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    It's a good book It's like a collection of those small witty anecdotes we read in Sunday magazines and crave for Introduced me to a lot of new things like Siddis of IndiaBut my gripe is sometimes the anecdotes can be very tangential to the adage given upfrontSometimes the anecdote doesn't has any conclusion Like for example in the following one what happened next and what was the pointEuropean Council President Herman Van Rompuy was stung by British politician Nigel Farage’s words ‘You have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk’ All in all this book is like a giant Sunday magazine Good one

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    Its a simple compilation of many anecodes Normally one comes across one theme say of honesty empathy gratefulness; but this one has a lot themes and encompassing examples from all corners of the planet Its an easy read for anyone for any one from 5 95

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My Grandmothers Tweets In this book author Geeta Gopalakrishnan presents 109 sayings by the seventh century saint Avvaiyar that have inspired women for centuries and continue to inspire the new generation Using multiple examples from Indian and Western mythology as well as real life she illustrates the veracity of these age old aphorisms Reminiscent of The Alchemist in the simplicity of the narration this book will inspire readers while providing helpful life lessons that cut through eras and religions