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The Adults The most hilarious debut you will read this yearMeet The AdultsClaire and Matt are divorced but decide what's best for their daughter Scarlett is to have a 'normal' family Christmas They can't agree on whose idea it was or who said they should bring their new partners But someone did and it's too late to pull the plugClaire brings her new boyfriend Patrick a seemingly eligible Iron Man in Waiting Matt brings the new love of his life Alex funny smart and extremely patient Scarlett their daughter brings her imaginary friend Posey He's a rabbit Together the five or six of them grit their teeth over Organized Fun activities drinking a little too much after bed time oversharing classified secrets about their pasts and before you know it their holiday is a powder keg that ends where this story starts with a tearful frightened call to the policeBut what happened They said they'd all be adults about thisIf you loved The Break by Marian Keyes or raved about The Rosie Project look no further than The Adults

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • The Adults
  • Caroline Hulse
  • English
  • 03 August 2016

About the Author: Caroline Hulse

Caroline Hulse spends most of her days writing having fulfilled her dream of having a job she could do in pyjamas She also works in Human Resources sometimesShe is openly competitive and loves playing board and card games She can often be found in casino poker rooms and wishes other people would want to play Cluedo for moneyShe lives with her husband in Manchester UK where the two are capt

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    It’s unfortunate that the publishers bill this as “The most hilarious debut you will read all year” This novel about a divorced couple with joint custody of their seven year old daughter who come together with their new boyfriendgirlfriend is cute and fun but I only chuckled once during the book “Cute” and “fun” are not the same thing as “hilarious” It sets up false expectations In fact parts of reading about the struggles of Alex the woman who’s dating the father Matt and of Patrick the man who is dating the mother Claire is actually kind of sad Alex is a scientist who doesn’t have kids so she fumbles a lot trying to connect with Scarlett the seven year old During the book Matt and Claire get their partners to agree to go away for a five day weekend to celebrate Christmas at a lodge in the woods where there is archery swimming dance classes golf and so on There is jealousy and misunderstandings and straight up lies Scarlett has long conversations with her invisible to everyone but her purple rabbit PoseyEven if your parents never divorced and datedremarried even if you’ve never dated a divorced person with kids you’ll be able to identify with the different characters particularly perfectionistcompetitive Patrick and the well drawn Alex who gave up alcohol when she realized she was drinking too much only to go a little nuts with wine under the stress of living with Matt’s ex wife and his daughter who thinks Alex as a scientist is a murderer of animals Alex isn’t that kind of scientist but seven year olds don’t always understand the world of scientific inuiry This is a good book It’s just not funny Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel which RELEASES NOVEMBER 27 2018 For reviews please visit

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    My life has been going to hell in a handbasket clogged sewer line and flooded bathroom for starters so I decided it was time for a comedy And I love dysfunctional family stories This isn’t really a dysfunctional family It’s two exes and their current partners and the daughter they share Matt the ex husband managed to irritate me within pages What ever did Alex see in him? Or Clare initially for that matter? Or maybe I just like men to have balls Add into the mix the daughter’s imaginary rabbit friend who misinterprets what scientists doThere’s lots of thinking and second guessing going on here Things we all wonder about get expressed on the pages I found myself nodding a lot Other than her choice of a man I did find myself bonding with Alex As a stepmother without her own kids I remember those initial years of trying to figure out where I fit in Hurse does a great job of expressing Alex Of course it doesn’t take long for things to start getting snarky Members of mixed families will relate to how wrong it can go It’s not laugh out loud funny dry humor In fact the publisher does a disservice to author and reader by calling the book hilarious Hurse mixes her formats police interviews excerpts of brochures intermingled with regular storytelling I liked the mixture it kept things moving along at a brisk clip I loved the ending seeing how it all comes together I can definitely recommend this book Just know it’s chuckles than tears streaming down your face from laughing which is my definition of hilarious My thanks to netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book

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    4 adults 2 ex's 1 child 1 imaginary purple rabbit Posey 1 holiday vacation trip A magical Christmas to never forgetOk haha I don't know about everyone but me taking a vacation trip with my ex sounds like an absolute st show lol This was uite the story Caroline Hulse explores relationships in a clever and sassy way in this story Can we ever really be civil with our ex's? Caroline Hulse's voice effortlessly flows across the pages and had me laughing cringing and smiling all in one The story takes off with a beginning scene of a dialogue between Alex and the ambulance Someone has been shot by an arrow but once the ambulance says they're on their way Alex stops responding The story slowly takes off in this holiday getaway between this pack of friends I had trouble connecting to the storyline in the beginning and seemed a tad slow for my liking I began to get invested about 50 60 percent inOverall this was an entertaining domestic drama I think it could have been a tad better if the plot had spicedrama to it I definitely enjoyed Hulse's writing style and look forward to what she publishes next 375 stars on this one for meThank you so much to Random House Publishing Group and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest thoughtsPublication date 112718Published to GR 71818

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    Find all of my reviews at that you’re going to be seeing Christmas book reviews so late knowing how I review probably in February or March but when I take a vacation I really take a vacation and don’t log onpost reviews so it is was it isWow this kind of has a low rating It was also a mixed bag with my friends But for me????? And you should totally trust me because I mean I haven’t been told I suck turtles in like MONTHS now guysFirst off it starts with a 911 call reporting someone has been shot WITH AN ARROW Ummmm yes please Also reminiscent of the hen party gone bad in In A Dark Dark Wood But this one promised it would be darkly funny so not really the same? Whatever My brain makes connections the way it wants – I’ve given up trying to fight it In case you aren’t aware the premise here is that Claire Matt and their daughter Scarlett – oh and Scarlett’s best pal Are going to have a combined Christmas with Claire’s boyfriend Patrick and Matt’s girlfriend Alex It’s the epitome of co parenting and as Clark once said it’s sure to be the “hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Fucking Kaye” Or as Matt says “If barking royals like Prince Andrew and Fergie can manage it we should be OK We’re all normal right?” Okay so The Adults had like my FAVEORITE things # 1 Seriously Nothing makes me feel like I’m not so fucked up like reading about other people who are not so fucked up either wait that’s not right Or it shouldn’t be but much like the Griswolds or the McAlister’s – these people put the FUN in dysfunction They aren’t perfect but they’re trying their best #2 For realz Christmas is my crack Normally I’d have like eleventy thousand photos to prove how much Christmas spirit I barf out all over my house in the form of overly decorated trees in every room but I seem to only have this one I think I spent way hours spending money I don’t have and actually doing the decorating this year than admiring my handiwork Also I did things like read in my Christmas jammies And watched traditional Christmas movies And hung out with this horrible little psycho who can only sleep upside down because he is part vampire???? And also publicly shamed myself sending my family members photos like these Who let’s this happen? Garbage humans that’s whoAnyway all that non reviewing nonsense is to let you know that maybe I was just in the right place at the right time for this but whatever the case was I absolutely loved it ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Hey at least I gave you a decent Instagram pic for once since you got a shitty bit of nothing in this write up

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    Well I didn’t hate it but didn’t really like it either hence the 2 ⭐️ rating The description of this book sounded like something that would be really fun to read for the holidays A divorced couple bringing their new significant others on a vacation all together so they could spend Christmas with their daughter You know things will go wrong And how about the book being described as “the most hilarious debut you will read this year?” What doesn’t sound awesome about that? That sentence alone should have been my first clue that it would be just the opposite All of the characters were unlikeable and the story was boring to me I really wanted to laugh out loud I didn’t even giggle Although Scarlett was a bratty kid I liked her and Posey her 5 foot tall imaginary rabbit friend Mainly because I love reading kids’ POV in books A lot of people enjoyed the dark humor I guess it just wasn’t for me I still have lots of December to end the year on a positive note Thank you to NetGalley Random House and Caroline Hulse for my ARC in exchange for my honest review

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    Full review on my blog4 adults 2 ex's 1 child 1 imaginary rabbit 1 holiday lodge Magical Christmas time What could possibly go wrong?In this witty little contemporary drama Hulse explores relationships in an enjoyable way Can we really stay civilised with our ex partners? I really liked this book Everyone needs a friend like Posey Adults tooFull review soonThanks to publisher and NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange with an honest review

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    Solid and entertaining dysfunctional family dark comedy that is perfect for the holiday season A great undemanding escapist read that does not insult the intelligence This will be perfect airplane or vacation reading to help you endure your own family holiday gatherings especially if they are dysfunctional too Also highly recommended if you’ve been feeling a bit bummed that Liane Moriarty’s recent books haven’t uite lived up to Big Little Lies in your view this has a strong “Moriarty at her best” vibe

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    This was OK I read it for the Popsugar Challenge uestion the one about reading two books with the same title So I still have to read and I hope it's better than this one I did laugh out loud a couple of times here but struggled with the characterizations The 2 guys were both babies while both women seemed almost saintly in comparison Claire was difficult to get to know and her daughter Scarlet while cute and precocious was overshadowed by her imaginary friend a big rabbit with whom she converses The rabbit named Posy had a much too large part in the book and frankly I got real tired of him or her not sure Also from the GR summary I expected some suspense Nope Just a story about 4 adults two are ex spouses and a child spending a 5 day weekend together to give Scarlet a good Christmas trying not to let their jealousies and self doubts ruin everything It was a struggle for them And probably for many readers

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    My Rating 3 ½ StarsGenre General FictionMysteryPublisher Random HousePub Date November 27 2018Caroline Hulse’s novel is a dark comedy that had me laughing out loud than once Imagine the dysfunctional dynamics between divorced parents with a seven year old daughter Both parents now have new live in partners Now imagine all four adults two who have never even met each other going on a Christmas holiday together The idea is that the little girl can spend Christmas day with both of her parents Good intentions but even in theory it sounds like a disastrous plan So what exactly did go wrong? Well for starters the book opens with an emergency phone call because one of them has been shot with an arrow This is how you will meet “The Adults” which is a clever debut novel about a blended family vacation You will need to read the book to learn who was shot and if heshe survives But I can tell you that the group rents a lodge in a Christmas themed village The place is geared towards families with young children There are many fun activities Make that forced fun for the unhappy adults Hulse’s writing is razor sharp especially around the child’s imaginary rabbit friend that never leaves her side Many of the activities must be canceled because they don’t make safety helmets with ear holes for a rabbit You can visualize where this is headed The story is filled with rabbit tongue in cheek subplots Spoiler When her dad’s girlfriend kills a pheasant to put it out of its misery while dying the girl is convinced her imaginary playmate will be the next murdered animal This sets up all sorts of satirical scenes Think of the movie “Harvey” and throw in a tad of “Watership Down” I enjoyed the author’s array of writing styles In between the narrations by the five or six if you count the rabbit you will also read police interviews as well as most of the village’s brochure It is a prose that is similar to “A Visit from the Goon Suad” but on silly pills Is this just another family Christmas novel? Nope This is a snappy not sappy holiday book that will be on sale in time for Christmas I would buy it as a gift just for the annoying singing Christmas trees aloneI received this Advance Review Copy ARC novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest reviewFind all my book reviews at

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    Matt and Claire are no longer married but both want to spend the Christmas holiday with their seven year old daughter Scarlett It's not uite clear whose idea it was or how the whole thing came about but suddenly Matt Claire their new partners and Scarlett are spending a long weekend at the Happy Forest holiday park Oh yes and we can't forget that Posey Scarlett's giant imaginary friend a nearly life size rabbit is along for the ride too Claire has brought Patrick a fellow lawyer a seemingly rational guy who loves Scarlett and is training for an Ironman And Matt has brought Alex his scientist girlfriend who is skeptical about the whole affair Suddenly the group is jammed into a small lodge subject to the whims of a mercurial seven year old and her pretend rabbit and stuck doing a variety of fun family activities It's no wonder that this all leads to an event so horrific that the police are called This book was an odd one as if it couldn't decide to be serious or funny It starts out with a call to the police so we know that someone has been shot at archery but we don't yet know who Then things unfold from the beginning of the holiday slowly building back up to the incident Interspersed with the characters' narratives are bits and pieces of the police's discussion with various people at the holiday park involved with the shooting It's interesting but it's a little disconcerting partial mysterypartial character driven novelpartial humorous look at family fun gone wrong Unfortunately for me I didn't find a lot of the book all that fun Yes I could see the humor in some of the situations but honestly a lot of it just made me uncomfortable Perhaps it's being a child of divorce myself Maybe too much hit close to home I felt the most for poor Alex who was tortured by Scarlett and that darn fake bunny and then forced to witness her boyfriend in a series of cozy moments with her ex Patrick was slightly insane Claire too good to be true and Matt honestly an infuriating wuss for most of the book As everyone got and tired of each other I would have had a feeling of doom reading this even without knowing someone gets shot You just know no good can come of this Now yes there is some dark humor here and I did laugh at times There are definitely some funny places But I think Scarlett and Posey were supposed to be funny than they were I've been that kid angry at her parents for divorcing but man Scarlett was really irritating sometimes When you really only feel for one of the characters Alex it's hard to stay invested in the book Luckily things improved a bit closer to the end and I found myself getting a into the story Still I couldn't help but find things a bit implausible and frustrating at times and I really longed for of the hilarity the book promised Overall this is a uick read and it has its funny crazy moments Still the characters are tough to feel invested in and sometimes the plot was almost too zany and stressful for me I liked this one but didn't love it 3 stars I received a copy of this book from the publisher and LibraryThing in return for an unbiased review thank you Blog Twitter Facebook Google Instagram

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