Mary Elizabeth Garrett Society and Philanthropy in the

Mary Elizabeth Garrett Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age A must read for any Baltian or Marylander interested in the city's history this is a fascinating who's who of the Gilded Age notables and shakers and movers in the arts industry education medicine philanthropy This proto feminist Ms Garrett endowed Johns Hopkins Medical School with the stipulation that women be admitted on the same basis as men GO GIRL And too bad Gertrude Stein didn't stick around until graduation as did her classmate Ms Cone And who said one person can't make a difference I moved to Balti to work for Johns Hopkins so I have been delighted to work through this rather dense history cloaked in biography or is it vice versa? Mary Elizabeth Garrett was one of the most influential philanthropists and women activists of the Gilded Age With Mary’s legacy all but forgotten Kathleen Waters Sander recounts in impressive detail the life and times of this remarkable woman through the turbulent years of the Civil War to the early twentieth century At once a captivating biography of Garrett and an epic account of the rise of commerce railroading and women’s rights Sander's work re examines the great social and political movements of the ageAs the youngest child and only daughter of the BO Railroad mogul John Work Garrett Mary was bright and capable well suited to become her father’s heir apparent But social convention prohibited her from following in his footsteps a source of great frustration for the brilliant and strong willed womanMary turned her attentions instead to promoting women’s rights using her status and massive wealth to advance her uncompromising vision for women’s place in the expanding United States She contributed the endowment to establish the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with two unprecedented conditions that women be admitted on the same terms as men and that the school be graduate level thereby forcing revolutionary policy changes at the male run institution Believing that advanced education was the key to women’s betterment she helped found and sustain the prestigious girl’s preparatory school in Balti the Bryn Mawr School Her philanthropic gifts to Bryn Mawr College helped tranform the modest uaker school into a renowned women's college Mary was also a great supporter of women’s suffrage working tirelessly to gain eual rights for womenSuffragist friend of charitable causes and champion of women’s education

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