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    I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review First a few words about Prithviraj Chauahan He was one of most powerful kings of India and stories of his exploits have reached legendary status He is like a character straight out of a good old adventure novel He was a generous king a mighty warrior a passionate lover a patron of scholars a man of lofty ideals a man who sought glory and above all a king who wanted to protect his kingdom from foreign invaders Unfortunately the mighty king’s story did not have a happy ending His tragic defeat in the hands of the Ghurids changed the destiny of IndiaHistory legend and the author’s imagination have come together to create a pretty good storyPrithviraj was born in the Chahamanas dynasty Similar to royalty in any corner of the world behind the façade of power and wealth lay intrigue treachery envy greed debauchery dirty court politics and assassinations There are uite a few well fleshed out characters in the book I liked the way the author has tried to portray the different facets of the eponymous hero’s character From his childhood he was so different – a person of contradictions Intelligent and generous on one hand wild and impulsive on the other He dreamt of glory fought many wars but at the same time he loved beyond limits was a just and benevolent rulerOne of my favourites is Kanchanadevi Prithiraj’s paternal grandmother What a character she was intelligent and ruthless Ministers would say that her sharp mind was wasted in a woman’s body Kanchanadevi had all the ualities to be a good king but the medieval society did not see beyond her gender She would also train Prithviraj’s mother Karpuradevi into an able administratorThere are other interesting characters warriors pundits ministers rival kings and mysterious assassins History and legends remember the feats of great kings but tend to forget the behind the scene players who were responsible for the victory of their kingWhat I liked best about the book was the way the author has put forward the reasons behind so many foreign invaders being able to loot and plunder this land again and again Our country back then was divided into a number of small kingdoms The internecine struggle between the kings weakened them and their lack of unity in the face of the foreign aggressor made the latter’s task so much easier Also the kings refused to learn from the enemies’ strategies and superior weaponryI have always enjoyed the author’s writing She would write beautifully and all of a sudden she would insert a phrase or a sentence which my teachers would have termed inappropriate or even objectionable It actually made me laugh a few timesIn my humble opinion a good historical fiction should be able to stimulate the reader’s interest in the actual history of the person or the events it describes I am glad to say after reading this book I do feel like learning about the protagonistNow coming to my criticism• I felt the book ended a bit too abruptly• The author has not mentioned any time period in the book• The heading of the blurb was a tad melodramaticOverall the book is well written and if enjoy tales of war treachery and romance – then you can give this one a try

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    None of my books made me feel as guilty as Prithviraj Chauhan by Anuja Chandramouli Anuja had sent me the review copy before the book was released but it was wrongly couriered to other address It took me almost a month to receive that book With tha1t mess up started unavoidable seuences called a book on the shelf So Anuja I am really sorry for not able to finish the book on timeBefore I start I would like to add a fact I have read Gujarat no Nath and Rajadhiraj by K M Munshi So when the story started with Kanchanadevi Kumarpal I was able to relate plot Don't worry if you haven't read those books you can still read this book with easeSo the story started with Pregnancy of Karpuradevi She was adjusting a Chauhan Chalukya customs Married to a less capable Someshwar she understood that her mother in law's expectations were high from her son But Karpuradevi didn't want to restrain herself to just royal wife she started developing skills under Kanchanadevi's tutelage She knew that her mother in law would take care of upbringing and training of his sons and she would be neglected by her husband From the birth Prithviraj was able to attract the attention of Royals and commoner alike His fame increased as he started growing up Being a kind hearted a skilled warrior and a good looking he was the center of attraction wherever he went His own father was envying his son's fameI think I have given enough plot details you can check the book for detailsTalking about writing style as usual Anuja's storytelling gives you poetic feeling Scenes would start with a person then it goes back or forth in some detailing You need to keep patience to explore what will come next She carefully developed each and every character based on historical facts It has taken some time for me to attach to the storyThe book seems heavy at places and flow also bit boring which have delayed my reading pace Otherwise a nice readDetailed Review Link

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    Thanks to Anuja Chandramouli for the review copy in exchange for an honest opinionPrithviraj The literal meaning of the name Ruler of the EarthThe way his name is so glorious it is been said his reign was than magnificent Well there is literally much folklore about him because he was the iconic ruler before the Mughal eraSo about the bookConcept 35050 Execution 3050 Characters Bespoken 30 50World Building 275 50Cover 2550Writing Style 2550Overall 32550 Concept Historical fiction is kind of alluring genre and difficult to write as you reflect your own thought process on the chronological facts which may be liked by an individual or really get an unexpected response I have already read so much about Prithviraj Chauhan because my grandfather’s dad my great grandpa used to narrate stories about Mahabharat Ramayan and of course Prithviraj to me regularly Until some extents I liked the concept here the way the author has chosen certain events and mentioned it with splendid details Execution This becomes the ultimate hard part where it is so damn hard not to judge Also three pages deep and a side of me was revolting that why I am reading this? However something kept me engaged until the end maybe curiosity about the execution If I could literally portray my reactions at the turn of proceedings Okay what? Okay what again? Why again? How again? When again? So the story line started with the mother having dreams about her unborn son who is destined to be a warrior I felt like it was a bit over stretching and overdone at time of Prithviraj’s birth before his birth and after his birth I had a hard time remembering who’s who and figuring out hidden motives like all the times This was slow paced First time in life tinge of supernatural got on my nerves Moreover the interconnecting link rather weakened because of the confusion and concept became layered by haziness The growing up of Prithviraj and until the time he started his reign was a bit sluggish and I felt the end was too much abrupt The journey part of Prithviraj was amazingly atmospheric but seemed irrelevant It seemed like the author has tried too hard not to make it typical Indian author book typos and certainly not a love story The alien interjection about Prithviraj’s affection for a girl he saved named Yogita kind of seemed irony to me She got into his life and all of sudden vanished in betweens found her way into his enemy’s harem risked her life to get back to Prithviraj to warn and save his life when he wanted her back into his life her conscience came into the picture all of sudden and she attempted suicide Also the stories about Princess Samyukta or SamyogitaaShe married his statue and her love for Prithviraj which is almost legend which is barely touched upon as mentioned it was love at first sightokay I agreed with that but why such a plot twist that she was daggered by Rani Padmavati first wife of Prithviraj Rather blew me off Characters Bespoken Confusion All the way confusion and too much confusion kept coming on my way as I kept forgetting kings names along with their subjections Nevertheless the character sketches of Someshwar Karpuradevi Kanchanadevi Mahamantri Kanha and Prithviraj are somewhat brilliant in their own way World Building The war details? – I am completely sold out for it Reminded me of movie – Baahubali All those plotting and politics and mind games by Prithviraj – really amazingI wish there were details about the battle between him and Muhammad of Ghor because for me always the most interesting part of the story was battle of Tarain About writing style Throwing excellent vocabulary to re phrase sentences doesn’t deepen emotions it just further complicates the subjective matter I have always strongly felt this The writing is a bit dense At times it felt like I am reading a social studies textbook and I have to remember names In addition at times this thought did strike me that if you dump so much information on a person who is been familiar with the timeline of the events heshe would definitely understand and digest it but I am literally dreading what will happen to the one who is completely ignorant? Also “Have a care how you speak old man” such conservations seemed like they have been translated from Hindi without proper sentence formations I read the terms Bowels for like eight times And those philosophical conversations at time dragged “A mother is a fool He was never yours alone And never will be Prepare yourself for the reign of the king of the earth For fame and fortune love and death glory and grief” The sentence starting threw me off the edge Getting him to park his royal bottom in one place during the course of his lessons proved to be a tedious task as he was forever giving his tutors the slip Like seriously?Also the cover and the blurb seemed uite melodramatic and slightly contradicting to me Overall Sometimes grief may drive a man to do things he wouldn’t otherwise So true PS I would recommend this one to all the history lovers part of me is glad that it did not turn out into typical love story

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    Prithviraj chauhan was a very fascinating book Anuja Chandramouli has done a remarkable job I liked that the book started from the events that happened before the birth of Prithvi The palace dynamics powerplaygossips were interesting to read The way characters gained power and confidence in passing time the way a new person emerged from the ashes of another and all was very well written For example how Karpuradevi king’s mother later became like kanchana devi his grandmother I was astonished by the growth of karpuradevi from a awkward unhappy wife to a powerful selfish ueen And the things she did to ‘protect’ her son left me stunned especially the ‘sati’ scene And i hated her there So much And later after Yogitha’s death the confrontation between king and his mother went in totally unexpected way I hated the outcome still it made me respect her just a tiny bitPrithviraj was also the same His growth from a newborn to a both ruthless and kind king was so remarkable In this book most characters had grey shades But still sometimes I found myself sympathesing with Prithviraj About the burden of expectations he had to carry through out his life Minor spoilers aheadThe only reason I am giving this fantastically written book 4 stars is because eventhough Prithviraj loved Yogitha so much he didn’t avenge her death I wanted the culprits to be punished severely And also he gave his promise to his father’s young wife and still didn’t protect her I was so engrossed in this book enjoying alot when prithvi lost his virginity to a courtesan soon after Yogitha broke up with him I was baffled and angry I lost some enthusiasm then And after that I couldn’t concentrate for some pages I was recovering little by little when second ONS happend Ugh I think I should have expected this concubines multiple wives etc Still the author has a natural way of telling a story beautifully The action scenes and little details about that era was also well written Recommended to all who love historical stories with war victory power strugglebetrayal and of course passion

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    This is the second book of Anuja Chandramouli that I have read after Kartikeya The Destroyer's Son and find her to a very credible storyteller of Indian historical and mythological fiction The characters while still great heroes are also very human with some self doubt and weaknesses in situations The characters grow on you as you read on based on a string of episodes in their lives which add layers to their characters graduallyPrithviraj Chauhan's is a great story in any case a tower of strength in the face of invaders seeking to conuer subdue and plunder He is thrown into conflict very early in his life and a domineering mother and a complex relation with his wife Padma add to the early challenges He later falls in for Princess Samyukta and very soon tragedy strikes them both in different ways In the end Prithviraj Chauhan his head high upholding his honour and self respect knowing what the decision would mean for himWhile the story follows the broad contours of popular accounts of history there is great depth of detail which is built around the characters and their history The initial stages of the book has a number of characters being introduced which can be a bit confusing and a character index would have helped And there is a great deal of focus on war but then I suppose that is what those times were about especially in the face of great dangersIf Indian historical and mythological fiction interest you this is a book you will love I received a free copy of the book so as to be able to provide an honest review

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    I have loved Anuja Chandramouli's writing ever since I read her Yama's Lieutenant series Her command in mythological fiction is admirable She picks up the characters from epic scriptures who do not get their share of light despite having talents comparable to that of GodsThis time she brings us the characters from Indian History who are although well known but the retelling of their stories and adventures simply wins the heart The book is an evidence of how imaginative a person's mind can bePrithviraj Chauhan The Emperor of Hearts was a delightful read for me Neatly fabricated tale of a young warrior Prithviraj who controlled much of the present day Rajsthan Haryana Delhi and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar PradeshA nicely sketched story of love war bravery and politics Thoroughly researched and deeply engrossing The author successfully brings her characters to life You might have heard about Prithviraj Chauhan from TV of movies but reading about him is an experience in itself This book engulfs you with his adventures and renders a divergent perspective It should not be missed Recommended to readers who have a keen interest in Indian legendary warriors

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    A blend of history and heroes who rule your worldPrithviraj Chauhan was the Indian king who controlled present day Rajstham Haryana and Delhi with some parts of Punjab Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh from 1178 to 1192 Having a large area to rule his legend is well known and his stories are full of inspiration battles and charm His military success and failures shape the future of a vast and still developing continentThis is why he was an important character in the history and portraying him his actions victory and defeats in writing is both challenging and interesting It needs research and then a balance between fiction and reality making the work entertaining for the readers and at the same time presenting the work carefully All the steps have been covered by the author and a commendable book is its result The writing is lyrical and polished As you go on experiencing the ups and downs of the lives of the protagonists there develops a bond which is strong and unforgettable The battle scenes are class apart A cool cover adds fun to the reading experience Anuja Chandramouli's take on Indian history is top notch She sees some incidences minor or major and makes the readers see new perspectives expanding the thinking process and establishing a new found respect and interest for the history culture and traditionsFor experiencing Indian history and its dynamics you should certainly read the works from Anuja Chandramouli

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    Note I received book from the author in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to author and publisher Stars 475 That sums 5Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora in the folk legends was an Indian king from the Chahamana Chauhan dynasty ruled from 1178 to 1192 CEI’m warning you this review is my thought dumping Whatever I felt or came in my mind while reading this book I have just written it hereFate was already written for Prithviraj even before his birthThis book was about passion dreams love betrayal political plots family drama and war set in early medieval period of India There was so many things in the book a very deep history and life story of Prithviraj social and political issues in that era people’s thinking nature or lifestyle Author has covered almost all the details in the bookCharacters Prithviraj– was great warrior and a person as well In the beginning I found him little overambitious and childish sometimes his only interest was in winning over kingdom and war and little less in running kingdom which was little hard to digest But as story progressed this character developed nice and steady He was sensitive and emotional guy and his ability of surrounding himself with great friends and people was great They were ready to die for him which was most remarkableAll characters mentioned in the book whether small or the big one they were so important in the life history of Prithviraj Some I liked and some I didn’t I specifically loved Uncle Kanha and Jaya and their thoughts They were most likable and selfless characters of the book Yogita and his wife Padmavati were also greatWhat I liked Loved the beginning It started with the dream telling Prithviraj’s mother about her son and his fate when he was in her womb It made story interesting as I wanted to know how it was going to happen and what will lead to his endIt started with the family background nature of his parents and family and their good or bad sides their feeling for Prithviraj and expectations It covered the long lineage of Chauhans their deeds and how Prithviraj’s family has reclaimed the throne Also the story of how four main Kshatriyas clan came into existenceI loved all character’s point of view in third person narrative which was flawlessly written and made it easier to understand all the characters The best thing about this or any book by this author is both good and bad sides of the characters are shown It’s not like that a character is villain so only bad side of him is represented or if it is hero only praises are written I got to discover all the layers of characters in the book and for which I love the author The teaching part of Prithvi and his friends made the tense and serious theme of the book light It was relief in the book I laughed out loud at some pointBook also covered sensitive and political matter of medieval era Killing and plotting against own family clashes between ueens and clans kidnapping and harassing to save the king by people who supposed to be a good in eyes of king as well as people How in the name of saving kingdom and birthright royalties fought did heinous crimes and shed blood Suffering of people and the differences between the royal and common people And also the religious belief of people in that era how it can blind men to an extent that they can’t see the wrong they are doingI loved all remarkable and extraordinary insights in the book like – How overindulgence of anything even the love can blind men and lead to destruction When destiny is already written no matter how much people try to change it they can’t escape it and no one can help or can do anything about it God never stay with those who shed the blood and causes the destruction and war never brings happiness I loved that portion of the book it was so mesmerizingAnother thing that made me think for a long time even after I finished the book was Prithviraj’s relation with his mother I know she did few wrong things and I’m totally against it but I couldn’t see where his anger was in initial parts was it because she was doing her husband’s work while he was drunk in alcohol and female or she couldn’t find time for him or treating him like baby He could accept his father’s behavior his grandmother’s sharp mind and her knowledge but not her mother taking care of things This indicating the male egomentality; ahh the egos of mother in laws and how they treat their son’s wife; and wanting heir a son instead of daughter all of these was there hundreds years before and it still hasn’t changed much Well it is so sad that no matter how many warrior and heroes or good people trying to bring change dies some things never change in this worldClimax was surprising I didn’t see that coming That end was so sad So many thing happened between climax and end that it was so shocking I don’t blame Padma for what she did Action of Prithvi for that just surprised me I was like how he could be so blind I wish I can change itThis is kind of book that I would love to re readwhy 475 stars Well I couldn’t judge Samyuktya I wanted to read her thoughts as well She came so later in the story for such a short time that I couldn’t set mind for this character Good or bad or was it just the same for her fate already written It was justified that why there was least mention of her but the point is the same I couldn’t know herI want a family tree in this book Wow the ancestry was long and same names didn’t help it as well It made me re read few portion to know clearly the whole Chauhan dynastyOverall this was steady paced a fabulous precise history of Prithviraj Chauhan with brilliant and detailed point of view of characters and their part in the history I recommend this book to all history lovers

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    uote from the Book I Liked 'The worst deeds usually have the best justifications and it has seldom amounted to much in terms of exonerating one for unforgivable crimes' Para 3 Page 290 Rating 355 Synopsis Prithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limits imposed on mortals and achieved Godlike lustre The conuering hero dreamed of a united land where peace prevailed over war and love over hatePrincess Samyukta loved him from afar and when Prithviraj Chauhan claimed her for his own defying the wrath of an implacable foe their happiness was complete Victorious in love and war Prithviraj Chauhan was soon to discover that success came with a terrible price trouble treachery and tragedy What happened next? Read the tale of the legendary warrior who lives on in the hearts of those who remember his unmatched valour and timeless heroism About The Book Firstly I thank the author for the review copy of the book for an Honest ReviewThe book is based on the Legendary Life of the Greatest King Aryavarta Now India had ever seen The book revolves around the life of the great king Prithviraj Chouhan with his conuest to rid the great Aryavarta from the chains and repetitive raids of Musselmen The author has weaved from her imagination as well as facts and legends about the greatness of the King From the birth Prithvi stood out from all other kids ever born From his great strength to his wits and confidence he made his sole purpose of life to serve his holy land and Try to make one United Aryavarta under his reign The greatest character from the book was her Steel made Paternal Grandmother Kanchanadevi She was Ruthless and cunning all that a ueen must be Her character was portrayed just as it should have beenThe very few parts that were a let down for me were 1 The absence of a timeline of the whole Epic Saga The timeline would have been informative for the fellow readers Although the last chapter did feature a few characters which might help the reader guess the timeline but it would've been at ease if already provided2 The ending was rather abrupt The whole story ended just like a pff A bit elaboration would have made it perfect3 The Battle scenes were just to smalls even the last major one ended in a few paragraphs As a reader I waited for the Big Blast off between The Greatest King and the Musselmen which had been hyped since the first chapter of this book but it too ended soon  Verdict The book is filled with Treachery War Emotions and Romance A must read to know about 'The Greatest King of Aryavarta' aka 'The Emperor of Hearts' Prithviraj Chouhan Link to Blog The Tales of Fugitive Biker

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    My thanks to the author for a review copy of this bookThis is the fourth book I’ve read by Anuja Chandramouli and while the first three I read were mythology and a combination of mythology and fantasy this one is purely historical fiction Now I must confess that as is the case with Kartikeya the other book by Chandramouli I read earlier this year Prithviraj Chauhan was a character I knew very little of when I started the book―I knew he was a warrior king of course but the only real ‘story’ I knew of him was that of his ‘romance’ with Princess Sanyukta and one reference I same across in the context of the tale of Alha Udal which I only read as a picture story―and really only finished now when I started this book where he is presented as the ‘enemy’ of our heroes and indeed not in very positive light with even the story with Sanyukta being given a different spin So anyway back to this book I was really glad to actually read his story which this book tells pretty much starting with his birth his life as a child his education his reign wars loves and of course his end He was a child for whom much glory but also great sorrow was portended and in his story we see how the astrologers’ one in particular really predictions played out From the blurb at the back of the book the impression one gets is that this is a story of Prithviraj of course but also that his story with Sanyukta was the main focus But this is not really so the focus of the book is Prithviraj and his story with the Sanyukta legend only forming a small though important part of it This was something I actually liked about the book rather than holding against it It gave a complete picture of the king’s life and deeds rather than focusing just the few legends one most often hears about him I also liked that the author was able to present a uite good picture of the time as well―the various kingdoms and fiefdoms the petty and serious battles between them the ‘politics’ of the time and of course the threat and invasions from outside in the form of Muhammad of Ghazni and Mahmud of Ghur One sees the essence of what was also to cause trouble in a much later age the Kings attaching to their petty fights and refusing to aid each other against threats from outside even allying with them at times bringing about not only their supposed enemies’ downfall but also their own Another thing that I really liked about the book was that Chandramouli presented the characters Prithviraj as well as others as human beings and not ‘heroes’ in the storybook sense of the word Prithviraj has several good ualities but he is not beyond having shades of grey and black even We see his youth and impetuosity which leads to differences with others older than him his mother among them Other characters too make good decisions and bad ones but they are presented as human with failings and strengths In fact the only character who seemed to really have his head on his shoulders was his uncle Kanha an unusually wide man Even Prithviraj’s enemies when one comes to think of it while presented and naturally so from Prithviraj’s perspective don’t come across as outrightly evil except some anyway Also that the author has put in some research into writing this book is evident from the descriptions of the politics of the time the alliances and battles and various relationships but I won’t go into issues of accuracy since I haven’t got much knowledge of the time period but I did notice a few variations from the Wikipedia account of Prithviraj I glanced through but didn’t read thoroughly and the Alha Udal picture storycomic probably I shouldn’t attach as much to this oneThe book of course has Chandramouli’s characteristic vivid descriptions which I enjoy reading but there is of course as would be expected in a book which has its fair share of war plenty of blood and gore While most of it was justified I still cringe a bit at the references to excreta which while made sense in some cases felt unnecessary in others A couple of things that I felt would have made the book better for the reader were one that the author should have included a map of the region which she is talking of which would have made the picture a lot clearer Also she should have included one or family trees explaining the various kingdoms and relationships as while one does get familiar with Prithviraj and his immediate family pretty much from the start when it comes to other branches and the relationships between them it took me a bit of time and some rereading to get my head around it This was overall a pretty good read for me―though it took a little time to really get into the story once I was into it I really enjoyed it even overlooking the things that I didn’t like so much about it Looking forward to the author’s other historical fiction title that I have on my TBR Padmavati

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Prithviraj Chauhan Prithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limits imposed on mortals and achieved Godlike luster The conuering hero dreamed of a united land where peace prevailed over war and love over hatePrincess Samyukta loved him from afar and when Prithviraj Chauhan claimed her for his own defying the wrath of an implacable foe their happiness was complete Victorious in love and war

  • Paperback
  • 350 pages
  • Prithviraj Chauhan
  • Anuja Chandramouli
  • English
  • 09 February 2016
  • 9780143441199

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Anuja Chandramouli is a bestselling Indian author and New Age Indian Classicist Her highly acclaimed debut novel Arjuna Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince was named by India as one of the top 5 books in the Indian Writing category for the year 2013 Kamadeva The God of Desire and Shakti The Divine Feminine are her other bestsellers Currently all three books are being translated into Hi