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Paul Michael Peters: The Complete Collection of Short Stories (2012-2018) Librarian's Note an alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereTales that are perfect for coffee breaks – but beware; like chocolate they lure the reader into just one Paul Michael Peters has created a magical collection of stories that help the reader look at the day from a different perspective This is a collection that once you start you can't put down Stories are perfect for anyone trying to fit reading into a busy dayStories1 Hickory Switch2 Fukushima Gold3 Mr Memory and The Garden Turtles at Midnight4 Mr Memory and The Triumph of Ann Boult5 Mr Memory and The Raspberry Danish6 Mr Memory and The Third uestion7 Secondhand Robots8 Gaslighting9 Gene and The Magic Jacket10 The Line Surrogate11 Bubble People12 Thin Walls13 The Dinner Party14 Killing the Devil15 Living the Devil The Devil is a Friend of Mine16 Keeping the Devil17 A Wing and A Prayer18 The Illusionist's Daughter

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    Wow It was hard to believe that all 19 stories in this set were written by the same author The stories are so different and uniue and definitely imaginative The topics range from robots to revenge magic to the Fukushima nuclear disaster site pranks and funny tall tales to several about the devil himself They were all thought provoking twisted uirky and at times very funny And they are set in the past present and future for variety I would have to compare them to the Twilight Zone or Hitchcock I really enjoyed all of them and they gave me a lot to think about There are two narrators a woman and a man and I think I liked Paul s little better because he did pause between stories so you knew that a new one was starting and Linnea tended to run them together but overall the narration was good I want to thank Mr Peters for giving me the Audible code so that I could read and enjoy them

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    A Slice of LifeFirst let me say that this is not a book of horror stories What it is is a group of stories about life Not your normal life necessarily But life in a future a fantasy or right here and now Call it a sound bite of life A chapter in the history of someone's existence Some of these stories will make you smile and some will make you cringe But no matter what you feel you will be entertained You will feel like you've just entered the Twilight Zone

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    Inventive and diverse stories by a master storyteller Unfortunately for me many of these stories are contained in other collections that I had already read My only real complaint is typographical errors eg stair instead of stare that sometimes distract from the flow and rhythm of the story

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    SuperbWhat wonderful stories awaits you in this great collection I came into this book thinking that because it was free it would be very sophomoric Not so I loved each and every story Some than others Definitely give this collection a well deserved read

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    This was an eclectic mix of ideas but not always the strongest writing; definitely good enough to read if you like a touch of pulp and a twist in your fiction I’d be giving this a solid 3 12 out of 5

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    This book is very interesting to read I enjoy how each story has a concept behind them The stories have flow so you can picture it come to life I found it very enjoyable and uniue

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    Cool twists fascinating premises and curious snippets of history Do you know who was the first person to be killed by a robot characterize the stories in this collection by Paul Michael Peters Mr Memory will stay in the reader’s memory long after the reading’s done And the devil just might haunt your dreams – dead or alive I particularly enjoyed the concept of Narcissistic Network Disorder and I love all the stories twisted twisting and fascinating from start to finish But my favorite is Secondhand Robots – a delightful tale that brings machines of the near future to vivid life Short wonderful reads this collection is highly recommendedDisclosure I got a copy in a deal and I love this author’s short stories

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    Loved this collection of short stories by Paul Michael Peters This is a lovely book to read I thoroughly enjoyed each and every story with its interesting characters and different creative worlds Because of the nature of the publication I could read it in between other projects and still stay on track Paul Michael Peters managed to create stories which transported me to other worlds and allowed my imagination to run wild Mr Peters is a master story spinner and The Complete Collection of Short Stories 2012 2018 is a superb read which I highly recommend you give a try

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