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Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Unusual Chickens #2 This laugh out loud seuel to Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer has EVEN MORE MAGIC CHICKENSTwelve year old Sophie Brown is finally settling into her new home and her new role as keeper of some highly unusual chickens chickens with secret superpowersBut the arrival of two new magical chickens for her flock and some unusual eggs to be incubated and hatched what will their superpowers be plus an impending inspection from the Unusual Poultry Committee who even knew this existed has Sophie feeling pretty stressed out Her older cousin Lupe is coming to stay with her family which is great but will Lupe like chickens too And on top of it all Sophie's first day at her new school is rapidly approachingIn this wildly funny and uirky novel told in letters and lists and uizzes Sophie learns that even an exceptional poultry farmer can use some help

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    When I was young I used to go visit my grandmother’s farm in the Sierra foothills She had chickens and crops It was not a large farm Only five acres But we learned how to grow food and pluck chickens and even how to milk the neighbors cow The area that Sophia finds herself in when she and her family move to her great uncle’s farm reminds me of that area And it is true that it was very white And I can imagine how she would feel slightly out of place and worry about racismThere are covert and overt instances of racism and Sophie deals with them well with the help of her cousin LupeThis is not the main focus of the book though I am glad that it is there Kids love to see themselves in books and this is good for them to be seen in booksMainly though this is a book about chickens This is a book about a young girl who is new to the area who is raising these chickens This is a book about a girl raising unusual chickensWe were introduced to these unusual chickens in the first book and in this second book we get to meet two other types Along the way we learn about chickens and how to hatch them I love how this is woven into the story My hens hatched their own chicks so I didn’t have to turn eggs but I know about having to watch the baby chicks when I first started raising chickensYou know a book is good when you miss it when you are done That is how it is with this book There is a hint that there will be another book and I am thoroughly looking forward to itSophie has a good sense of humor and thinks things through and tries to do what is right A good strong female protagonistThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review

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    We started raising chickens when our daughter was just a baby so she has grown up with a yard of feathered friends  She enjoys their eggs and the song they sing when the lay an egg chicken jokes and collecting the feathers when they fall outLast year we came across the children's middle grade book Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer about 12 year old Sophie Brown who has just moved with her parents from LA to a farm they inherit from a great uncle Jim  Sophie finds a small flock of hens on the farm and learns rather uickly that these are no ordinary chickens they have powers  Sophie is both determined and resourceful as she learns about chickens and how to care for them and handle their unusual abilitiesWhen I found the seuel on NetGalley recently I had to reuest an ARC to find out what happens next in Sophie's adventureIn Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? Sophie is settling in at Blackbird Farm and adding new magical chickens to her flock  She has inherited Redwood Farm from Agnes an exceptional poultry farmer who raised and sold unusual chickens for many yearsTo continue Agnes's work with unusual chickens Sophie is sent a batch of eggs to hatch all by herself in an incubator and she's excited to learn what their super powers will be  Since the new flock cannot be added to her existing flock because of the pecking order Sophie needs to prepare Redwood Farm for its first new flock of chickens in agesWith her friends and her cousin Lupe who has recently moved in to attend a nearby college they clean up Redwood Farm with the help of their communityIt isn't long after the eggs have hatched that Sophie finds one chicken has an alarming power that could be dangerous  While navigating her new school new and exisiting friendships Sophie also has to learn how to care for baby chicks keep up with her chicken chores and Redwood Farm and face her first inspection with the Unusual Poultry CommitteeThis was another fun and uirky novel in this children's middle grade series told in letterse mails lists and uizzes  I enjoy the chicken facts and the information included brief but accurate descriptions on molting incubatinghatching etc and my daughter loves the funny powers the chickens have  Young readers can also learn a great deal from Sophie who is enthusiastic determined and caring  I look forward to seeing what happens next at Blackbird and Redwood FarmsThanks to Knopf Books for Young Readers and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review  Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken? is scheduled for release on November 6 2018For full reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom

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    There are new characters and new chickens and new adventures for Sophie and her friends and family Plus there's a tease of even new chickens and adventures to come I love this series and I love recommending it to young readers because we all need a little unexpected magic in our lives

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    Are there going to be of this series? I love how the book has a good balance of humor and emotion It is enough to cry at some parts but always a good laugh next to it This book always will be one of my favorites in humor

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    This is really fun and sweet I think I preferred the mystery and novelty of the first book but kids who are very into animals will get a lot out of this there's a lot of information about egg hatching and farm life etc and Sophie remains a delightful correspondentnarrator

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment of Kelly Jones’ Unusual Chickens series back when it was nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award It was also my pleasure to meet the very sweet and unassuming author at the Texas Library Association conference that year Book 2 starts right after book 1 ends as Sophie her parents and her friends are beginning to get a handle on raising chickens and living in a rural farm community Sophie is going to try her hand at hatching her own unusual chickens and hopes to begin fill the coops at Redwood Farm The tale is told predominantly through letters and emails to the departed Uncle Jim Agnes and her beloved abuela and to new fellow unusual chicken farmer Hort along with some lists descriptions of chicken breeds and awards given to the same Added bonus—terrific sketches by Katie Kath that accompany and enrich the story every step of the way I look forward to purchasing this one for both my Intermediate libraries and will be able to recommend it without any content warnings issued Even Jones’ reference to a same sex couple who provide support to Sophie and her family shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers Librarians looking to increase the representation of books with positive Hispanic main characters or strong hard working girls will find this one fitting those needs nicely Thanks for the dARC NetGalley

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    This took me a while to get into and not because I didn't read the first book I wasn't sure how I would like the format e mail exchanges and letters written by Sophie the main character I ended up liking it a lotSophie is smart responsible honest vulnerable and eager to learn and do right by her charges chickens with magical abilitiesI loved the sidebars which contained different things such as chicken awards an occasional recipe a uiz and an inspector's report I also loved the dynamics between Sophie and her family her friends and the unusual chickens expertsI got annoyed when her parents didn't believe her about her fire breathing chickens but then again this is not unusual of adultsOverall it was a fun read; I would have finished it faster had I not been in such a reading slump I'll definitely go back and read the first book

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    This book is a fabulous mix of fun storytelling through letter writing life lessons and useful and interesting information about raising chickens And the illustrations are THE BEST I dare anyone not to love Henrietta one cranky and unusual chickenI read this book myself then couldn't stop talking about it to my twelve year old twins who also picked it up We raise chickens ourselves so they agree that the author really knows what she's writing aboutMy favorite uote p 208 Dad says it's best to forgive people and move on with your life instead of using all your energy up being mad at them But Mom says sometimes things really aren't fair and sometimes being mad helps you understand that they aren't your fault and that those things should change not you

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    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusI adored the first one in this series but it hasn't circulated as well as I hoped Perhaps it is a bit on the elementary side This was fun too but I think I'll pass

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    Just as good as the first uirky sweet and informative I’d love to read in this series as Sophie continues to grow in courage and in wisdom caring for her very unusual chickens Very fun read

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