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Whiteoak Heritage Whiteoak Heritage is #5 in the Jalna series This is another charming entry in this Canadian family saga As Renny returns home from WWI two new people also settle in the area One is a mysterious widow with an interest in Renny's much younger brother Eden and the other is a woman who is a horse trainer newly arrived from England with her brother and her young son I enjoyed this novel and continue to enjoy my summer re read I have not read this series since my 20's but remember scenes and characters here and there as I go along When Renny Whiteoak came home from the war he discovered many strange things at Jalna Not least among them was his young brother Eden's romantic affair with an attractive widow Renny determined to put a stop to it But when he met the infamous Mrs Stroud Renny found himself reluctantly entangled in her dangerous web Jalna #5 chronicles Renny's return from WWI and his reinstatement as head of the Whiteoaks with his older sister and four younger brothers as well as the older generation of uncles and the irrepressible Adeline his grandmother to which add sister Meg's former love and his daughter Eden's older woman and her tenants and horses dogs and some ancillary characters Canada is getting crowded but it's all a pleasant nicely written and plotted readDe La Roche discusses hardly at all WWI but perhaps Canada didn't fell its effects as much or perhaps it just didn't fit her story But that's okay; it's a series of novels not a history Here we see Renny becoming head of the family Eden is becoming his irresponsible self absorbed self and Finch who has a masters degree in self involvement himself is the awkward overlooked child he will remain J'avais dévoré tout Jalna uand j'étais adolescent et si je suis incapable aujourd'hui de me souvenir de chacun des tomes ui composent cette saga gigantesue je me souviens tout de même ue j'avais pris beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir cette famille et ce domaine familial ue l'on suit pendant presue un siècle This novel is so much better than the one that preceded it It has depth and substance and an absolute villainess that I truly hated by the end of the book The plot is interesting and takes some twists that I didn't expect I have chosen my favoritecharacter so far Renny Better than the last ones structure and a good ending One of my favourites in the Jalna series so a Jalna five star rating from me It had all the usual characteristics but seemed even better than the last couple of novels Maybe it's because I had a bit of a break from the series and was so pleased to get back to the family and all their naughtiness A Jalna novel set in 1919 Renny Whiteoak returns from the Great War to find many changes at the family homestead His father and stepmother have both died leaving behind four orphaned young half brothers Renny becomes overnight an instant father in a manner of speaking but the role doesn't suit him well at first Our hero is arrogant and domineering by nature and the young brothers don't take too kindly to his rule Most of the conflict comes from his struggle to control their vagaries Brother Eden is a precocious teenager carrying on a scandalous and most unsuitable love affair Brother Piers is a disobedient brat Finch is a hobbledehoy while baby Wakefield is just plain spoiled There's also mention of young Pheasant their next door neighbor's love child who has her own part to play in the storyline Renny takes charge of all these kids but not always successfully And he's also unable to reconcile sister Meg with Pheasant's father Maurice who has waited these many long years for Meg's forgivenessA major romance develops between horse trainer Christine Dayborn and Renny Chris is an English girl unhappily married who has come to Ontario in search of work She and Renny soon become lovers They are training a magnificent horse Launceton to run in the next Grand National However there's a real villainess here who portends tragedy for all of themand far reaching devastating conseuences to the Renny Chris affair