The Elves and the Shoemaker PDF ☆ and the Epub

The Elves and the Shoemaker (A Little Golden Book) One of the very first books I remember reading as a child Great memories Perfect retelling Sweet gift from my Grandmother Modern Fantasy1st 3rd grade reading levelThis is one of my favorite books because I love the couple in this story I like that after they obtainwealth they are still humble and seeking to do good to others even though they could have just brushed them aside They are inspiring to me because they did something for the elves rather than seeing the elves as their servants I love the pictures in this book, and it s cool to see an old trade that isn t very popular any. There s a very clear theme given in this book The tale makes it easy for children to be able to understand the wonders that kindness is able to provide within your life. Read this book as a child Longed to have such elves appear to clean our bedroom. This book is so beautiful and filled with magic. Julia really liked this and I wish I d read it to her sooner We ve had this hanging around since she was a baby and it s only been since I decided to read every one she owns that we got to many of them This is definitely a classic and it s nice to be able to enjoy a story with your child that you enjoyed with your mother when you were her age. This has always been one of my favorite fairy tales, and even the youngest kids like it Maybe that s because there s nothing scary no monsters, no evil parents, no witches, no fearful happenings getting lost, going on a dangerous quest,What I can t explain when they ask is why the elves quit visiting the shoemaker after they were given the new clothes. A poor shoemaker becomes successful with the help of two elves who finish his shoes during the night I loved this book as a child It is a nice story with a happy ending.

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