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Sins as Scarlet A dark brutal ride through the underbelly of LA Anthony Horowitz author of Magpie MurdersIn this follow up to Nicols Obregons critically acclaimed Blue Light Yokohama Inspector Iwata returnsin a murder case in his new home of Los AngelesAfter a brutal murder investigation ripped apart his life Kosuke Iwata uit both his job as a detective with the Tokyo Police Department and his country leaving Japan for the hopefully sunnier shores of Los Angeles California But even though hes left his old life behind he still has to make a living and Iwata sets up shop as a private investigator But murder still follows him Approached by an old contact whose daughter has been murdered and the case laid to restunsolvedIwata agrees to take on the case out of loyalty But what seems initially like a cold blooded murder takes a different turn when a homeless witness recalls the murderers parting words Im sorryFrom the depths of Skid Row to the fatal expanse of the Sonoran Desert Iwata tracks the disparate pieces of a mysterious and heartbreaking puzzle But the he unearths the clearer it is that things are not as they appear and people are not as they seem Lives untangle fates converge and blood is spilled as Inspector Iwata returns More Praise for Sins as Scarlet Masterpiecethats the only way to describe Sins as Scarlet Obregns brilliant novel is at once a classic noir a psychological thriller and a riveting examinationsometimes dark sometimes moving to the point of tearsof life in a less than angelic Los Angeles And what a delight to see Inspector Kosuke Iwata back again You will love every minute spent with this one of a kind hero Jeffery Deaver New York Times bestselling author of The Burial HourIn the heady tradition of Raymond Chandler and Michael Connelly Sins as Scarlet lays bare the brui

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  • Sins as Scarlet
  • Nicolás Obregón
  • 15 April 2015
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About the Author: Nicolás Obregón

Nicolás Obregón is a Londoner a Madrileño and a full time writer His first novel Blue Light Yokohama was published in 2017 across the UK US Czechia and The Netherlands It is set to be published in France Germany Spain and Russia in 2018The novel was conceived two days shy of his 30th birthday while travelling on a bullet train from Hiroshima to KyotoObregón is currently working on the

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    Never be content to sit back and watch as others' rights are trampled upon Your rights could be next” ― DaShanne StokesOne of the things that I enjoyed about Nicolás Obregón’s previous book ‘Blue Light Yokohama’ was that it was set in Japan and therefore afforded new experiences for the reader His latest offering ‘Sins As Scarlet’ is set in LA but you know something? I enjoyed this one just as much I guess that means that it’s the protagonist Inspector Kosuke Iwata that is the main attractionFormer homicide detective Kosuke is now working in LA as a private investigator mainly covering the mundane 'cheating spouse' cases but all that is about to change when his wife's sister Meredith is found strangled on the train tracks in a seedy part of town Was she targeted because she was transgender or was she in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well that's what Kosuke will have to find out but in the process he discovers that LA is not the eponymous 'City of Angels' but a very dark and dangerous place that will lead him to the depths of hell before he's doneThis book deals with some really important and sensitive issues not least gender exploitation corruption and man's inhumanity to man human rights abuse comes very much under the microscope The trail will take Kosuke from the underbelly of LA to the desert landscapes of the Mexican borderlands with some heartbreaking scenes that are hard to witness as part of his journeyI'm really beginning to love Kosuke Iwata he's far from perfect but there's a lot of love hiding behind that gruff and angry exterior The author has really developed his characters this time around including compelling details about Kosuke’s mother and if you've not read the wonderful 'Blue Light Yokohama' don't worry as there is sufficient back story to read this one as a standalone The plot was extremely involved yet gripping and the author writes with great clarity it was easy flowing and matter of fact and even though Kosuke's view of his own personal life leaves little time for anything or anyone else Obregón manages to bring great appeal to his protagonist Would definitely recommend Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    This the second in the fascinating series by Nicolas Obregon featuring the Japanese American Inspector Kosuke Iwata Kosuke has returned to Los Angeles after the dramatic turn of events in his last case in Japan He may have returned but he cannot escape his haunting and traumatic past He is now working as a private investigator following cheating spouses for a living Murder is to cross his path once when familial connections results in Charlotte Nichol demanding that he look into the murder of transgender 29 year old JulianMeredith whose dead body was found close to rail tracks Charlotte is unhappy with the LAPD investigation led by Detective Joseph Silke and Kosuke cannot refuse her he owes her as he takes on a case that is emotionally harrowing and heartbreaking which takes him to the US border country and MexicoKosuke's mother Nozomi lives close by and the two meet regularly but a barrier exists Kosuke cannot find it in his heart to forgive her for abandoning him as a child Nozomi's past in Japan is slowly revealed a story that ends in trauma Kosuke's wife Cleo and his daughter Nina's fate leaves him consumed by guilt and feeling overwhelmed by his sins excerpts of their tragic lives are interspersed in the narrative As Kosuke tries to find out about Meredith it soon becomes clear from the information acuired from his prosecutor friend Kate Floccari that someone is murdering transgender women He meets the enigmatic transgender Mara and tries to warn her of the danger she is in but to no avail When the case connects Meredith and others to surgeries carried out at Fox Hills Feminazation Kosuke follows the trail to Mexico to Cuidad Cabral and the US borderlands uncovering the most heinous of crimes and corruption the worst of humanity's underbelly preying on the desperate for profit with no compunction whatsoever Kosuke puts his life on the line as once again he finds himself in desperate danger but he is unwavering in his pursuit of the truth putting little value on his life this helps him assuage some of his own personal sins to reveal the damning scarlet blood drenched sins of others He eventually comes to understand what happened to his mother who his father is and has the opportunity dangled in front of him to gain vengeance but the mountain of suffering and tragedy that has unfolded around him pushes his energies in a different and fruitful direction This is fantastic storytelling with a grippingly flawed central character that has me determined to follow what happens to him next A brilliant read that I highly recommend Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC

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    It’s not very often that I find myself moved when I’m reading Crime Fiction it’s usually a rare occurrence but a totally appreciated one when it does happen and Obregon managed to touch a part of my soul with his painfully beautiful writing and stunning imagery It was a little like reading high brow literary fiction without the pretentiousness and with way gritThe real appeal of this one for me was two fold the main character Iwata was just the kind of damaged and broken leading man that always gets under my skin and then there was the setting When an author can make me truly feel the location they’re describing and make it a living breathing entity I am blown away and Obregon did a phenomenal job creating a strong sense of place It takes place mainly in LA and this isn’t the glittering mecca we’ve all seen on TV this is the dark underbelly the very depths of humanityOne last thing that made this a standout was that you can clearly see this is written by an author who is not only extremely talented but he has a social conscience This examines the marginalized community of transgender individuals and it was explored in a sensitive yet honest and raw manner It was also diverse with Iwata being Japanese and I learned some interesting things about the culture and their traditions that was really cool This whole book was just really cool it mixed a modern vibe with current social issues with an old school noir style that is entirely the authors ownSins as Scarlet in three words Intoxicating Smooth and Sophisticated

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    My Rating 45 Five years ago he lost his family Now he may have found his redemption’ Sins As Scarlet is the second book from Nicolás Obregón featuring former homicide detective Kosuke Iwata Just published by Michael Joseph it has been described by author Jeffery Deaver as a ‘masterpiece a classic noir a psychological thriller and a riveting examination – sometimes dark sometimes moving to the point of tears – of life in a less than angelic Los Angeles’Nicolás Obregón’s first book ‘Blue Light Yokohama’ set mainly in Japan garnered some great praise so I was thrilled to receive a copy of Sins As Scarlet to reviewAs I began to read Sins As Scarlet I was immediately immersed in a world that was both frightening and exhilarating The prologue is set on the Mexican United States border and the scene described is shocking I knew from those first few pages that this was going to be my type of of bookNicolás Obregón is a writer I was unaware of until recently and I have to ask – why is this? With such a uniue approach his style is reminiscent of another era yet also very current with the societal issues he deals with As I researched the author it came as no surprise that Philip Marlowe was an influence from a young age In reading the book it was very easy for me to see a Humphrey Bogart type lead playing the role of the main character Kosuke Iwata He is a man that has a darkness and unease about him a man with a past He suffered some great loss in his life which does unfold with the pages and it is this continued need for righteousness that drives him forwardNo longer a homicide detective Iwata now runs a Private Investigation business in Los Angeles He has left his life in the Japanese police force behind and now spends his days in an almost solitary existence assisting his clients with his skills as a Private Eye under the LA sun ‘Iwata understood the importance of heritage he just didn’t care much about home or where it could be found; he’d done without for the better part of forty years Here in California he was Japanese In Japan he was an outsider’When the body of Meredith Nichol is discovered the sister of Iwata’s wife and also a transgender woman Iwata finds himself delving into the underbelly of LA’s darker side for answersNicolás Obregón takes the reader into a very dark world a place where evil lurks and where hatred and racism is rife The death of Meredith is initially treated as a hate crime a crime against the Trans community but as Iwata soon discovers there is a hidden world where abhorrent and shocking activities are taking placeIwata in his own eyes has nothing to lose so he jumps right into this warren of evilness with the swagger of one who just doesn’t care any This attitude makes Iwata a very lethal adversary indeed Iwata is a very complex character and his past follows him wherever he goes His relationship with his mother is very strained and as the novel progresses we get an insight into her history and the reasons for her difficulties in having a mother son emotional connection with IwataObregón has taken Iwata and built a very sophisticated and multi layered character There is a great depth to his psyche with his thoughts and feeling portrayed so powerfully by the authorWhen reading Sins As Scarlet I grappled for words to describe the experience but to be honest I think Jeffery Deaver’s words are best 'A Classic Noir’Sins As Scarlet is a highly astute and perceptive novel as the author raises the extremely topical issues of immigration transgender corruption violence exploitation murder and of course human nature I can honestly say I was uite blown away with the style of writing and when I read that Obregón is currently researching a possible project based in 1950’s Spain and two further Iwata novels I just may have done a little danceIntense Harrowing Riveting

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    Second outing for Japanese detective He's now back the USA where he grew up and working as a PI in Los Angeles To be honest I loved the first novel in this series and was disappointed that this one moved away from Japan There are so many crime novels set in the US that I enjoy those set in other countries especially those with a culture so different to my own Great writing and storyline just not enamoured of the setting

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    Review can be found on my blog here you to the publisher Minotaur Books for sending me a free physical copy of this bookThis was the first book I have read by Nicolas Obregon and even though this was a second book in the Inspector Iwata series it can be read as a standalone book After reading this book I am definitely interested in reading the first book in the series I loved Obregon’s style of writing and the way the writing sucks you into the book as if you are there living in the book yourselfInspector Iwata was a badass Inspector who sometimes broke the rules and did what he had to do to solve a case and get the job done I loved Iwata’s personality and his view on things in the world Kosuke Iwata is a very likeable character and I enjoyed reading about his daily life both while he was working as an Inspector and while he was on his own downtime simply living his life like everyone elseIt was interesting to get the glimpses into his past not only of his own childhood growing up but about his life with his wife in Japan that has made him into the man he is today He get a better understanding of the obstacles and experiences he had over his life that have shaped and moulded him into the man he is nowThis book was an interesting read that grabs the reader’s attention and demands it the whole way through to the very ending I enjoyed how the book incorporated different cultures countries lifestyles and characters into the book We are introduced to such a wide variety of characters and I really liked that about this book Some characters you will uite like and some characters you will absolutely despiseI definitely recommend this book A great read all the way through

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    uite honestly this was as faultless as a second novel in a series can ever beAlthough I thought Blue Light Yokohama was one of the best crime novels of the past few years this seuel expanded everything there was to love and loathe about the characters and the story and somehow Nicolás Obregón has managed to grip me with this one even all whilst completely changing the setting from Tokyo to Los AngelesA huge part of the reason I picked up Blue Light Yokohama was because it was set in Japan a country I love reading about The fact that this book carried the same visceral intelligence as the first the same plot gravity the same intriguing mystery the same brutal realities but is just MORE in every way and therefore I enjoyed it eventhough it's set outside Japan for me is just hugely surprising I can enjoy great crime novels set anywhere but the fact that I loved the new Californian setting something that's been done time and again when I initially began this series for it's Japanese essence is all down to Obregón's writing The descriptions and comparisons transported me to the city of angels effortlesslyThere were extremely hard hitting topics in this part of Iwata's story but I felt everything was handled with the perfect amount of respect and reality To sugar coat or skim over some of the horrific and traumatic themes in this novel would be an injustice to them but likewise none of the scenarios felt as though they were included with the sole intention to shockSaying anything about the plot and characters would spoil the twists and surprises but I will say that Kosuke Iwata is as ever the authentically troubled detective that leaves that bittersweet aftertaste in your mouth and I'll be continuing with his journey in Unknown Male very soon

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    Having been much impressed by Obregon’s first book Blue Light Yokohama featuring Japanese homicide detective Kosuke Iwata I’m delighted to report that Sins As Scarlet is even better So much so that it has parachuted its way into my top five reads of the year so farKosuke Iwata is a powerfully constructed character shaped and formed but with an underlying sense of self uestioning by his dual heritage and the collision of west and east almost fighting for supremacy in his identity He has had a troubled past in terms of his upbringing and former estrangement from his mother and has undoubtedly been tarnished emotionally by his fraught and ultimately destructive marriage This book effectively straddles all of these relationships providing an offshoot of narratives concerning his mother and wife and cleverly by what we observe of their own characteristics gives us a broader understanding of Iwata himself as a man a son a husband and a father too I felt that sometimes I was observing him through a prism when it came to his emotional and personal identity and the only real clarity in his character came through his professional role as a private investigator I liked the way Obregon did this and how Iwata then became a man of contradictions and certain notions about his morality integrity and so on were undermined by his interactions with and influence of the women in his life An extremely interesting character beautifully rendered but undercut with a sense of personal tragedy and a tangible lack of belongingSimilarly to the first book I admire Obregon’s willingness to tackle big issues head on showing no fear or favour and opening the reader’s eyes to aspects of society that some would rather ignore I think Obregon achieves this cleverly in two ways First the straightforward narrative of murder within the transgender community and Iwata’s later and harrowing experience traversing the desert from Mexico to the USA which neatly encompasses the experiences of two groups of people that society as a whole are prone to vilify Secondly through the psycho geography element of the book where Obregon neatly uses the course of Iwata’s investigation to crisscross Los Angeles taking us on a tour of myriad neighbourhoods divided by race and social ineuality that show not only the singularly uniue makeup of the city but the gritty reality behind the showbiz exterior I found these wanderings of Iwata absolutely fascinating and the little factual nuggets of Los Angeles life that these give rise to summed up by the assertion that “Kosuke Iwata had gotten used to the staggered pockets of city that made up Los Angeles” as his investigation becomes ever difficult and personalHaving become increasingly annoyed with a recent upsurge in the decrying of crime fiction as somehow inferior to ‘literary’ fiction this is where a book such as this is worth its weight in gold As author Jon Courtenay Grimwood commented on my social media rant on the subject saying “Crime novels specialise in asking the hard uestions” and this is what Obregon deftly shows here Sins As Scarlet is not only compelling as a thriller should be but has layers of scrutiny and observation on the themes of race gender roles social division migration and which makes it punchy and thought provoking and at times exceptionally moving Highly recommended

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    I am a huge fan of diverse novels and you don’t really get many diverse than Sins As Scarlet It features a variety of characters from all walks of life and differing cultures The victim in the novel is a transgender woman and Inspector Kosuke Iwata is determined to solve the caseThe novel opens on the Mexican – USA border A pregnant woman is fleeing and she has sustained violent injuries The truck is gaining on her as she recites a Spanish prayer‘Most sacred heart of Jesus I accept from your hands whatever death may please you to send me into this night’The United States border patrol are the figures that have given chase With another unidentified male making his escape They murder the pregnant female and it is at this instance I knew things were not as they seem at the border This novel was going to be very dark indeed Kosuke Iwata is a second generation Japanese American citizen He currently lives in Torrance in California Iwata’s past is fully explored within the novel He has known considerable emotional pain Both in his childhood and adult life He works as a private investigator when he is asked to take a case by Kate Floccari state prosecutor with regards to her husband potentially cheating on her Iwata relinuished his own police career in Japan and has never attempted to join the police forces in the USA ‘He figured tomorrow would just be another day another case’ 90K people go missing in LA each yearAs the novel takes you around Los Angeles the author does an impressive job of describing the various communities From the poverty of Skid Row to the wealthy untouchables Iwata is alone in his office when he is accosted by his mother in law Charlotte Nichol Iwata’s wife died previously and Charlotte asks for his help to find the killer of her only surviving child What makes the case so uniue is that Charlotte’s son Julian had transitioned gender and was living as Meredith Meredith was murdered two weeks ago and the police have shown little to no interest ‘I won’t ever forgive you for what you did to Cleo But maybe you can still do some good in this world’It is widely known that transgender women are at an extremely high risk of being the victim of violent crime Although this is widely known and an issue globally Little is done in the way of preventative measures and ensuring the safety of transgender women In fact 45% of hate crime victims are transgender women and sadly the statistics reflect and upward trend in the crime The novel is timely accurate and raises awareness of the dangers the trans community face Iwata attempts to gather information from LAPD cop detective Joseph Avery Silke But has little success The cops are simply not interested ‘Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul’ – Marilyn MonroeIwata has a contact in LAPD records and information Earnell McCrae who owes him a favour He soon finds he has access to the police file and it does not look good Meredith was living at Skid Row she was a known prostitute and drug user She was strangled on some train tracks and found by a homeless man She had what appears to be injuries of a sexual nature but were they part of the murder? Or a sexual encounter? Did a punter discover her male genitalia and Meredith paid with her life?Something happened to Meredith and Iwata finds his new case also a uest for redemption He begins his investigation by speaking to customers and staff at the various Latino exotic dancing bars He learns of Meredith’s lover ‘Talky’ and friend Genevieve He has little to go on and decides to research similar cases ‘I know whoever killed Meredith is still out there And I don’t think he’s finished’ Iwata uncovers a spate of local murders of transgender women With five women dead and only one solved case All except one strangled Is someone murdering transwomen? Do they make the perfect victim to a sexual predator?‘There was a man with a garrotte and a taste for transgender women’ Iwata can’t get Meredith’s plight out of his head The people he encounters at Skid row stay with him long after he has left The homeless destitute disabled mentally ill and undocumented They are marginalised vulnerable and undesired in society ‘Meredith had moved a thousand miles to be herself He wondered is she died for it too’ When Iwata attempts to contact the trans community he is met with a wall of silence He hears of a trick rumoured to kill trans women but rumour soon becomes urban legend What he does uncover is a community of people often rejected by their families and loved ones forced to live on the fringes of societyThe novel is deeply layered and very intelligent The author has done an outstanding job of describing the locations mentioned in the novel The characters come alive on the page You get a real sense of the struggles the trans community face and risk of violence in their daily lives It appears to me that vulnerability and exploitation go hand in hand ‘The devil is on every street corner in this place’The novel has a brilliant ending and I can not wait for the next in the series 5

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    Really I give this a 45 It is a crime or detective novel There is a definite crime committed and a private or professional investigator on the trail But it is so much The writing is superb Oregon manages three separate storylines plus part of a novella with perfect balance The overall theme seems to be about belonging or not belonging to a group a family a community a country It is a study of belonging and not belonging including transgender people the homeless sex workers the mentally ill and immigrants both documented and undocumented It is moving and without self pity I loved the first novel of this series and was not let down by this one I have become uite attached to Kosuke Iwata and hope to see where he goes from here

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