources and degrading environmental systemsSomebody Else’s Problem calls for a radical change in how we think about our material world and how we design make and use the products and services we need Rejecting the idea that individuals alone are responsible for the environmental problems we face it challenges us to look again at the systems norms and values we take for granted in daily life and their cumulative role in our environmental crisisRobert Crocker presents an overview of the main forces giving rise to modern consumerism looks closely at today’s accelerating consumption patterns and asks why older ‘custodial’ patterns of consumption are in decline Avoiding simplistic uick fix formulas the book explores recommendations for new ways of designing making and using goods and services that can reduce our excess consumption but still contribute to a good and meaningful life

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