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Making the Minister Smile Meet Chris Stark a former player of American football who as he himself is the first to accept 'think pretty good but don't talk that great on account of playing too much football' Following the opportunities created by Liberalisation his family's corporation has entered into a business collaboration with an Indian company and this has brought the sportive young man to Delhi While in India he becomes enmeshed in industrial disputes political machinations weird intelligence webs and an unfortunate love affair besides various other oddities The solution to the entire Gordian knot of problems lies in making the Minister smile What happens

  • Unknown Binding
  • 219 pages
  • Making the Minister Smile
  • Anurag Mathur
  • English
  • 03 November 2015
  • 9788175390010

About the Author: Anurag Mathur

Anurag Mathur was born in New Delhi and educated at Scindia School Gwalior St Stephen's College Delhi and the University of Tulsa Oklahoma He lived for three years in the USA before returning home to India to embark on a career in journalism and publishing He now lives in New Delhi and contributes regularly to leading Indian magazines and newspapers He is also the author of a travel

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    ★Picked this expecting light humor This is polarized version of The Inscrutable AmericansHere an American lands in India for a business trip and spends some time knowing the knitty gritty of Indian politics and power gamesI'll uote two passages apart from which I didn't find anything worth enjoying in this oneHe looked around the railway station at the bodies sprawled everywhere and marveled at the Indian ability to create a home with invisible walls of privacy in the most public environment conceivable People slept as soundly as if they were in their own bedrooms A certain spot was the toilet judging from the smells emanating and this was tacitly agreed to by everyone though why they chose one spot and not another was unclearWhile in the club he stopped a passing waiter and got a beer He approached the tables heaped with cuisines of at least 5 different sorts including salads four kind of meats a range of vegetarian dishes and naturally about a dozen desserts He wondered where people had got the notion that Indians barely ate He'd never seen a country that stuffed itself as much as Indians did And if they weren't eating meals they were having what they called 'snacks' which anywhere else would have ualified as meals in themselvesOverall Avoid

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    No climax no proper end builds up to the climax then ends abrupty good view of india through the eyes of a foreigner

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    book is no competition to “The Inscrutable Americans” that was the first book of author Anurag Mathur That one was real good humor and satire and I have already written about it earlier “Making the Minister Smile” is his attempt to write about political corruption in India and he had some success in doing it Since the idea of political corruption is hot in the media currently I thought of writing about this book though there is very little in the book that inspiresThe story is about industrialist family who are facing labor trouble in their factory The union leaders are asking for unreasonable demands The family seeks intervention from Minister but do not get favorable hearing Their problems increase as they look for alternate solution including connection to first family of politics Eventually they are able to offer some solution that makes the minister smile and their problems are solvedThe whole story is about what all a person has to do to make a minister smile There are layers of connections subtle hints which flow from the political system which needs to be understood by people if they wish to survive in business Author has also taken liberty with portrayal of social fabric in India where wives are getting bold about their needs and life of poor people has little meaning and is considered expendable I felt that the author could not do justice to the whole subject and somehow the presentation of satire humor got mixed up with a serious topic

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    Inane Big let down

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    again written with a lot of wit and intelligence

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    A very pathetic book Strictly advice to not to read it

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    was slightly disappointed with this one esp since i'd just read mathur's the inscrutable americans

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